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  1. The interface states (under Profile): "Your avatar will be returned to MD Avatar gallery for someone else to use if you are inactive for more than 6 months. If your avatar returns to shop you will be refunded the credit spent for it." As this is no longer the case (avatars do *not* return to the gallery after 6 months of inactivity), the text should be removed (or, if there was consensus that it should be reverted, avatars should return after 6 months of inactivity and the text remain the same). I note that very few (or none) presently are drawing avatars, and at present this means that there shall be fewer and fewer avatars for those who do seek to gain of one.
  2. If avatars do not return to the store after six months of absence, should this be updated to reflect this in the interface?
  3. Ah; I did take over ten years to solve the puzzle of the Broken Gazebo, so this, mayhap, were a fitting calculation.
  4. I believe it has been so for some time, although I do recall that it had previously granted of some Action Points. Those with greater land loyalty to Necrovion will certainly note of a difference in effect, while those without will find their function rather similar. I know not which should be the case (evidently, this does not appear to affect most), but I am willing to change this if a consensus were reached as to the appropriate function.
  5. One might consider to visit the Broken Pattern Gazebo and solve the puzzle within, by which time one may assume her Worldly Inertia will have returned to positive balance. Facetiousness aside, one may assume that one with this statistic of maximum Winertia would also possess of some Luck, which may allow her to walk around and gain some proportion of it.
  6. May I bump this topic? If the bidding is complete, then I would like the Wind Drachorn to be granted to Ailith and the Darkling to be granted to Demonic God.
  7. Apologies - I appear to have missed this location when I had been plotting of them on the map. Adding of this line to the appropriate file should resolve of this: $spotx['7']['sunnybedroom']['1'] = '423x303';
  8. I am sure thy jest were not lost on most, Mur; one must enjoy of humour when straits are dire.
  9. This is correct; the old quest is being replaced (as the Berserker's Way device was dependent on Flash, and that was an integral component of the quest). For now, the current requirement were that one must fight the guards without one's statistics or armour, and to do so, she may sip from the flask aside the guards.
  10. The final level would require of some coding, but there are at least some similar creatures that create other resources. Perhaps this creature could, functionally, create of an item which were similar to that obtained when using of token removal gel upon a creature with tokens. Improving defence were already a mechanic present ("Defend", or "Martirism") which were not difficult to implement, but doing this in a different way may also require some new code (for example the hypothetical mechanic of "steal defence").
  11. I can certainly create and add of more clickies from elements already within scenes. If thou hast an idea for an element within a scene that should be turned into a clicky, let me know, and I shall create of it. Creating of new elements from new artwork were also possible, if the new artwork were provided.
  12. This were the field to assign thyself as an adept, rather than to assign of a worshipper. The only restriction upon an adept should be that there were no alternate accounts assigned as adept to the same being, but one who worships must assign themselves to one of the Sixth Mind-Power (or, it appears, to a certain Wookie who hails from the East.)
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