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  1. Aia del Mana

    Happy Birthday Aeoshattr!

    A blessed birth-day to thee, Knight of the Night.
  2. Aia del Mana

    Drachorn Charms

    I would think it quite difficult for one to become the Master, or Mistress, of these wondrous beings if one should see so few of them within the realm; one new of the realm could think that these were long gone of it. I certainly welcome them as quest-rewards; mayhap, this should bring about one who should accede to Drachorn-Master, or Mistress.
  3. Aia del Mana

    HTML Crit inventory page Bug

    I also note the presence of the bug whereby a single token should change of the image, and have no effect - this were upon creature #866968 - the [] bug, as it were. It doth seem that this bug doth occur when one doth apply of a gel-token; yet, only when this token should affix to a creature without other tokens, as it doth seem there were no issue when the gel-token doth affix to one already possessing them.
  4. Aia del Mana

    Berserker's Charge Elixir Bug

    Certainly - from memory, it did ask "Do you want to live?"
  5. Aia del Mana

    Berserker's Charge Elixir Bug

    This I may confirm as untruth; indeed, I too did sip of it after dst did murder of myself, with the desired return to life. Furthermore, it did ask of myself whether I did wish to live.
  6. Aia del Mana

  7. Aia del Mana

    How would you send messages in the past?

    If one should consider herself tethered to linear time, in a manner that mere mortals must, then one needst find a method upon which one must account of the following discourse, and even to contradict it: Firstly, that all actions have cause, and that the action were a result of the cause. As one must think of events to have cause - so should those causes have causes also, unto the beginning of time itself and mayhap elsewhere; Secondly, that all causes must be independent of the action that they do cause - that should be to say that an event of action cannot affect that which caused it; such an event that did so could prevent of its own occurrence. This is the paradox itself. Of the above, I believe that it should take but a single premise to be untrue for one to be able to forewarn oneself in the past - thus, one of the following should be true - that which I shall label for reference: I. That one may break free of the tether to linear time - so that time may be experienced in a non-linear manner; II. that an action may affect of its own cause; or III. That there may be an action without cause. If the first is true, as with Nava and the Traveler - the solution should be trivial, as one may simply travel to the past to advise oneself of the time-loop; an alternate solution doth occur if one were to assume that the future should hold a method and purpose to do so, and one needst only leave a message and purpose for another to travel to the past to forewarn oneself. if the second is true, one mightst perform of an action in future that should, in primary purpose, cause the realisation upon the time-loop to occur earlier; similarly, that one should trust oneself to repeat this upon the next time-loop. This should, in eventuality, bring one to realise the presence of the time-loop at its commencement; if the third is true, one needs simply to bring about the end and beginning of the time-loop as soon as one should realise its presence (such as to bring about one's own death, or otherwise to be transported back without memory). Using this method, one merely awaits the presence of favourable actions without cause to occur within the time-loop. While this does not in itself change of the next time-loop, one should eventually stumble upon the desired time-loop, in which either the outcome were optimal, or a method were found to cause of one of the other premises to be untrue. Much remains beyond the grasp of mine mere intellect, yet I believe this may serve as frame-work for future discourse.
  8. Aia del Mana

    COtE disbanded

    I am present, even in death. I believe I had made mine intention clear to those who did support myself in this, and prepared for the inevitability that were death. This, too, were not without purpose. @dst what, or whom, of the Eclipse didst thou find irksome? I should like to know.
  9. Aia del Mana

    Happy birthday Mallos :3

    A joyous birthday I wish for thee, Mallos.
  10. I am ever in awe of thine artistic gift.
  11. A brief explanation of this concept, as it were, and a sketch below. I am no @Sashimi - so one may have to use of imagination. Above, it were cloud-form of aether, anchored not to the land, yet, its form doth culminate in blades that may pierce of the sacrifice. Below, it were as a floating orb - that similar to that which one may recruit of creatures. From it doth arise a single point. Betwixt this, and the blades of aether, one may place of the creature to be returned to thyself. Do note that neither the orb, nor the cloud, were tied to the land, although it should be anchored in place by the pull of the swirling water-form, drawn into a thin vapour. This were important that one may dissipate of the heat obtained of the sacrifice - as this were not of land, it cannot return that which were of heat, and this were indeed its purpose.
  12. Aia del Mana


    Leave Aia Wishpoints?
  13. It seemeth that the Altars did cease to function following the sacrifices of many, and the summoning of the Little Old Man. My thoughts upon the matter were so: While I cannot purport to know aught of Altars, I had always thought that they did take of the sacrifice, return their heat to the land, and then the land should return to the officiant that of equal measure, in magical principles. I do believe it must be of the land that doth give return, for the principles that do return were of the land's character. This were the first observation - that the principles returned were in proportion to the heat upon the creature, and the character of them dependent upon the land. As the land were great in size compared to its Altars, one must think that the heat were distributed throughout the land, mayhap, through its veins of heat, and then magic principles should return along them to the officiant. Of the body of the sacrifice, the Altar should take of it and return strength - whether vitality, value, attack, power, or other statistic. As this doth vary with how the creature had performed; one may gain of greater statistic with greater victories, or age, or tokens - that which doth strengthen the body of the creature. This were the second observation - that the statistic returned were dictated of the advancement of the creature, in victories, age, and form. As this doth differ not with change of Altar, one mayst derive that it were not of the land, and heat veins would not need use - the Altar may simply transmute of the body and return it thus. Of the Fenths returned - this changeth not with victories, nor were it so of heat - it seemeth a constant measure, and this were the third observation. If it were the essence of life, then a single life should yield a single fenth. A fourth observation: all altars did cease to function in synchronicity, which doth suggest that the same problem doth afflict of all of them. Of the above observations, only the first doth require a land tether. I cannot but think the concern doth lie in the first observation, and of the fourth - the Altars may require of heat veins to function. If it were so, then one couldst suppose that an Altar that doth not produce of magical principles, and that returneth not of heat, should function although the heat veins do not. How may it be so? Such an Altar must not be of the land, then. Of how this condition may be satisfied? Surely, an Altar that doth float freely, or mayhap, one that were upon a land without heat. I shall create of such an Altar in the coming days.
  14. One could require of coin, in a gemcutter's fee, to perform the cut of a Diamond in mere moments. Similarly, one could require of coin in payment, to pay the goldsmith that doth cast of coin. In this way, one could decrease of the coinage within the realm, and give of value to these. If it doth take of ten silver to cast Pure Gold into Gold Coin, then the value of gold unsmelted should be as that of five silver pieces. Likewise, if it were so that diamonds did require of three gold pieces to cut, and within the realm did lie a Jeweler that did offer of five gold pieces in exchange of a Brilliant Diamond, then the value of an Uncut Diamond must then be of two gold pieces. It were true that the value were merely that which one may exchange for it, yet, if there were beings within the realm that did pay, in coin, of these, then one should consider the value to be at minimum equivalent to that offered of the being.
  15. Aia del Mana

    The next step

    I believe there is yet more to the Shadowy Old Man. I strongly fear that he were not of the same will, nor intent, of the Little Old Man. Indeed, the humanity of the Little Old Man is now lost, and the Shadowy Old Man may indeed perform the will of the Shades.