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  1. tattoo messages to yourself each time adding to it till you found a solution?
  2. Reality coagulators, heatjar, (something razor [z has it allows you to hurt creatures and reduces your heat]), tribunal because its of the 4 lands but apart from them, wiiyia to make it solid lacking getting the razor i would try to use an oblivion ritual to bind them together (the same as the razor but shop item under the power ups section) come on people make one lets get it going so i can sac my shit and log out for the last time
  3. MRWander


    lost archaeological women
  4. bye! good luck it was fun having you ps dont let your crits rot away
  5. MRF: ashes to ashes MRF: colours do fade MRF: accept my offering oh mighty shades : MRF sacrificed Dark Soulweaver it being a shope version of a necro crit to return power back to its origin
  6. OP's idea reminds me of a book (one of the dresden files) seeing a spin off on that would tickle my fancy
  7. exactly like the first pimped was my idea
  8. MRWander


    people get dumber as they get older
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