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  1. Public storage, exchange storage

    forum pm works for that too or being idle in an agreed location isnt that hard...honestly the only time Ive seen issues with something like that is when the quest maker disappeared and even then as soon as they came back it was cleared up.
  2. Public storage, exchange storage

    make it premium like free with gold supporter but have it unlockable in the shop maybe with a cost of 1 cred per month ot something?
  3. tomorrow never truly exists
  4. longest tomorrow ever
  5. make mini knators for lr and shade sentinels for land of the dead
  6. crit levels unblocked for lower mp's
  7. storymode brought back
  8. mp3 to mp4

    If it because of the change in the scroll to another quest tab?
  9. Trigger Box Tips

    I can see it now "Tips: The Potato is more powerful then the tomato" "Tips: Pipstickz is spelled with a Z"
  10. shove broken on gwi

    The shovel is an item in a box on island
  11. shove broken on gwi

    Warning: require_once(gatheringtools/shovel1.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/magicdue/public_html/ui/marketitems/iteminterface/gatheringtool.php on line 13 Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required 'gatheringtools/shovel1.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/magicdue/public_html/ui/marketitems/iteminterface/gatheringtool.php on line 13
  12. Christmas Wish list

    This account was opened on (DD.MM.YYYY H:M): 15.12.2008 05:17 i m inactive here and there but its possible to do those things if you try hard enough
  13. Adventuring Award dst - she'd do anything to finish a quest. Best Beautification jubaris - i think he did that mp3 starter quest that was beautiful. Champion Fighter mago - really anything needs to be said? Fossil of the year mrf - the requirements are bull -> having to be on the active veteran list is lame so because i took a break for over a year means i wont be able to be a veteran? Helper of the Year mago - he helps a lot Most Addicted aethon - even after quiting multiple times he is like the clap. Most Improved Player - Keep? keep for later dont think anyone fits this year though Most Popular maebius - should be obvious Outstanding Service to MD For the player thought to have done the most to contribute to MD over the year. This can be in any field. Pre-eminent Role Player Azull - havent caught him out of char yet Prime Quest n/a Rookie of the year n/a Top Techie n/a
  14. Remember me when i'll forget myself

    reading this makes me feel like tom hanks waking up one morning and realizing wilson is a ball