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  1. Sorry but in my opinion none of the prices were high enough to be worth my time.
  2. As Maebius and Samon said, hoarding biproducts is difficult. I can only do one biproduct per person but 1sc per 100 stored seems reasonable, also it's possible to use ITCs to make a withdrawal or allow a deposit when the 'banker' comes online
  3. I am willing to bank syntropic dust, sand, sawdust, flowers and timeless dust. I can of course only do one for each person and will continue to do so until either I wish to start collecting my own which is currently unlikely. I will charge 1sc per 100 stored for this service. Please pm or post on the forum if interested.
  4. I will take the best offer at the end of two weeks and will update current best offer daily if possible. I reserve the right to decline if the best offer is too low. [u]Resources[/u] 8 glass 25 lumber - 1sc (Too low) 8 Wiiya - 1sc 24> Branches (Prone to update)
  5. I don't know what the growing rate is but I'm willing to pay 1sc for the toxic plants, 2sc if it goes above twenty, 3sc for 30 etc.
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