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  1. I will sell the highest bidder after there is no counter bid for three days.

    [color=#000000]ID:688417 [/color]
    [color=#000000]ID:752560 [/color]

  2. I'm fine with the current format and although I can read the cells I think it makes it a little less clear. though I do like the idea that I can see what type of creature is attacking instead of just a name. The colors are good but i would add the colors to the current fight log in order to highlight portions such as below.

    ###### START ROUND "1" ######
    [color=#0000ff]Applying temporary effects for Kamisha, slot 1 :[/color]
    [color=#0000ff]protect (round:2 protect: defence=105|from 132 to 237; )[/color]
    [color=#0000ff]Applying temporary effects for Kamisha, slot 3 :[/color]
    [color=#0000ff]protect (round:2 protect: defence=105|from 128 to 233; )[/color]
    [color=#0000ff]Applying temporary effects for Kamisha, slot 5 :[/color]
    [color=#0000ff]protect (round:2 protect: defence=105|from 135 to 240; )[/color]
    [color=#0000ff]Applying temporary effects for Kamisha, slot 6 :[/color]
    [color=#0000ff]protect (round:2 protect: defence=100|from 128 to 228; )[/color]
    [color=#0000ff]protect (round:2 protect: defence=100|from 228 to 328; )[/color]
    [color=#0000ff]Applying temporary effects for Kamisha, slot 2 :[/color]
    [color=#0000ff]protect (round:2 protect: defence=105|from 128 to 233; )[/color]
    [color=#0000ff]Applying temporary effects for AmberRune, slot 3 :[/color]
    [color=#0000ff]protect (round:2 protect: defence=85|from 10 to 95; )[/color]
    [color=#0000ff]Applying temporary effects for AmberRune, slot 5 :[/color]
    [color=#0000ff]protect (round:2 protect: defence=85|from 10 to 95; )[/color]
    [color=#0000ff]Applying temporary effects for AmberRune, slot 1 :[/color]
    [color=#0000ff]weaken (round:1 weaken: defence=-196|from 10 to -186; )[/color]
    [color=#0000ff]weaken (round:0 weaken: effect ended)[/color]
    [b][color=#ff0000]K[/color][color=#FF0000]amisha[/color][/b][color=#ff0000]'s [i]Alen[/i] does [i] energyburn[/i] to [i]weak[/i] creature(s) of [b]AmberRune[/b] and:[/color]
    [color=#ff0000] - [b]Unholy Pope[/b] receives [i]1055[/i] energy burn (attacking creature consumes 145 Ve and remains with 4397 Ve)[/color]
    [color=#ff0000]and remains with [i]1372[/i] vitality[/color]
    [color=#ffa500][b]Kamisha[/b]'s [i]Animated Tree III[/i] does [i] protect[/i] to [i]multirandom[/i] creature(s) of [b]Kamisha[/b] and:[/color]
    [color=#ffa500] - Protection effect: 105[/color]
    [color=#ffa500] - [b]Alen[/b] is protected by [b]Animated Tree III[/b] with defence, maintaining protection[/color]
    [color=#ffa500]protect (round:3 protect: defence=105|from 1492 to 1597; )[/color]
    [color=#ffa500]and remains with [i]4397[/i] vitality[/color]
    [color=#ffa500] - Protection effect: 105[/color]
    [color=#ffa500] - [b]Imperial Aramor Assassin[/b] is protected by [b]Animated Tree III[/b] with defence, maintaining protection[/color]
    [color=#ffa500]protect (round:3 protect: defence=105|from 237 to 342; )[/color]
    [color=#ffa500]and remains with [i]2966[/i] vitality[/color]
    [color=#ffa500] - Protection effect: 105[/color]
    [color=#ffa500] - [b]Winderwild[/b] is protected by [b]Animated Tree III[/b] with defence, maintaining protection[/color]
    [color=#ffa500]protect (round:3 protect: defence=105|from 240 to 345; )[/color]
    [color=#ffa500]and remains with [i]1878[/i] vitality[/color]
    [color=#ffa500] - Protection effect: 105[/color]
    [color=#ffa500] - [b]Imperial Aramor Warrior[/b] is protected by [b]Animated Tree III[/b] with defence, maintaining protection[/color]
    [color=#ffa500]protect (round:3 protect: defence=105|from 233 to 338; )[/color]
    [color=#ffa500]and remains with [i]2875[/i] vitality[/color]
    [color=#ff0000][b]Kamisha[/b]'s [i]Imperial Aramor Assassin[/i] does [i] damage[/i] to [i]weak[/i] creature(s) of [b]AmberRune[/b] and:[/color]
    [color=#ff0000] - [b]Unholy Pope[/b] receives [i]615[/i] damage[/color]
    [color=#ff0000]and remains with [i]757[/i] vitality[/color]
    [color=#ff0000][b]Kamisha[/b]'s [i]Imperial Aramor Warrior[/i] does [i] damage[/i] to [i]weak[/i] creature(s) of [b]AmberRune[/b] and:[/color]
    [color=#ff0000] - [b]Unholy Pope[/b] receives [i]948[/i] damage[/color]
    [color=#ff0000]creature DIES![/color]
    [color=#ff0000][b]Kamisha[/b]'s [i]Imperial Aramor Warrior[/i] does [i] damage[/i] to [i]weak[/i] creature(s) of [b]AmberRune[/b] and:[/color]
    [color=#ff0000] - [b]Walking Tree[/b] receives [i]752[/i] damage[/color]
    [color=#ff0000]and remains with [i]2042[/i] vitality[/color]
    [color=#ffa500][b]Kamisha[/b]'s [i]Winderwild[/i] does [i] weaken[/i] to [i]strong[/i] creature(s) of [b]AmberRune[/b] and:[/color]
    [color=#ffa500] - Weaken defence effect: -196[/color]
    [color=#ffa500] - maintains weaken on [b]Unholy Pope[/b][/color]
    [color=#ffa500]weaken (round:2 weaken: defence=-196|from 95 to -101; )[/color]
    [color=#ffa500]and remains with [i]1518[/i] vitality[/color]
    [color=#008000][b]AmberRune[/b]'s [i]Walking Tree[/i] does [i] regenerate[/i] to [i]multirandom[/i] creature(s) of [b]AmberRune[/b] and:[/color]
    [color=#008000] - Regeneration power: 34, regen. vitality: 889[/color]
    [color=#008000] - Maintaining regeneration, Walking Tree will regenerate next 2 rounds vitality[/color]
    [color=#008000]regenerate (round:3 regenerate: 889) and remains with 3504 vitality[/color]
    [color=#008000]and remains with [i]3504[/i] vitality[/color]
    [color=#808080] - [b]Unholy Pope[/b] doesn't need any regeneration for now[/color]
    [color=#808080]and remains with [i]1518[/i] vitality[/color]
    [color=#808080][b]AmberRune[/b]'s [i]Walking Tree[/i] cant find any enemy creatures to target, skipping turn[/color]
    [color=#ffa500][b]AmberRune[/b]'s [i]Unholy Pope[/i] does [i] protect[/i] to [i]dying[/i] creature(s) of [b]Kamisha[/b] and:[/color]
    [color=#ffa500] - Protection effect: 100[/color]
    [color=#ffa500] - [b]Animated Tree III[/b] is protected by [b]Unholy Pope[/b] with defence, maintaining protection[/color]
    [color=#ffa500]protect (round:3 protect: defence=100|from 328 to 428; )[/color]
    [color=#ffa500]and remains with [i]2453[/i] vitality[/color]

    Status Effects: [color=#ffa500]Orange[/color]
    Damage: [color=#ff0000] Red[/color]
    Heal: [color=#006400]Green[/color]
    Absance of change: [color=#808080]Grey[/color]
    Opening round: [color=#0000ff] Blue[/color]

    [color=#000000]The thing I do like the though is the matrix showing what the creature is as I said [/color][color=#ff0000][b]Kamisha[/b]'s [i]Alen[/i] [/color]for example gives you no information on what your fighting its just an arbitrary name.

  3. [quote name='Esmaralda' timestamp='1330452581' post='105424']
    I don't really see what the issue is here. As far as I can tell, he held a slave auction, and from the proceedings he gave half to all the slaves, and kept half for himself. That is a win-win situation. The slaves came in with nothing, and left with coin (and a leash around their neck ;). He also left with coin. I don't see what's so bad about this...

    The problem that people are attempting to submit is that only 50% of the gold and silver where traded and that leases where made. That being said the people with leashes where warned of the possibility of them being made. That much is clear and understood and thus do not have a case. However the holding of 50% of the gold and silver may actually have a case. Seigheart kept 50% of the silver which was not determined in the contract that he showed. However he didn't say that any of it will be kept to himself which is true.

    The thing is that law states that the agreement has to be understood by both sides. Since it is not stated in the contract the slaves could bring that issue to the courts. However the issuing of the leash you may not as the uncertainty was stated.

    Lone wolf pup however has a curious claim that he was not put up with his consent. However he consented before hand which means he was still contractually obligated because he agreed to the terms and the contract did not state any terms of withdrawal and a contract that does not state terms of withdrawal does not allow withdrawal without consent of the 1st and 2nd party.

  4. Yes it is a shared item. I think there are some people who have the dice as an item that returns to them due to being a games master or something. This person obviously doesn't but that isn't my problem since I am not hosting it. Thing is I wouldn't be able to promise a time that I would have a draw or even if we would have it that week since I wouldn't be able to promise I had possession of them.
    That being the case I am not going to even try start this my self. Besides it would cast me in a bad light.

  5. Now personally I wouldn't get involved in this since the universe in its infinite wisdom desires to screw me over every chance it gets. Though that being said I can attempt to make a suggestion that would get people involved. If I had access to the dice in game I would run it differently but I don't so I wont. I would fix this more up like a official lottery. First of all I would charge less because if you look at an average lottery tickets go fora few dollars or sometimes five depending on the type of lottery, country and the cost of living in said location. I would make the lottery between 1 and 2 silver because of the amount of silver in the realm. I would then put in the 15 silver or gold out of my own reserves as you have done as a starting prize. There is a reason why a jackpot starts at an estimated 3 to 5 million because it means they will win something if they do win. You then take the silver added to the lottery and maybe loosen up the odds just a bit in order to hit the jackpot.

    Now here are the two very important parts. First and foremost do not roll until the day of the event because you will want people to choose there numbers because people feel much more lucky when they have a choice. Second you allow the jackpot to increase week to week and you take 10% of the jackpot once it is won.

    What I have given you are the basic things that the Canadian lottery corporations do to keep them selves aloft and keep them earning money instead of losing it. In the long run it turns out better for the lottery corporation because the more people that invest the more money they make over all and the investments increase exponentially with each new one added. Sure one person walks away with 9 million dollars but every time that person wins you get 1 million and chances are that person will only every win the lottery once.

    The lottery is probably the largest house advantage yet in gambling.

  6. Im sort of cautious on the wish point idea. It may not be clear but I think that is um buying a wish point because you are putting 6sc in you although only possibly getting a wish point out. I think there was a game similar to this one that the wish point was controversial. I dont have the time to look but its somewhere in there. If somebody finds the post please post a link.

  7. I have said what I have to say and stand by that. I am not going to argue this anymore but don't take this as my defeat. If somebody else has something to add that they find a problem with please add. I have exams coming up and I don't have the time to restate my self.

  8. Regardless we are still looking at a very powerful item and that still stands. As your send to spells they are to particular positions on the map not everywhere. All the spells that cause people to be tugged around without restriction to that location are voluntary perhaps not at the time of summoning but a voluntary risk for joining that faction, alliance or soon to be if not already tag.
    The repercussions are still in effect regardless of my over sight.

  9. Yes one slave per week is a possibility but think of this in context. It is not the amount of slaves it is the possibility of being the target. If a person does not want to open them selves up as a target the only safe way to do that is to either option A stay online every hour until the item is used or option B remain offline till the item is used. I am totally fine with having an automated process but that being said the process should have to be agreed by both parties (I mean people in the past did sell them selves into slavery as a way to make money in order to survive for a given time look at Rome) and should be open to more people then just Necrovion citizens since what you are proposing is one of the most powerful items in MD and the first item to make items.

  10. Great we have another restricted item to the general public. I dislike the idea of being a slave which is why I didn't auction my self off. Also due to the low amount of people in the game think about how vacant the world would be if nobody wants to be a slave. If anybody in idle mode can be captured then the entire world turns into a ghost town. an integrated item may be a good idea but I would highly advise you to change your pitch and the repercussions before you make a second attempt.

  11. Every once and I while I get irritated with my self and start to wright. Alot of them go to a point but dont really have an ending but I think I have got one in mind. I am also attempting to challange my self by righting a first person female character. I have tried to wright female characters before from a third person view often from a first person male so this is somewhat new to me. There are some differences in chracter between a male and a female reaction so I am worried if the charcter first of all seems beleveable and second of all likeable. I am still working on a name so any suggestions would be helpful.

    This is simply a draft the prologue so its not much to go on but before I venture any fearther into the unknowen I need some feedback in order to stop me from running beside the train and actually jump on. I find it a little choppy here and rushed I will fix that when I have time to look it over more carefully.


    “What is this place why am I here.” where the only thoughts that echoed through my head when I awoke. I had yet to open my eyes but my last memory did not include the lapping of waves against a coastal land mass and the occasional rushing sound of a large wave. I opened my green eyes and saw a figure fairly close but still far enough away that I hadn’t been noticed. As my vision was still focusing as I stood up I called out. “Hey can you tell me where I am”. The figure turned to face me the expression was sad. Her eyes where green the hair was brunette and long and stopped just before the shoulders; she was slim but still showed intensity and strength of both character but also dynamic emotion. Without warning she spoke.
    “So this was your doing.” Her expression had changed from a sad expression to a cautious smile.
    “No” I wheeled around in place to face the other direction. “But I have to say I couldn’t have picked a better method the time and placement is almost well let’s say adequate but I think we both know it’s more than that.” The other voice was that of a man’s the entire figure of him was black hidden by the suns light behind him. I turned back to the women. “Hold on a tick. That’s me I said looking at the women. At least I think so…” I said quietly allowed. “If that’s me then who am I” I held up my hands to look at them inquisitively but all I was met with was nothing.
    The version of me that was still visible replied with a small laugh “Well isn’t that true enough right back where we started right where we need to be.”
    “That’s right” replied the man “I really wish we could have met under better circumstances.”
    “Well we both knew it would come to this”
    “Your right as always” The man pulled out a sharp knife. “Right as always” He repeated again softly.
    As he repeated it a second time my eyes opened. I was on the shore line that I had seen in what I guess must have been a dream and still I was wondering how I got there.

  12. [quote name='phantasm' timestamp='1328530461' post='103630']
    As an organizer of an event, doesn't Eon have public points like Grido and the Kings had? If enough complaints come in about an "unfair" leadership of the event, he should be docked a public point. Besides that there isn't much to be done besides blowing air around.

    Not nessarly becouse there nameisnt public points they are penalty points which are determined by murs judgment on different issues.Penalty points where docked on not public opinion but in the case that they did something wrong or failed to complete duties assigned. I even saw a fourm post put up by mur which if the kings didnt respond within 24 hours they would be docked a point. I am going to tell it straight, at the current moment there is no proof to support any claims which have been making there way into this conversation as there is no proof of specific victimization as I have already said and duxie eaither knowingly or unwittingly has agreed with.

    The basic point that Ican make is that for the current moment at least you dont fulfill any of the requirments in order to have a case. You cant supply mens rea becouse you have no proof that the intent was to hurt your chances. You also cant support actus rea becouse you cant show that you where directly victimized for any reason other than being in the wrong place.

    If you are there and Eon is there you should be exspecting an attack as an inevatbility unless you are fast on the mouse and have the user list refresh at the right time.

  13. [quote name='Udgard' timestamp='1328520361' post='103607']
    I guess the question is: is being able to take heads, but not scoring, count as "competing"?

    That is the accusation.
    Though however how I see it is that anybody who participates in the boss heads contest also has the ability to steal heads. That is all fair and good. There are the people that are in the normal heads contest who are shooting for the bounty as well and thats all fair and good apparently as well. Though eon gets in the midst and apparently there is a uproar about that. I really dont see it though to tell you the truth. While it is an organizer any normal person in the normal heads contest could interfear and swad the result anyway they want which is another reason why I see there is not much of a case.
    I also see no preticular reason to suspect that nadrolski or childofsoul were specific singled out and victimized and good luck proving that they where if thats there case.

    I just see the whole thing sketchy. I mean eon attacks almost indiscriminently and if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time your fair game. I just see eon being eon.

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