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  1. genocidal


    yes he actually DOES sleep like this by himself ... but is a pain snapping a pic of it without disturbing him .. so there you go guys and girls ^^ my crazy kitty haha
  2. genocidal

    Ectremere Random pics

    Some i just found around some i took
  3. its also possible the "no" is not the word no but just the first sylble like nothing for instance ... now if that is even the word itself idk but lets keep that in mind.
  4. Sen no D no Be is what was said by the ghostly aperation of mya. From this it has come to be known that Sen stood for sentinal. Any more then this has not currently been found out yet.
  5. Happy bday ^^ and charoshey jesny (chuckles as he wonders if anyone will figure out what that means)
  6. genocidal

    Page 1

    *wonders which is himself .. the one lieing down on the grass or the one throwing a stick* hum i remember that day though it did look a little differently in my mind *laughs*. Great drawing none the less.
  7. ^^ happy to have you here and glad your loving it. Also welcome to the forums may they serve you well *smiles*
  8. genocidal


    Got Ectremere from a wow random name generator a VERY long time back and liked it. It has stuck with me through countless games and personias and will continue using it for long periosd to come.
  9. genocidal

    Name That Pub!

    *claps* gj falen ... now wonder how you can make a scary bars name ...
  10. genocidal

    Name That Pub!

    any chance we can get IMBs head as a mantel?
  11. No they didnt send all their men but at the same time not everyone is being sent into necro now are they? Not to mention beating back attackers and completely wiping them out are two different things, and im sure you can guess which of the two is the harder to do. Hence It would be more accurate if they had to fight what was left over on the other front if they managed to push them back. But I also see what Liberty is saying so im just ganna drop this. Good luck all.
  12. haha the time of battle has already been set pip.
  13. [quote]On the other hand when the opponent throws all their troops, an entire alliance, into your land, it doesn't make sense that you should have to fight them again on their own turf after you already have all their troops battered and bruised, utterly beaten in yours. Including their leader. I see no reason why the Sentinels should have to win twice.[/quote] I completely disagree. For instance in world war 2 what happened when the Nazis invaded Russia? They had to beat them out of their own land then all the way back to Germany. Its not a favorable position to be in but having your home country invaded is never a favorable thing and should not be repeled easily.
  14. [quote]I did chose Jester to lead. I did gave him full authority over the army. From that point after it was all up to him, not up for the Dynasty. I did agreed with the idea of a war, yes, the reasons why I will not make public. At least not yet.[/quote] Does this not imply that you peace supported the idea of war that jester was planning on golomus? Correct me if im wrong but if a leader before and after his inogeration states he will go to war on a certain land, does that not give the power to that land to take his words as a threat and retaliate? Words have alot of power and words from heads of countries have alot of weight.
  15. oh the irony .... i forgot about the .. and slept thru the time *smiles* well guess i dont get my honorary members t-shrit ...
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