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  1. Mystery tournament III

    if mp3's join MRF is in
  2. MRF (ID:118540 i'll sign up if i can get the wiki link
  3. So as we all know heads are coming off the island I (MRF) happened to get some I get messeges asked to give them I of course would like to keep them. But fang and mallos decided to do some alt and power abuse to take them away from and move them to mp5. Seems like ledah was involved too unsure if he willing knew or not though
  4. using an mp3 to aid your mp5 is alt abuse right?

    "I love them as well" clearly implies you are collecting them for yourself.
  5. using an mp3 to aid your mp5 is alt abuse right?

    Don't forget you did claim they were for you
  6. seems just like priests with ve and skills with the ts it takes which ever players is higher and gives it to their opponent.
  7. using an mp3 to aid your mp5 is alt abuse right?

    that or he was but made it sound to me like they were for him so as a "friend" i'd be more inclined to help him. either way it shows his true colours
  8. using an mp3 to aid your mp5 is alt abuse right?

    In my opinion (which we all know isnt official) i would think that even if they acted on your behalf this way without your knowledge that it would still be alt abuse on their half though based on the pm's i received i m pretty sure they were intended for mallos the whole time.
  9. using an mp3 to aid your mp5 is alt abuse right?

    I couldnt find traces of it going from ledah to mallos but mallos is the only one with heads i m sure someone can dig into and see how the transfer went to mallos
  10. using an mp3 to aid your mp5 is alt abuse right?

    very nice pinning it on him alone lol i don't believe for one second you arent aware of whos alt that is
  11. Cross Mind Power Theory

    Syrian nailed it on the head I thought you meant stat dmg from losses not your earned skill. Also pm due to spoilers
  12. so why do we have mp's at all?

    either its a bug or a coding error or someone might just want to dissolve all references to mp levels because everyone canfreely attack everyone right now which i found out after having my rits destroyed while being idle
  13. Cross Mind Power Theory

    Ah, I had heard it was implemented because too many players were complaining about not being able to fight due to low honor and not wanting to have to farm thousands of losses in order to play and people just got bored and quit instead.
  14. Cross Mind Power Theory

    Then we'd also go back to massively farming losses and honor issues for new mp5's which is why it was implemented in the first place if you remember
  15. so why do we have mp's at all?

    We won't die and as a MR I of course love getting to fight enmass again I just didn't see any mention of it any where and I know if I was a new player or mp3 who wasn't prepared I know I'd be frustrated getting beat on by drach rits but it would have been nice to know so i could have prevented my combo rits from being destroyed lol. I think an anni about all mps being attackable should be posted and it left that way for a while (because i m selfish and want more training! :))))
  16. so why do we have mp's at all?

    i m totally going to answer how i am interrupting that because its not in simpleton. but nobody in my location has heads and mp3 and 5 are beating on each other. also mur doesnt want mindless followers he wants people with their own minds and actually can think
  17. so why do we have mp's at all?

    intentional? i would have thought that the annoucement should have mentioned that instead of just saying we can find heads lol
  18. Creatures for empty aramors

    in my eyes its a HUGE no. wayyyyy too abusable on one hand you'll have people throwing things in them left and right so their friends or alts and have continual crits. 2 can create farming dummies for unlimited nondamage wins if the right crits get donated. 3 you'll have MIQ and the like throwing in stuff like sanatas that regen to try and cap mp3s. and thats in the 1 minute of after reading this topic let alone sitting and thinking of ways to use it to my advantage lol
  19. Honor points at MP3

    part of being a perma mp3 is to help the newbies i can only think of one or two newbies i refused to help and i ve told a few of the "active" players to send them to me and throw me a message either in md or out for those who have that info. that way i can set rituals they need be it heat or losses or wins and as long as the other mp3 is engaged in the game i dont even mind helping them get what they need quicker by training with them.
  20. Public storage, exchange storage

    forum pm works for that too or being idle in an agreed location isnt that hard...honestly the only time Ive seen issues with something like that is when the quest maker disappeared and even then as soon as they came back it was cleared up.
  21. Public storage, exchange storage

    make it premium like free with gold supporter but have it unlockable in the shop maybe with a cost of 1 cred per month ot something?
  22. tomorrow never truly exists