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  1. It appears that I cannot recreate this anomaly when using stones obtained from the Heat Solidifier. Indeed, when there had been a single stone that did function as intended, the "o" spell did disappear, and the casts of the Heat spell did increase as intended. I presently create of a heat stone upon the Island of the Gateway; when this were ready, I shall test this anew.
  2. A kind offer. I shall find thee either upon the Island, or at the Gazebo of Equilibrium.
  3. I believe I did, although I recall that another being did pass two of them to myself in the past. I cannot recall precisely which stones were created upon the Island; I believe I have made at least three. I do not possess of further heat-stones, but I am creating another upon the island presently, that I may replicate of this anomaly again.
  4. I do note that there do exist some heat stones which do not function as intended. This anomaly I did note in the presence of Azull, just prior to server time 10:20 on May 23 (Day 142, Year 14): Upon their use, I did find that I had not gained any casts of spells; merely a new line within the spell-interface: I believe these heat-stones to have been created upon the Island of the Gateway, with stones obtained using the Memory Stone Detector, although I cannot confirm this (another may have granted me these stones). However, I also do confirm that there are other stones created upon this Island which did function as intended.
  5. Many thanks to all for thy well-wishes this day.
  6. I wish thee a blessed birth-day also, Lazarus. May it be filled with joy and merriment for thyself and those dear to thee.
  7. Aia del Mana


    Even a "quick sketch" by our dear Sushi were full of artistic wonder.
  8. Many thanks to Sushi for creation of this contest, and also for such generous provision of reward, each of which I note requires of significant time and effort from thine own tireless being. I certainly did not expect to win this avatar, but I promise it shall go to a character worthy of its beauty; I vow that it should not stay locked within a vault, but be displayed by one who shall provide of further depth to her being.
  9. Hereby do I close of all entries to this contest. Herewith, the entries: Demonic God: 0,0,3,5,6,7 NathanBlake: 1,1,3,5,5,6 Nepgear: 1,1,1,6,6,6 Aelis: 0,0,5,5,5,6 dst: 0,0,4,5,6,6 Ungod: 0,0,4,5,6,6 (As Ungod and dst did submit the same die, if their die were that which were victorious, I shall grant each an anniversary creature. Additionally, a victory against this die is worth double, as there are two separate opponents.) A simple round-robin shall declare the winner, then: Demonic God vs NathanBlake (tie): Demonic God vs Nepgear (0:1) Demonic God vs Aelis (1:0) Demonic God vs dst/Ungod (do note of identical entries; 1:0 and 1:0 respectively😞 NathanBlake vs Nepgear (0:1) NathanBlake vs Aelis (1:0) NathanBlake vs Ungod/dst (tie) Aelis vs Nepgear (0:1) Aelis vs Ungod/dst (0:1 and 0:1) Nepgear vs dst/Ungod (1:0 and 1:0) Final standings: Nepgear defeated dst, Ungod, Aelis, NathanBlake, and Demonic God - a clean sweep! Demonic God defeated Aelis, dst and Ungod NathanBlake defeated Aelis dst defeated Aelis Ungod defeated Aelis (Ah, what misfortune, Aelis.) Thus do I declare Nepgear the victor of this contest - an anniversary creature were due to thee.
  10. I hereby close of all entries to this quest. Samon, Demonic God, and Aelis hath answered it correctly; Lazarus also hath submitted an entry, although it were an incorrect solution; all shall receive of five plushies. Herewith do find Aelis's solution: However, one should note that one may simply assume the balloons instead pass through each other, as the end result were still two balloons travelling in opposite directions. One may then simply multiply 2019 by 2019 for the desired answer of 4076361 collisions.
  11. Here do I close this quest, as I believe there were naught that wish a further last-minute entry. So Jubaris did, in fact, decipher the stone tablet within a matter of hours of release of this quest, and did then take of many days to answer the final riddle; I commend especially of his ability to decipher. The hints are as follows: 1. There exist hints. 2. The shade's sibling is a blind. (The shade's other sibling were an awning.) Naturally, the blind shall send a message in Braille; the tablet above is indeed comprised of a cipher in Braille, with connected dots, save for one symbol. This shall yield of this: every rose has its þorn þnf etfe þhd þnimfe eh fltdþ ni fetylþ þt wltfftu uh sniu hs egdþ yiu btylþ þt þnir þhd fttmfe uhþ kngghg þtt yiu edgif þa þhdroef bnþni eh ftt 3. I am the third hint. Those who have spoken to myself within the realm do know that I do speak somewhat in the archaic, although not truly so. This doth explain the symbol þ - "thorn" - used in older inscriptions of English. Upon the commencement of the printing-press, this did fall into disuse; yet, it remains still in Icelandic tongues in this form; its pronounciation, and transliteration, were as the dipthong "th". A simple substitution, then, with this character in place, yields the following riddle (save for the first line, a key to its decipherment.) This test thou thinkst to sleuth in stealth The blessed do find of truth and wealth The thing thou seekst doth mirror thee And turns thy thoughts within to see. 4. The final key were suggestive of the solution. If one finds which letters in Braille do correspond to those within this cipher: a = y b = w d = u e = t f = s g = r h = o i = n k = m l = l One further notes that these are reflected - in example, f shall become s, and vice versa. The answer to the riddle, then, is reflection - that which mirrors thee, and turns thy thoughts within to see. To all those that participated, I thank thee for honouring myself with thine efforts - thus far, I have received of partial attempts from Rophs and Aelis, as well as a complete solution from Jubaris.
  12. As the anniversary's close were nigh, if thou didst attempt of this quest, I would that thou didst message myself of thy progress, that I may verify an attempt had been made in good-will, and thus ensure the provision of plushies to all that did attempt to solve this quest - please do so afore the close. The solution shall be posted upon the anniversary's close, with explanation.
  13. I call this rendition "Mischief Managed". Although most renditions above have used of colour, I have attempted to maintain this scene as similar to the realm as I am able; that one should instead observe of its differences. I recall the Paper Cabin many years ago as a place of mystery, quite remniscent of the realm, surely one of its most iconic scenes. The Paper Cabin, to me, were an allegory for the realm - a place where many secrets and puzzles hide in plain sight; where one discovers and befriends of its beings, and becomes part of its history. One worthy may become its tinkerer; to build and shape it for others to enjoy; developing new meanings and discovering new connections; the tragedy being that most of these shall lie undiscovered to most who do seek them. Of mine own welcome - this were many years hence; and sadly, most recollections are gone, other than scattered happy memories of friends that I did leave behind; especially Tarquinus of the Eclipse, whose memory continues to shape Aia as she is today. As the shade's mischievous acts within the above rendition of the Paper Cabin; so too are these memories; altered, scattered, lost; but the collective experience recalled as one of happiness, nonetheless.
  14. I have received an entry also from Demonic God for this contest.
  15. I believe this were " Mur-speak" and that it doth possess of much character; this were part of the realm's character, and so I do agree with this ideal.
  16. If there were extra tokens, I would use of these quite frequently; either within the store, or an item that should grant of a random token upon a random creature in possession; if, in course, this should consume of a credit, or other resource or price as deemed appropriate. If there were an item which should grant one the ability to temporarily exceed the heat possible upon one's erolin device (and which should allow for downstream effects thereof), I should use of this item quite frequently also.
  17. Herewith find a log of the recent occurrence at Wasp's Totem, which did find occasion to be bathed in nightfall.
  18. This were to confirm that Demonic God (@fallen god) hath submitted a correct solution to this puzzle, worthy of mine spell-document, which I shall grant within the realm.
  19. @fallen god (Demonic God within the realm) hath also submitted of a correct solution to this puzzle, and hath earned of plushies, which shall be granted upon the Anniversary close.
  20. The third card were an insect.
  21. Please message me upon the Forum with the combination of pips upon thy die-facets.
  22. Greetings to all. A brief contest, which shall require of thought, and strategy. Mallos, who doth possess of a special, seven sided die, did inspire myself to create of this contest. I must think that he must ponder upon the optimal distribution of pips upon his die. Entries shall close upon the close of the anniversary, whereby the contest will commence. The contest were as follows: A six-faceted die usually doth possess of a number of pips upon each face; one to six inclusive. However, my challenge to all who participate were to redistribute the number of pips (twenty-one in total) such that the die has the most optimal chance, in an infinite number of random dice rolls, to defeat the die roll of another who has also redistributed the number of pips upon her own die. Of course, a higher value shall defeat a lower value; however, there were no difference betwixt a victory of many pips, and a victory merely of a single one. Post thy name in this thread if thou dost wish to participate, and additionally, when thou dost post within this thread, message myself, upon the Forum, of thy distribution of the pips (but do not reveal of these to aught.) In example, one may create a die with facets showing 0,0,6,5,5,5, which were a valid distribution. One may not have fewer than zero pips upon any facet of the die. In each round, each participant's die's overall chance to defeat the opposing die shall determine the victor (and not merely a single roll). In example, a die with 0,0,6,5,5,5 shall defeat a die with 4,4,4,4,4,1. An anniversary creature shall be awarded to the overall winner. Plan thy strategy accordingly.
  23. This were a post to confirm that I have granted Jubaris a wishpoint.
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