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  1. I want to participate, please just PM me here or in-game for scheduling
  2. Free MD Advertisement Idea

    Actually, to a certain extent I'd like to disagree with you. You make it sound like everyone that will come across MD and see the concept is going to join, and then the filter through game play will weed them out. It takes a certain kind of person to actually show enough interest to make an account in the first place.
  3. Free MD Advertisement Idea

    I didn't mean to log in, just load the page ^^ it probably wouldn't make a major impact but it would give a little more exposure. Another thing, which probably has been mentioned before at some point is that we as players could advertise online in different places that allow it. Its been done but I dont know if anyone is still actively doing it. I was just thinking of ways md could get some free exposure as I know firsthand we used to have ads on other sites and it did bring a massive amount of players at some point. It might conflict a bit with md's natural filter though.
  4. Free MD Advertisement Idea

    I don't see how anything serious could happen either. I loaded MD's page on a laptop and left ^^
  5. A Look at the Past

    Good Evening MD! I thought you guys might be interested in a glimpse of the ancient MD page. You can go to a website: archive.org and search for magicduel.com. There you can see how the page evolved over the years starting from 2007. You can even click through the links. Some of these work from that page such as the link to the old forum: https://web.archive.org/web/20060720180958/http://www.magicduel.com/forum/ You can view some of the topics still. I thought this was a cool glimpse to the past and I hope you enjoy it ^^
  6. Free MD Advertisement Idea

    Hello MD! I'm not sure if this is a great idea but I got it today while I was at a mall and it seemed pretty cool to me. MD could possibly gain some free exposure if we MDers loaded the homepage on tablets or computers or phones (You know, the ones in stores that you can test out) Whenever we were in such a place. Some may see it and get curious and try it out. What do you think about this?
  7. Check this out if you guys want, its Witty's new photography page ^^ Witty's Page

    1. Witty


      Thank you dear ^_^

  8. Thanks to all :"> You guys warmed my heart edit: idc if that sounded weird hahah
  9. Snowman contest

    Waiting for it to snow here :))
  10.  Birthdays are like new starts, and a time to pursue new goals in your life. You can confidently move on with courage and the belief that you can accomplish anything you want to, because you've survived and done so much already ^_^ La multi ani!
  11. Witty

    Told you you're pretty good
  12. My impression about the 10th Anniversary

    Ah well [attachment=4615:aint_even_mad_bro.jpg]   Hahaha nah but I agree the Birthday went really well, granted, since I joined md 6 years ago or so, the only other birthday Ive been around for has been last year's, but I think this one was even better ^^ Even though some might find your test inconsiderate or irresponsible, I am glad to see that we as a community have passed it ^_^ This is simply something that could NOT have happened in most other games. We MD players are the best ^^   I think that considering the fact that there was no help from a council, that everybody put in extra effort and such to make this work and the result was a bunch of awesome creative quests and lots of fun.  Kind of hurt you didn't have faith in us :(
  13. MD is one of my worst addictions even when im hardly here

    1. Jubaris
    2. Witty


      I know that feel. And I'm not even that old.
  14. There's my submission,  its supposed to be an Aramor Assassin armor. Its made mostly from cereal boxes (cereal has yet to be consumed :)))Apologies for bad quality pics, had to take them with a webcam because I didn't have anyone to take a picture of me. I wish I had learned about this quest earlier, didn't have time to go out and get paints or anything. For the record if I were an aramor I wouldnt be caught dead in this :">
  15. MD Anniversary: Day 1

    oh oh! Its on