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  1. I have to support mur it is up to the kings to use there powers as they see fit. However I have never had a problem with eon and I just don't see why people are so intently focused on him. I don't know if people feel threatened or just plain annoyed. If they are you can just hangout in the sanctuary for a while then leave later. Fighting is part of the game people. Personally though I think having kings was a right move but I will not be entering a land with a king and am not swearing loyalty to any kingdom. I fail to see them visible in any of there factions. I fail to see leadership pacts or negotiation between them. I'm almost glad they resigned it leaves the seat open to somebody who may be willing to use there power to invoke action.
  2. Well one of the things we could look at is the obvious. Allow teleporting in sanctuaries and places where people can easily get lost such as the labyrinth.
  3. Thanks for the glass ill use my next wish-point to put it to good use.
  4. Ok can we all just step back for a second. Sure I don't like all of murs decisions and I have made that very clear in allot of my posts that concern him. I also am a bit concerned with his thought that he is superhuman and in his own words a god of MD. Thats fair enough he created the world. However in most cases I have to say that he is fair. He rarely bans people who speak there mind i mean your still here Firsanthalas and in this last post you defiantly proved mur to be human because I think you got under his skin a bit. (Congratulation on mission accomplished by the way.) However before anybody thinks I am taking sides I don't totally support mur either. Especially in his current post: [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1319999476' post='94939'] If i say "you have issues" would that be opinion or offence? Cause thats how i think right now, and to be honest i don't give a FUCK that you don't agree to the way i talk. People play pretend and talk nice just when they have something to lose, but when they are at the edge of quitting they enjoy talking shit to me.. so you claim I can't afford talking honest in the only place I can't leave from? Same rule for all? That is funny comming from one that can alter his land rules as he thinks fit and that benefits of a certain level of immunity. Have you ever heard of diplomatic immunity? Consider me the president, judge me for my 'crimes' when i will be gone, till then if i feel some spices are needed to make my speech more hot , i will add them as I think fit. You basically make no point in all of the above, I find it hard not to make sarcastic comments or sounding offending, I still don't know what it is that bothers you. You make topics with titles like "shameful MD", when you, as a symbolic role, represent a big percentage of MD, and you expect me to talk nice? I get it. you have a very fragile ego, you have personal problems at home or work, _WHATEVER_ , we all do, you need to vent, fine..thats the only excuse i can find you, and i am doing an effort here. "i never appologized" ..maybe true..this is beacause appology is in my view a cowardly reaction aimed to save us from the effects of our mistakes. I do however admit when i am wrong and by not appologising I show i take full responsability for my own mistakes. So in the end, you have an issue with me? with md in general? with the fact you are not in the council? with what, put it in less words so my frustrated tired brain can comprehend it. [/quote] I don't know but this seems allot like a personal attack but I do have to say you did start it Firsanthalas and I have to say you have undermined your last topic called shameful MD. I find it increasingly amusing that you don't want to single anybody out and people believe it even though you seem quite OK with singling people out in other posts. Now to be fair my findings I likely ill placed I am only at 672 active days with 45% activity. Maybe I got unlucky and ended up on the wrong days to make a decision. Though that's what I find. Though we are not going to get anywhere with two people calling each other names. So can you both step off it and just calm the FUCK down.
  5. I would like some glass of course. I would donate heat if I had a heat jar to send to you. I am at 672 AD so I may be rather low on the list. I am usually found at winds sanctuary.
  6. Bizarrely I have to agree with mur on this topic. I actually dedicated three months of complete observation of the community. I am unsure of what happens past 9pm CST but allot of these problems do have ways to be addressed although I don't see many people muted people often take a side in minor fights and the bullying eventually stops. I also have to agree that muting people is muting freedom of speech so that's another fact of the matter. As for people who are using the rule: [Quote] Repeated harrassment without reason of other players will not be tolerated. If you have a reason for that, that reason should be discussed with a moderator and if that moderator is unable to solve the issue then put up for voting on the forum. By harrasment we understand constant verbal abuse and moking. Repeated attacks or other ways are not considered punishable harrasment but can be brought up for judging if you think they should.[/quote] as a shield. Its sort of interesting how this rule is structured. First of all you have to bring it to moderator which most people don't do. Until you do it is technically not harassment by its wording. If it isn't solve its left to a vote which is fair. Finally constant attacks as least in my opinion is not abuse. You do have sanctuary's you can go to if you want to be able to just talk and not worry about attacks. There are allot of protections in game you just have to look past what you usually do. Just repeating your self over and over again as simple logic should tell you. Doing the same thing again will usually result in the same outcome it did the first time. You just have to think of life as one huge equation if that makes things easier. However I do have to say bringing out of game things into game is a serious matter. Life in MD and out of MD should be separate.
  7. suggestion 2 I think should not be added. I mean what king actually just looks at PL's all day. I think everybody should be able to flag them however if there are too many flagged without reason there should be a cooldown timer applied to everybody when flagging. For example you can flag one PL everyday. Since people can spam PL's it may also bring into review the other PL's a person has posted in the last; lets say week into question.
  8. I would do it although I am not an LHO. However I think if people are to apply there should be a set of situation they should be presented with and what kind of actions they can take so you can avoid having conflicts with them. Also we would need a viriaty of people from several different time zones. Of course a few more during peak hours.
  9. [quote name='samon' timestamp='1319121329' post='94362'] I don't really like having to be online to know when and where you have to be online either. One thing that might at least help a bit is if there were one location for all the meetings that do not require a specific location. that way people will at least know where to go so they can at least idle there. [/quote] Mur wouldn't be so happy about that. One of murs passions at least from what he talks about and some of his actions is the idea of symbolism. I don't necessarily know what kind of symbol of justice he may be considering to use in this case if any.
  10. If I could speak I would like to. First off and foremost I do have a problem with where the locations are but we are dealing with is a real person versus an NPC. In most games an NPC suffices but in MD most people would not agree or be able to work with an NPC (especially with this current event). Now the problem that needs solving I don't think is necessarily the location being announced an hour or minutes before an event is about to start. The best remedy would be to announce the time of the event. I do not often agree with murs methods though in the case of location I cant complain as long as he can gives us a decisive time and shows up at least sometime in that hour (which he has not done this time). I have in the past run a few internet groups that used team-speak in order to talk and as long as I gave a days notice and the time I could usually get around 90% of the some 10 people that where supposed to show up. If I where to do that the exact moment I could only get around 30%. A location is not hard to get to but getting the timing right can. So we should see if the guess work can be removed. 24 hours notice is all I ask. Now for the problems that I have with other peoples plans. First off telling us the location I have no problem with that so we can keep that on the table Chewette and everybody who agrees. Being auto warped to the location once again is a problem because as I have been writing in the unreleased parts of my ethnography re-wright exploration is not simply going somewhere but is a resource. I wouldn't want to be warped up to the MD lands just after entering GG too talk about something that doesn't concern me. Now I am also getting tired with people attacking the announcement system. I mean really is it hard to look at the top left of the screen when you log in to see if the little text that say view announcements has turned red while you where gone. As for this event however I do have a problem with location not being announced. Just this one in particular. I mean if anybody brings a case before mur and the accused is not present that person is guilty. In truth I could have just logged on for the very first time and somebody (i wouldn't know why) would accuse me of something and I would be unable to defend. My study in criminal and environmental law tells me that isn't fair. If the onus shifts to you and you cant defend your self you lose and when the prospect is jail I think the idea should not be taken lightly and should not be blind. I am all for people going to jail if I am online I might actually tune in to entertain my self but both people should and have to be there and with the absence of a time location and even what trails are taking place this is not right. Just my two cents take it as you will.
  11. Well I had to make a choice between the 1 gc for all or your 4 sc for one. The over all price of all of them versus you buying one out weighed your offer not in singular value but in total value.
  12. That is the equivalent one silver each ill have to reject that since one person is buying one for 2 sc which is higher then your offer. Bid of grasen 2 will close in 48 hours of this post. If a higher bid is posted a snipe protection of another 48 hours will be posted.
  13. At time of posting Pimped Grasan 1 Age=275 Highest Bid Pimped Grasan 2 Age=687 Highest Bid Pimped Grasan 3 Age=209 Highest Bid Pimped Grasan 4 Age=473 Highest Bid Pimped Grasan 5 Age=274 Highest Bid: [b]Child of soul 1 gold for all: Offer accepted (closed)[/b]
  14. sry to rebump this post but there have been a few changes, Due to my leave of absence i was unable to finish and post this on at the time I wanted i apologize for that. On the other hand I look at this as an opportunity. My writing style has much improved in a year so i will be rewriting my findings and what I have also additionally found in the following months. The end result will be my hope to be better than my original report. I will also will be officially announcing this as my K document subject. So if anybody wants this ethnography send me an invite code via PM. The K doc I do have will be publicly displayed and i will try write a portion of it daily so make sure to check it often. I will most often be idle at winds sanctuary in marnid bell. I apologize for my grammar and spelling at this point because it is 5 Am and writing often help me get to sleep so I did some. If I made anything unclear please tell me so I can resolve it tomorrow when my thought process is no longer clouded.
  15. The main issue here I think is the ally. The people most qualified to report on a land would have to be an ally of that location. however from what i can tell you cant be an ally of a land and be part of the archivists. My personal opinion would have a citizen of that location be appointed by the king in order to report to an archivist of happenings in the land. However after appointed this person is not to be controlled by that king as to what to report and what not to. Thus this appointed person would have to believe in total transparency and freedom of information.The reason that the king should have a choice however is that they should know who in there land is online the most and also who knows the history of that location to the greatest extent. As for members the best thing i think you can do is recruit writers and maybe create a newspaper again. I think most of the archivists where temporary reporters.
  16. I'll apply but I am unsure about my activity. However if I do I need to know a little bit about policy. I've looked at a few different forums and they all vary in what is a swear greatly. For example if I type WTF I've actually got that stared out by a mod well in other cases I get no conflict in other forums. Edit:Minor spelling errors.
  17. Ok finally its finished and I thank everybody who participated which technically speaking was everybody but particularly I would like to thanks those who where open to a interview or showed interest. As for the finished project I will be presenting it but not actually completely. There are a few things that some people want me to leave out and its my job to honor that since they where those people involved. With the MD party going on I will be holding off on sending it off to you because I don't want to interrupt anything and besides I have to make a few edits to make the abridged version of it. This is by no means a thesis though so it pretty light reading for those who jump into it. I should have it done at least by the end of this month if not right after the festival. I'll edit this post and bump it once its there for you don't have to look for it. Thanks for your help and have a great MD birthday party.
  18. Kamisha

    Trading System

    The other question would be what to extend this too. Are credits allowed to be traded because there is a large quantity of players who sell items via credits and then you have to have a way for people to say what kind of offer they are looking for.
  19. Vicarious you bring up a good point (although not really on topic here). As for the bet idea being actually educated in law though I have no personal issues with it I for see allot of court cases in this case. Although I try to mediate and make people settle there disputes without entering the court of mur or give the defendant a little extra time. However there is an easy way to keep this out of the court system. In order for something to be a contractual agreement both sides have to have ensured benefit. So in this case people can not go to court since no side is guaranteed some sort of retribution in the case of losing. Unless that agreement is presented to the person with a wax drop or red sticker applied to it. Basically what I want to say is bet at your own risk the court system wont help you with this.
  20. When I was dong interviews from people in magic duel (Burns and Awiiya). Though there are few things I cant say I can I hope and able to share this. The idea was interesting and to me and the result was very interesting. It usually evolves in a few stages. The first is the combat system which is often the hook. What gets people involved. Then the community finalizes the complete includement that keeps them there. Ether it is simple talking with people or just a challenging question that somebody has a take on. As for the small community several contributing factors i can think of. The first of course is the advancement its sort of slow. There is also people who think the creature fights would be sort of like Pokemon or some other turn based combat instead of solid strategy. The final is slow acceptance into the community. I have to say I struggled in the last aspect. That is why I only have 608 active days since Sept.30th 2007.
  21. The use of espionage I think has been a long used in magic duel. I think removing it would be a tad bit exstream. It should be up to the alliance leaders to find out weather somebody is a hopper or not. As for the spy when I was applying for king it was a long time ago I know. I was informed or maybe even misinformed that lore-root and necro had a alliance of sorts. Just PM me when this changed or even if it did.
  22. Its interest and I have played allot with the idea in my mind. Problem being is although there is activity fights although animated to use for entertainment actually only take less than a quarter second to be calculated meaning the symbol would have to be prolonged. What your suggesting seems a little too um obstructive. If anything there should only be an icon in the top left of the screen that shows the number of fights say in the last 10 minutes or what ever. I am also sort of worried about latency. I personally have few problems with it but I know there are some people that complain about it at particular high activity times.
  23. I am sort of hearing the same arguments. Let it stay but don't let it return to a MP4 or MP5 training ground. I personally so no reason in continuing this argument.
  24. Kamisha


    Personally I can understand where Mur is coming from though. I mean if I put together an event that was meant to bring a community together. If I organized gifts and brought out something for everybody to who came to leave with something and somebody comes out and calls me out saying that they didn't show up but they demand retribution it would be unfair to include that person because then everybody who didn't show up I would have to treat equally. I see now that I might have been wrong to start this topic. I may have had good intentions but like most things it eventually turns into a blood feud. COULD A MOD PLEASE CLOSE THIS TOPIC before this turns into something that is no longer within control.
  25. Kamisha


    [quote name='Passant the Weak' timestamp='1300296939' post='80752'] ...The point I personnaly don't understand with the tombola is: why is it splitted by payment method? Usually in similar games going for incentive you get either a tombola for whoever spent cash (whatever the payment method is) or a tombola specifically sponsored by a payment site (aka PBC or paypal or....) for whoever used their site for a shop payment. I got the feeling here, that paying players are segregated based on their payment method, and I can't see the benefits for MD owners. [/quote] The split for payment method is supposed to segregate players by the payment method available to them. For example I can pay only by the method of pay by cash and if I go out of my way western union. I am barred from PayPal due to my lack of a checking account or a credit card. Every person here I believe is barred or removed from some of these methods. There for in order to order out fairness each person paying a different way is given equal chances on the same gift. That is why this time an order was not really established because all the main prizes and suggested prizes where open and order should not matter who chooses what. I don't totally understand the method my self. It may be because it was just limited to PayPal the first time. So it will even out by giving everybody in there payment plan group a chance them mash it all together. I really don't know so I will leave it at that. If Mur wants to explain it feather or better he can, if not we just have to accept that as well.
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