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  1. [quote name='Grido' date='16 June 2010 - 09:16 PM' timestamp='1276719393' post='62015'] essentially he's asking for either people to think up new creatures (because he cant himself) or for people to tell him how to use the current ones (because he's too lazy/cant be bothered to figure it out himself) [/quote] for one thing i can think of creatures, and second if i aint two lazy i just have a harder time understaning,big diffrence
  2. Well looking in loreroot there are alot of intrrsint creatures.But alos it seem ther eroom for no ones as well.Since the first topic was closed a thought a new one should start up.I have a few ideads.but alos post ideas on how to use the current creatures effitivly.
  3. Hello I wish to be come a member of the Guardians.My reason being,some what confusing.Through most of my life I never really had a home.At least I didnt untill I camt to loreroot.There I have made friends and I guess a name.And its something I dont want to lose.The forest even if I dont ever become an alliance member or a citizen is my home and i will do what ever I have to to have it stay my home,and the home of countless other people and creatures.I dont know if these are good enough reason,or mabey even selfhsih reason,but I do hope that your consider me. May the forest protect you always -TigerGuardian
  4. heya hiya nice to meet ya.hope ur enjoyimg the game
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