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    Selling resin

    That's a lot of resin, how'd you get all of those
  2. Why I didn't see this? I hope there's a way to identify the active quests here in forum.
  3. There is, indeed a Night Keeper at the Fictionists' House whom you can ask. Thanks Ungod and Aeoshattr. I thought the 2 letters are the initials of the artists who drew the scenes.
  4. Thanks for the info Ungod. That's amazing! Also, May I know what are the 2 letters in every scene?
  5. Is there a library or archives on where I can see the list of artist in MD? I'm doing a research.
  6. How long before the mechanisms appear again? I checked back and they're gone after the reset.
  7. Do we have this feature in our shop? Because I can't seem to find the list of my items that I bought in MD Shop with their respective date/time of purchase.
  8. neoflux


    LA #1 2sc LA #2 4sc
  9. neoflux


    2sc for the first loreroot archer
  10. hi to you too. I like the game also.
  11. age 532 untokened. your offer?
  12. I'm also looking for the topic because I have questions
  13. neoflux

    Trading System

    [quote name='Kamisha' timestamp='1302530322' post='82345'] The other question would be what to extend this too. Are credits allowed to be traded because there is a large quantity of players who sell items via credits and then you have to have a way for people to say what kind of offer they are looking for. [/quote] [quote] Are credits allowed to be traded because there is a large quantity of players who sell items via credits[/quote] there will be an option if they want to sell they're items via credits. [quote]and then you have to have a way for people to say what kind of offer they are looking for.[/quote] you go to forum create a thread for your offer then people will offer, bid, etc. then you go back to the trading system and find the customer or they will find you.
  14. neoflux

    Trading System

    [quote name='Laphers' timestamp='1302131896' post='82063'] I kinda like the idea... mostly because I don't think that the game should be played on the forum. As for Chewett's reasoning about how to decide which offer is better, well that would be an easy fix. Allow the creator of the trading system the ability to reject offers and let others see that the offer has been rejected. [/quote] you are absolutely correct. we still can expand this idea that's why I post it here. what I want to happen is to suggest everyone's idea to expand this system into a more useful and easy to use system.
  15. neoflux

    New ideas

    in-forum new level trading system to minimize confusion of sellers, viewers, bidders, or buyers. [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9413-trading-system/"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9413-trading-system/[/url]
  16. neoflux

    Trading System

    what if there is a better trading system in our forum that will make the customer convenient when selling or bidding? a trading system that wont confuse the bidders, viewers, and the seller. here's how this system works. 1. seller starts a new trading system. 2. seller choose a trading category, selling, buying, or bidding. 3. pick a category(creature, item, avatar, etc.) 4. if picked category = creature, display want to (sell or buy or bid) creature info: name, age, tokens, heat stored, selling price, buying price, or bidding price. that's my quick algorithm of trading system. I know it doesn't have enough information to elaborate but I showed you the logic on how will the system run. this system is not like our forum trading system it has its own user interface in the forum. yeah it's kinda new level of trading system in the forum and let's talk about someday the secured in-game trading system.
  17. neoflux


    I will participate here. should I send a scrn shots or post here where they located like they did?
  18. I found out the problem. my adds-on prevents the pbbg portal scripts and it gave me browser crash when it froze and I refresh it. solved.
  19. Adventuring Award (quester) - Mighty Pirate Best Spell Caster - *BFH LIGHTHING* Fossil of the year (On vet list, Chewett can't nominated, as he won last year) - yrthilian Outstanding Service to MD - *BFH LIGHTNING* Edit: thanks, I get it now. I did some changes.
  20. I don't know if its a specific site but I'll monitor it next time I vote and also some of the sites are not working which only gives "problem loading page" page. but I don't know if they're not really working because I'm using a noscript plug-in in firefox.
  21. this happens since last week every time I vote one of the sites made my firefox crash and now it happened again, it crashed my firefox and from 0.3$ it dropped to 0.1$ credits after I relog back. thats not all. after I gain a total of 2$ credit I noticed when have already 2$ and you try to vote again your credits wont increase. example. I have 2$ now and I voted again, I noticed the credits dont increase it is still in 2$ not in 2.01$
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