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  1. When one doth possess of some heat, and then attempts to pray of it to her protector, she finds the number pertaining to heat altered. Namely; if one had 4000 heat, and 500 were then sent, it would cause the interface to show 40003500 heat; a further prayer of 500 heat would then cause the interface to show 400035003000 heat.
  2. I merely do have concerns if one should refer to each statistic in abbreviation - presently, we have WPs (wishpoints), to which we will add WP (Willpower) and Worldly Inertia (WI). I suppose that this follows somewhat of a theme - although must lead to some confusion.
  3. Some thoughts, although I fear mine understanding of the inner-workings of the realm were not quite as those who otherwise shape it: In regard to "worldly inertia" - I wonder if a simpler (or at least, singular) term for it were corporeality - that which makes one substantial; tethered to reality, rather than ethereal, that which were tethered to the aether. When one should recruit or upgrade of a creature, in example, or obtain of some armour, one may trade of her corporeality to bring that which she wishes into its own corporeality. Of Action-Points - mayhap, the concept may be described by Willpower (or even just Will) - one expends of this to perform of any movement or activity.
  4. I wonder if thou couldst elucidate of the desired content - I wonder if I may be able to aid here.
  5. I find that this were the case presently, that those that do purchase of credits are those that have been within the realm of MD for some time; usually, significant enough for one to have gained sufficient statistic in Briskness. This thus makes such a purchase quite pointless to this being; one would think that she must purchase of something else in its stead, if one may simply gain heat by moving. I find that heat stones (or other spell-stones) to be of use when one were in an area which doth require of something to be charged of heat (for example, the Mnemnosis quest-line, or walking within Necrovion using the heated boots.) If these are to keep their value, then there must either be a limit to Erolin-spheres, or there must be further requirements for heat within the realm to power of other things. Without such uses for heat, these shop-purchases shall be ignored by the multitudes. If one were, in example, to change this item to that which may increase one's maximum heat to 10000 (as opposed to 4400) for a temporary period, one may find that these are purchased by those who grind of statistics within combat (provided the bonuses to statistics were duly increased based on the heat also).
  6. I do find that the progress indicator upon the left side of the interface were broken. I have taken the liberty of fixing it, and also including of some suggestions as to how they may appear when activated; the first image were as it doth appear currently.
  7. The Oak Tower hath completed of its renovation, and welcomes thee within.
  8. Mur has granted me the Wiiya Bubble Weaver on thy behalf, Chewett.
  9. The scene is not deleted - all areas which did require of a wishpoint shall be fixed in due course; I am merely waiting upon confirmation of the key required to allow of its access.
  10. Attempting to unlock of a document in the Research and Connections link at the top results in an error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$reload' (T_VARIABLE) in /home/magicdue/public_html/ifrm/ifrm.research.php on line 1
  11. Other than the changes to the economy, one wonders if other functions of gold shall be altered. In example, one may find that murder-weapons shall have a cheaper activation cost if gold were more readily accessible. I do realise that that of value presently should find its gold-value doth increase as set by market-forces, but for items which doth have a fixed gold-value as the above, I wonder of folly in alteration in its supply. In example, if there were now a fivefold supply increase, one thinkst that mayhap there should be a fivefold increase in the activation cost.
  12. 299966. If this is the closest number, I will return the Imprinted Dark to Aeoshattr.
  13. I would like to select the Wiiya Bubble Weaver, if it should please thee. Many thanks to thee for this contest, Chewett, and to others for providing such interesting ideas, of which I believe some of mine own were built upon. Chewett - I wonder if the remaining term of the contest remains - namely, that "to spend the time working with me on the new Wiiya related plans." If this were so, I shall gladly aid in any method that I may.
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