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  1. clicked on the tree and this is what i get for a present. Error: SyntaxError Err description: undefined Err number: undefined Err message: missing ; before statement Ajax response: You do not meet the requirements for receiving a gift this year. bummer!!!!
  2. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1291418754' post='74278'] Option 1: Variant 1) every 200credits you have, spent or unspent, regardless when, means one ticket to this shop to pick any item you want [/quote] personally i think this option makes the most sense. this could be why it was your first option and variant of it? the only thing is, i bet this would release a huge amount of things from the older players. so how to deal with that? i am not a paying member right now, maybe soon, but just can't do it right now. however i was a paying subscriber in past and it be nice if that counted towards something like this idea puts forth.
  3. i would say it needs to be more robotic. the game set things are what a new player can instantly relate to. there isn't the ten million questions to ask and search the forums for which is just very dam overwhelming when you get into the player driven things. not sure if i said this correctly but i think most of you will get what i mean.
  4. pipster

    New Ggg?

    here is my last two cents on this whole thing. i was asked by I AM RJ if i wanted in on a GGG style thing, i had told him i really don't know what it is but sure i will get together with some other MP5's and fight. then a day passes and i was idling in paper cabin when i come back into the game i was in the drachon lair, first thing i did was think holy crap how did i get here and what is going on (not to mention i know maranda was banned for being there scared the hell out of me). i wasn't asked if i wanted to join them there, i wasn't asked anything, i was just was placed there. so then me and RJ talked over what would happen, since battle system is messed up you can't set the usual non damaging crits at least i don't think you can. but here is where things got weird, grido must of told someone we couldn't be there, i had wondered this but was told that no eggs are here now, so i figured all was fine. so in the end i leave that dam cave only to be stranded on GG (for a freaking day i shall add), i don't know that land only been there 2 times both with torches just for the hell of it. bottom line is i don't like this style of combat, but i sure don't like how dst came out on it, i am a hater of that dam SG very much i have been since it was made. in fact here is my public logs. SubZeroo He is a dojo violator and doesen\\\\\\\'t listen to LHO\\\\\\\'s ohh Tarquinus dojo violator Gikanzin Dojo violator on 16th December,2008 10:29:25 so yes i will argue that this is more or less an attack on someone dst don't like, then someone trying to make rules in a game that is supposed to have no combat rules ! all spots other then sanctuaries should be free game that's the way i see it !
  5. pipster

    New Ggg?

    [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1290120431' post='72519'] No. You miss my point. dst treats the Sparring Grounds THE SAME WAY SHE TREATS THE OTHER TRAINING GROUNDS, there's no real difference. [/quote] really? show me where she is crying over SG having rules to them? i never seen that once here, if she comes out and says ALL rules in the game should be outlawed then fine i would agree with her, but i haven't seen that. shes just picking on one person who wanted to make something like a SG for MP5 players, and for that i call it very petty. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1290077915' post='72420'] Public place where everyone can get access to. No rules on how players should attack. If you wish to set a tree, do it without screaming if someone breaks your rit. [/quote] this is what i base my argument over, see how she says NO rules on players should attack? so by this logic it should apply to all locations in the game, not to just to mp 5 she can attack as these GGG could very well hold mp3,4 players. hope this clears things up grido
  6. pipster

    New Ggg?

    [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1290118706' post='72514'] The sparring grounds doesn't have rules that she's able to break, never mind whether she'd want to or not. Anyone who dst can attack in the sparring grounds, she's allowed to attack by the rules. All she's doing at the other training sites is attacking the people she's able, and posting the location they're at if they're persistent. SG is at a location everyone knows, so no point stating it, and she does attack everyone she's able there. So I don't think you have a point about that.... [/quote] grido i think your missing my whole thing here, who cares if sparing grounds has rules she can break. if you don't like the idea of rules binding to combat it should include all spots and all MP levels. if you think this whole thing is about her want to only focus on rules for mp 5 levels i say that's stupid. the game isn't about dst, so just to say oh someone made a rule dst finds annoying then we should call it out makes me laugh. what it does show is that she has a big head as the game surely isn't about appeasing dst !
  7. pipster

    New Ggg?

    [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1290117773' post='72508'] I would suggest you read the signpost for the rules [/quote] grido your quote proves what i was saying, there is RULES there period, you can't judge what rules matter when you are running your spout off about how you hate spots where people train with rules, when there has been a spot like this in the game for years. and yes i know the rules of SG so don't bother telling me how they different, when that isn't the point.
  8. pipster

    New Ggg?

    [quote name='Malaikat Maut' timestamp='1290117130' post='72506'] The sparring ground rules don't apply to DST, as she's MP5. [/quote] maut i think you read my post wrong. my point is shes all against a GGG because it has rules to it, well the sparing grounds have rules to it so why not the big yelping over that? i could careless if SG only apply to level 3,4 it is still a location with rules to fighting, which she is crying over. now do you get my point?
  9. pipster

    New Ggg?

    dst whats your problem? are you against the sparing grounds? this is the same dam thing as a GGG, so whats the deal here? i think i know what it is, you hate the person who made it so now it is your little crusade against them ! honestly i see it as being very petty.
  10. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1289941599' post='72272'] Because it was? Think of it as a tempory phase where combat is different. its intresting how it works currently. [/quote] yes very interesting to the point of just logging in to gain the once a day bonuses and to vote. maybe if i had 100 k health and did 25 k damage per round it wouldn't matter, but i don't. i truly feel bad for newer players who are logging in and trying to learn the system when it is working backwards, but i guess they don't count much when it comes down to things?
  11. [quote name='Rendril' timestamp='1289831519' post='72182'] He is correct, defend does harm, and weaken boosts the enemy. The effect-based abilities are all inverted for the time being. [/quote] can i just ask why this was done? it is hard enough to find wins but now about half my creatures do damage to me, hence i cant gain wins for my lower creatures due to they kill me.
  12. pipster's Water Guardian II does defend to dying creature(s) of pipster and: - Defence power: 90, Final defence: 90 - Activates defence for next 1 turn. Current defence is -525 - muhahahaha receives 525 damage and remains with 4 vitality i am fairly sure your own creatures shouldn't be killing you when they cast defend on you. looks like another variety of that regen bug, and if this is a copy of another post, oh well yes i am to lazy to read all the bugs currently in forums.
  13. this site now give me this warning. http://www.toprankingames.com/sitevote.php?id=29 Reported Attack Site! This web site at www.toprankingames.com has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences. Attack sites try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system. Some attack sites intentionally distribute harmful software, but many are compromised without the knowledge or permission of their owners
  14. [quote name='Espartano' timestamp='1289335732' post='71770'] Ops! Google Chrome cant find www.topgamelisting.com (when I try vote) [/quote] same with firefox, i don't know if it works in IE but it sure looks like the link is either broken or that server went down. Firefox can't find the server at www.topgamelisting.com.
  15. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1289081987' post='71623'] Some people do this, its a fact. they abuse certain peoples rituals to become super strong and destroy peoples fun by becoming this strong. [/quote] i guess that sort of answer my question although i will have to disagree with your assessment of SG. since a player like this can sit there and farm wins it prob helps a lot. DarkPriestess made me wonder other things. has the game become to limiting that people don't want to hit mp5 because after then you have nothing to do other then be cannon fodder unless you pump yourself like crazy before you hit it. does this effect the drive for players to continue playing? should the story continue after mp5 so this don't hold things up? why after 3 years hasn't the story gone on? i do know one thing, before you couldn't reduce your experience from sacrificing creature so once you hit 4 mil it shoved you into mp5, sort of same with lower mp levels. when did this change? should it effect all mp levels?
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