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  1. [quote name='Krioni' timestamp='1328305948' post='103338'] Cool! That clarifies the spell for me. I didn't know before, and now I know more ^^ As for fighting, I generally would like to, with people that are in the competition. That seems hard to accomplish though, especially looking at the locations. And like I said, by the contest page, shouldn't other people in the competition be trying to come after me? Especially if I am winning and have the most heads. But the people in the competition aren't, it is just other people messing. [/quote] You might think so but no there isnt any considerable point. Lets say i could still compete in the competition and take and recieve heads. When you hit MP5 as you are now you should have learned that instead of two outcomes to a fight there are infact 4. In the case of winning you can have a win or a victory. A victory is in the case that at least 10% damage is done to each player and there is a 30% difference. A won fight simply means that your percentage of damage was higher and you didn't meet those specs. A deafeat and a retreat is not important to exsplane for this example. The difference between these two specs is that when a player attacks and get a win he gets one head and continues on his way. However if this person pulls off a victory he takes all the heads of that person whoever he may be. So if I am to attack you and am not confident that I am going to get a victory but still confident enough to get a win I am wasting vitality in order to get just one head which is not much of anything and it puts me at risk of being attacked by somebody who can do a large portion of damage and if that does happen I am going to have to run to a location to heal enough in order to get back into the fight and take back those heads that where taken instead of running away and still having heads and vitality in order to defend from attack and disipear again before they can try again. Right now you are a risky target since you can take heads and hold them. However that will change in stage 2 becouse if people want points they have to keep in close vicinity. [quote name='durex' timestamp='1328307408' post='103351'] i had same problem like u .a player not in HC.Legend knight attack me and take from me lots of heads.then he simply log out... [/quote] They dont have to be on the list in order to be considered part of the heads contest that is just the leader list. Everybody weather they have won or not is bound by the rules of the contest except those who have won have some restrictions in winning heads from opponents that causes it to be harder for them to win a second time. Though it does happen they recive no additional rewards. Logging off would cause the heads to be removed from the system so they cant be re-taken. Weather that person was trying to be a dick or not is irrelevent. If you can do it during the heads contest and it is not a bug its all good and legal.
  2. [quote name='ChildOfTheSoul' timestamp='1328239161' post='103243'] I'll put myself up for auction. I've purchased the first clicky access (is that grade 4?), and your wish is my command. , [/quote] Yah thats grade 4. Branches and less important objects.
  3. [quote name='Chengmingz' timestamp='1328226604' post='103226'] Buy me and I will be your best friend. C [/quote] A possible soon to be regent attempting to be sold into slavery. Wow it seems like the more important people want to be sold. Imagine the power of having a regent your slave.
  4. [quote name='samon' timestamp='1328207923' post='103203'] I don't know how to use MD Script yet, but I do know a bit of HTML and plan on learning it once I have some more free time. [/quote] Good enough when I can I will post a pre-bid and if I can make it to the auction I will however my schedule does not look all that free.
  5. ill put 1 gc on Samon if he knows how to code as well I dont have time to learn it so a slave would hopefully be able to do it for me. I'll try not use the leash..... too often .
  6. I exspect the online list to get alot shorter unless the summoner likes sanctuaries. .
  7. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1328050536' post='103025'] Who are these leaders? alliance leaders? Monarchs? Because as iv already said we dont have monarchs atm and i dont see that changing anytime soon... [/quote] Chewett does have a point considering the lack of an actual decisve leader of a land since monarchy has been abolished. An alliance version of this item or spell should be discussed until such a point that there is actually such thing as a land leader. Since alliances have the ability to influance wars.
  8. Closest ive seen to it so far is carrying over heads from a perivious heads contest to the next one. I believe that was answered by simply removing the heads in order get him to start over at zero. In this case I beleve the equivilent should work but noted that he is unattackable my view would be jail him for the duration of the contest which will be one to three days now not long. After that if he is still unattackable look into the possibility of bug abuse a simple one time bug or actually part of his role. I mean you gave your self the answer if you find a fugitive and you capture him alive what do you do you lock them up again. Make him live up to his role.
  9. [quote name='ChildOfTheSoul' timestamp='1328039725' post='102999'] I agree that MD should have more of an interface designed to facilitate war. If a war spell like that does get made, I would suggest making it a four cast or less spell, just so a person can't make a "declare war" stone. haha. There are other ways to accomplish the same task other than making "Declare War" into a spell. There could be an item or, like I said, a programmed interface. I suppose we'll see what happens with the monarchy and government system. [/quote] I do like the idea of an item as it allows the ability of the king to give the priorties of starting and ending wars to a stratagist or appointed military leader. So the king can build a small hierarchy around him self as oppose to one person controling all land affairs. It is sort of like the signet ring. If the king is to busy or just not willing he can pass the ring to somebody else to take care of citizenship.
  10. [quote name='samon' timestamp='1328026920' post='102977'] What you're saying, Kamisha, sounds pretty much like Torch Competition, only players that pick up a torch participate, and the prize goes to each land... [/quote] Well all things considered what do you think the torch competition was.
  11. I beleve you get the wish back after its over written Esmaralda or at least that is my understanding of it. I also beleve mur can decree and lock a location to that subtitle. That being said though if mur thought the location was important enough to keep it as it was he would he didn't so we can conclude that the location was not monumental enough in Jesters image to be worth keeping or just not watching. I will not try to put words in murs mouth so its just speculation and observation.
  12. For what ever its worth which is not much since I am not part of any land or alliance and dont plan to be for an undetermined amount of time I am somewhat for this idea. If you can make something like war integrated it increases the kings ability to go to war against another land. However the spoils of war I am somewhat sketchy on. Since two lands dont agree to go to war. One ussually wants to go to war and the other land is eaither going to agree to go to war and make an offensive before the other side can launch an offensive ot simply play defensivley. If there was a spoils of war prize at the end of every one (I have played MMORPG's that have such a system) it quickly turns into a source of income which causes repeditive attacks on the opposing nation. What I would suggest is only the team launching the initial attack be penalized the creatures in the case of a lose and in the case of a win I would still have to work out. Aparently there is supposed to be some sort of award desposted to the lands treasury after the end of torch war. I dont think that has been decided yet but when that is integrated the spoils in return should be something in that catagory. Participation is questionable since allthough you are to abide by your kings wishes mur likes the idea of not taking freewill away completely in most cases (case and point making two rebals in nocrocron when it was first implemented although if he didnt make them they would likely in anycase do so themselves). So there should be freewill element involved sort of like a voting point like during elections but instead of coming to a concensus deciding if they are participating or not. Those who do get involved will be captured if killed and those who dont won't but wont be able to capture opponents either. The king or alliance leader could if they fail to join the war choose to label them as tratoirs though and disband certain members (but I think they can do that already). Death toll (or capture toll as I am suggesting) is a hard one though. There are active and none active players. Players who are inactive should be discounted as part of the death toll of wars. Maybe a a system that they adepts have such as the five days leeway of inactivity. If they are inactive for 5 days they are no longer counted and removed from the war. I also would suggest a percentage then a cold hard toll that changes after each death to reach 100% in order to win or after a predetermined time or else somepeople will just hide and prolong the war as long as possible and im an advacate for complete conflict quickly but effectivly to get the point across (not just turn things into a pissing match). As for nations that are considered friendly they would be asked to go to war as a combined land. If the other land refused it would be the kings choice eaither to increase there relation. I am for this but there are three things to take into account. First this is a huge or monumental amount of coding. Two as Rheagar Targaryen has brought up there are bugs that could be abused at the current moment and the more complex systems you implement ussually more show up. (Just look at skyrims first patch and its backwards flying dragons however bugs can be fixed and disipline can be taken against those who use them.) Third and finally I dont take crdit for creating a perfect system I am just sketching out what I think and throwing in suggestions and a few tweaks. Also this is not to be taken as more then a grain of sand. I am not part of a land and have never been part of one so I am no exspert on the topic and dont claim to be.
  13. Well If I open up two browers and shut one down while in idel mode then bring it up in another browser I get this screen. The reason is actually likely linked to you using different browsers. Most browsers have a similar core code and clicking the little X button at the top doesent mean turn off it just means get rid of the window. Alot of browsers run in the background in order to be able to open and access things quicker.
  14. well maybe in the situation of alternative accounts doing so though it being monitered likely isnt a good idea. It sounds good in theory but if somebody names a place they should be willing to fight to keep that location theres. I would elminate alts being able to get the subtitle ability but other than that I think the system works fine.
  15. Most of us are rather friendly people hope you enjoy your stay.
  16. You cant really buy tokens alone thats why there are no offers.
  17. Ive been looking at the Reasearch and Connections for a while now and I see locked information. My question is am I supposed to unlock these by wrighting what these are or am I supposed to make additional contributions to the information clues suggested. I know a great deal of the things showen in the clues. I just dont want to waste my free 10 reasearch points if I dont know what im doing.
  18. hmm I have some gold and have an idea. Do i send an email, pm, or just post here. Also I would like sort of a referance sheet for what things may be worth.
  19. Its nice to see an actual at least in a very hazy way a concensus. [quote name='J-D' timestamp='1326590661' post='100834'] I think the laws of nature in MagicDuel are somewhat similar to those of real life, but only because people think that's the way it is. If the MagicDuel world is an expression of people's minds, then shouldn't its governing properties be decided by those people? [/quote] [quote name='Fyrd Argentus' timestamp='1326734447' post='100987'] The underlying laws of nature a dictated by interface hardware and software - very arcane stuff indeed -- plus the limitations of human beings and all the cultural baggage that goes with. [/quote] I think both Fryd Argentus and J-D hit the nail right on the head at what I was really exspecting would be the answer. That of course isn't to say that there is a correct answer just a hypothesised one. As my spell cheak fails and my clock turns over to 2 am I am going to say I still want to see more answers to compare them to what I already have. Good night and I have seen and understood the great social exsperement mur is letting us participate in. [quote name='Fyrd Argentus' timestamp='1326734447' post='100987'] The lesser players have a lesser ability to change the world and culture, creating "laws" and "customs" of a very different order. The social hierarchy is a grand experiment, monitored to an unknown degree by Mur. And he "plays" with us.... [/quote]
  20. When continuing to write my ethnography when I was representing the Univercity of Winnipeg (I am no longer) I came to something that I wanted to address but time constraints sort of removed my ability to do so. Now that I am no longer representing the U of W and I wont be constrained by time and I would like to write about it I feel inclined to ask. When simply observing it is hard for me to actually see this so I am simply going to rely on what you people say since it would take years of observation in order to actually figure this out. I am also going to ask that YOU DO NOT LOOK AT OTHER ANSWERS BEFORE YOU ANSWER (that is really important). So the question before I start to ramble and lose you intreset is this. Since the world of MD is a blank slate when the very first people entered the laws such as the law of gravity for example was layed out by you. So as an exstreme example that didnt nessarly have to be the case that gravity could have not existed when the first people entered. There is also magic in MD so what are the rules for magic. Could the be everything and anything or is the line drawn at if you die you cant bring them back thats the entire story basically. So the bottom line is this: What do you beleve are the basic laws of nature that are followed in MD and why do you think that? I have some ideas of my own but I want to see what kind of variations people have on these.
  21. [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1322337526' post='96633'] How are you going to keep track of those reliably anyways? I'm more thinking you will probably end up in statdmg very soon, and with no wp rewarded at all. It would be safer if you were to just hire a handful of people silently to do it. [/quote] He does have a good point. I mean all things considered the log can only hold what is it I think its like 14 entries that removes 1 every X amount of hours.
  22. Interesting. So you basically are finding a way for you to stay in the sanctuaries or are challenging people too. Well a wish-point is a reward worth getting so I am pulling out the weapons and putting aside honor.
  23. I would join but I have the unwanted burden of exams at that time. Good luck to whoever gets the SD. It will get allot harder to make friends. I really like this though. A actual back and white competition the HC may not be fair but I find it hard to find a major flaw in this logic..
  24. Don't you have to have sort of input to get an output on those?
  25. [quote name='Quashen' timestamp='1321984813' post='96419'] [b]Edit:[/b] Reinstalled ff I found the facemoods thing in IE, but I cant find it through addons or anywhere to remove it.... [/quote] In order to remove it you will have to go to add/remove programs or in vista uninstall or change a program. Find it in that list them click uninstall.
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