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  1. WTS Creatures and Items (Auction)

    santa 2gc ten sc
  2. Do you want more email spam?

    also AL assuming it ever comes back
  3. WTS Creatures and Items (Auction)

    santa 1 gc reindrach 1gc and 10 sc
  4. The Voice in the Dark

    i m down for an extension if you guys want i wont complain
  5. Giveaway

    i fell in love with an angein once maybe its yours theres only one way to find out
  6. A Challenge

    trolling levels and positions? and or moodiness?
  7. MD anniversary plushie shop

    out of curiosity any idea when we can make the exchanges?
  8. The "Lost Island" possible names.

    has this challenge ended yet?
  9. "broken auras"

    why not make them both as a collectors item owning all of them (such as snowmen) should give something and for those who can't afford crit slots they are being forced to give up doing eeither collecting or power crits.
  10. "broken auras"

    anniversary crits should have a broken aura that does different things when all from the same set are in a rit together. like all the aramors gain def boost but only works if all the anni of the same type are in the same rit. hollows could have regen boost.
  11. Sushi Bar & Gallery

    anyone else see the clefary/abra offspring?
  12. So how do we measure time in MD?

    resource repopulation? "weather"? I think these alone reflect some type of time. also the letters throughout the realm changing.