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  1. This error were shown upon the Research and Connections page:
  2. If I understand correctly, a merchant levy would arise from those who did wish to trade at this guillotine, but avoid the risk of death? In example, I would pay a merchant a percentage to undertake the trade at the guillotine for myself - were this the intended outcome?
  3. I confirm that the error message is now removed, and that the function remains as intended.
  4. A new error (although there is no issue with function); this only occurs when one is affected by the "nomulti" spell. I confirm the spell-trigger doth function as intended; this merely appears within one's combat window when one were affected by the spell.
  5. I believe Mur did not jest in creating of this message; it seems that the rendering of various scenes is completely altered in Firefox as compared to Chrome (or other Webkit-based portals); one very clear example is the final row of hexagons at the Champion's Challenge.
  6. If there were to be a hypothetical new creature, I would think its release must play second fiddle to interface-related issues; one could not admire such a creature should her portal cease to function. Still, I would welcome any hypothetical release of hypothetical new creatures, if aught were to exist which were ready.
  7. This would be based on an assumption that there doth exist at least one creature in the proverbial pipe-line.
  8. I believe static erolin-orbs are already an option, but they remain such that their persistent animation, even when stationary, doth drain of one's portal rather rapidly. I believe the solution for a mobile interface, at least initially, must be twofold - first, to remove the orbs completely, and second, to remove the animation of the compass-menu.
  9. I wonder if this quest were still outstanding, @Chewett?
  10. A question, if I may: Were there any appreciable difference betwixt its suffering when skies are clear, and when rain should fall?
  11. From some testing, it appears that sabotage_e=freeze does not stop freeze from affecting the enemy creatures. This is evident from a combat log; merely attack into a created NPC ritual with a creature with freeze, and one shall find an enemy creature frozen. I believe this is likely why so many were able to defeat the Battle Master at the Road of Battles, even with a x777 multiplier.
  12. I am able to help with some number of announcements, if some further aid were needed.
  13. The structure of the alliance has not changed, although none have taken up knighthood within our ranks of late. If thou shouldst find interest in the Eclipse and our ways, I would that thou dost approach myself within the realm, or with a message upon the Forum, and we shall make discussion on thy role.
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