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  1. Well one of the things we could look at is the obvious. Allow teleporting in sanctuaries and places where people can easily get lost such as the labyrinth.
  2. Thanks for the glass ill use my next wish-point to put it to good use.
  3. Ok can we all just step back for a second. Sure I don't like all of murs decisions and I have made that very clear in allot of my posts that concern him. I also am a bit concerned with his thought that he is superhuman and in his own words a god of MD. Thats fair enough he created the world. However in most cases I have to say that he is fair. He rarely bans people who speak there mind i mean your still here Firsanthalas and in this last post you defiantly proved mur to be human because I think you got under his skin a bit. (Congratulation on mission accomplished by the way.) However befo
  4. I would like some glass of course. I would donate heat if I had a heat jar to send to you. I am at 672 AD so I may be rather low on the list. I am usually found at winds sanctuary.
  5. Bizarrely I have to agree with mur on this topic. I actually dedicated three months of complete observation of the community. I am unsure of what happens past 9pm CST but allot of these problems do have ways to be addressed although I don't see many people muted people often take a side in minor fights and the bullying eventually stops. I also have to agree that muting people is muting freedom of speech so that's another fact of the matter. As for people who are using the rule: [Quote] Repeated harrassment without reason of other players will not be tolerated. If you have a reason for t
  6. suggestion 2 I think should not be added. I mean what king actually just looks at PL's all day. I think everybody should be able to flag them however if there are too many flagged without reason there should be a cooldown timer applied to everybody when flagging. For example you can flag one PL everyday. Since people can spam PL's it may also bring into review the other PL's a person has posted in the last; lets say week into question.
  7. I would do it although I am not an LHO. However I think if people are to apply there should be a set of situation they should be presented with and what kind of actions they can take so you can avoid having conflicts with them. Also we would need a viriaty of people from several different time zones. Of course a few more during peak hours.
  8. [quote name='samon' timestamp='1319121329' post='94362'] I don't really like having to be online to know when and where you have to be online either. One thing that might at least help a bit is if there were one location for all the meetings that do not require a specific location. that way people will at least know where to go so they can at least idle there. [/quote] Mur wouldn't be so happy about that. One of murs passions at least from what he talks about and some of his actions is the idea of symbolism. I don't necessarily know what kind of symbol of justice he may be considering to us
  9. If I could speak I would like to. First off and foremost I do have a problem with where the locations are but we are dealing with is a real person versus an NPC. In most games an NPC suffices but in MD most people would not agree or be able to work with an NPC (especially with this current event). Now the problem that needs solving I don't think is necessarily the location being announced an hour or minutes before an event is about to start. The best remedy would be to announce the time of the event. I do not often agree with murs methods though in the case of location I cant complain as
  10. Well I had to make a choice between the 1 gc for all or your 4 sc for one. The over all price of all of them versus you buying one out weighed your offer not in singular value but in total value.
  11. That is the equivalent one silver each ill have to reject that since one person is buying one for 2 sc which is higher then your offer. Bid of grasen 2 will close in 48 hours of this post. If a higher bid is posted a snipe protection of another 48 hours will be posted.
  12. At time of posting Pimped Grasan 1 Age=275 Highest Bid Pimped Grasan 2 Age=687 Highest Bid Pimped Grasan 3 Age=209 Highest Bid Pimped Grasan 4 Age=473 Highest Bid Pimped Grasan 5 Age=274 Highest Bid: [b]Child of soul 1 gold for all: Offer accepted (closed)[/b]
    1. (Zl-eye-f)-nea


      I've always found it fascinating how opposed necrovions in particular are to outside input from a community which their actions have a knock on effect on.

    2. Pipstickz


      Not all of us, Zleip D:

    3. Agis Asticles

      Agis Asticles

      well conflict of a land which considers itself friends to none would of course interest others lol.

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  13. is lagging becouse of the univercitys on again off again connection

  14. PV = nRT atmosphers volume in L n in moles R is a constant and T is the temperature in Kalvin.

    1. dst


      Ugh...I hate physics....and i hate the fact that I still remember some of it...

    2. Mr Mystery

      Mr Mystery

      not only is this physics.. its chemistry too xD

    3. Kamisha


      Yeah I was using it in chem. Most important equation for me to know.

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  15. Hmm MD is down again.

  16. Hey development status has been changed from vac to Madness.

  17. Lets look at this critically there is already a wood cutting guild if its working in the desired way then there should be a water guild. Regardless of weather you set them up as a guild or not they will find each other and produce there own social group.
  18. Upon reading this I have came to a realization. However before I wright anything I am not in anyway related to why this information was released I did not read the above because I wanted to just my curiosity gets the better of me some... OK all of the time. This is my realization. Murs expectation is not for us to be bound by ancient lore, but I say we are still bound by lore. Now the very important key word is ancient in this case. Ancient lore is the creation of ideas that control our world though these can be muddled if before the creation. Now I can understand some people asking questio
  19. [quote name='MRWander' date='27 April 2010 - 11:12 PM' timestamp='1272427921' post='58750'] To me this is very much like full metal jacket since we are being punished repeatedly due to actions of certain people i think we should have a right to excommunicate them do to the simple fact they are ruining the game for us. he has said himself that they are forcing him to reveal a big gear which in long term will be damaging to the game it shall open a pandoras box and it will in essence twist and destroy the game bring up MORE problems due to the simple fact that it
  20. [quote name='MRWander' date='27 April 2010 - 10:02 PM' timestamp='1272423723' post='58746'] Perhaps it is better to let things slip gracefully in the night instead of destroying it. Every year this same thing occurs and every year we get punished for it. As a community I feel we should have a right to ask you to ban those people rather then keep getting punished on their behalf. But then again what do I know I am a mere grinder. (Should anyone else feel this way perhaps a poll would be more helpful) [/quote] Ban those people that's looking at this not f
  21. This is simply not a discussion. Mur has his mind made up and he is going to make sure those who want to know the answer do not want to see it.
  22. welcome to the magic duel forums Twelthmonkey you will find a lot of useful information here as well as comment on the ongoing status of the game in other words make a difference.

  23. I like the idea and it should stay as a no for alt as it could be abused however if it turns out as such alts will be abused and you will have to deside where the wishpoint will go to. Too many people might invest in mirror move lock or have a entire vitalian of ghosts moving around the map. I know everybody wants wishpoint and everybody should be able to get them but people spamming about 100 spells a day could turn into a pandemic very quickly.
  24. Hows this for exstreme I dont know how i got it but -13420/4291 value points.
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