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  1. I know this topic is long dead so now that it is 1:00 am here I can circumvent my better judgement and post in a near dead topic. Any ways the worst thing about magic duel is incomplete features which projects toward mur as lack of focus. To defend that I can bring to attention Chapter 2 of the story quest has been under construction or to be continued since at least 2009. Trading between lands has been all but abolished due to lack of mechanisms that full fill those needs. Also alliances that don't have enough players to be actually still be considered an alliance by MD standards live on (you can let them die and replace them with new ones). Although I love this game as a whole and like mur as a person(I have RPed with him once or twice). There is a lack of completion which seems both unprofessional and unpolished.


    Please note I have read though this only a little bit mostly looking at murs comments as he seems to sum up the last flak attack so if this has been touched on before I am just here to enforce that. 

  2. I require a minor clarification, if I may; is that to say HC would go under both its own HC tag and the Event tag, or would it only go under the HC tag? And, if the later, would the omission of HC from the Event tag not potentially add confusion in that one'd otherwise also expect to find it under the aforementioned tag, and might deduce there was no one such a new announcement, as it was not found therein?


    The normal HC I think would also classify this as a system message. Although I think there should be a HC tag I wouldent make it a huge priority though. There needs to be one actually currently taking place to actually add any value. Though I would just put HC under the system tag. It falls in that area and the only thing that the system controls is regroup right now. When HC would become a relevant tag it would be rather near the top.

  3. Personally the way I see it although I am not a GG citizen (or of any location) the way I see it is that the tool is placed in a shared location for everybody to have the option to use it. Its actually directly in the name. A shared tool is supposed to be open to everybody. However in the case of land loyalty I understand that since it makes sure there are tools for that land. However if there is no land loyalty score it should remain open to the public not stored where only there citizens can access it. I think the reasoning behind a tool not requiring a land score is not to horde it but to keep it open to those who are of different lands.


    In case you didnt know, the rules havent been enforced for years.


    Well the enforcers where the MP3's/MP4's that choose to use it. Technically the rules anywhere are never formally enforced. The only enforcement was making an experience unpleasant for the people who violated the rules. So by the rules instated there if he is actually able to increase the popularity again he could have a group large enough in order to have enforcers.

  5. It seemed to work when I did it for mp3 only, I will try it again for both mp3 and mp4.


    I think you are failing to see the point here. The point is your idea has already been thought of many years before and addressed in a different location. Adding another location to address the same issue would cause confusion and would have 2 places operating at half capacity. If this where to pass (unlikely) you would actually be hurting what has already been built and organized in Marble Dale Park since it serves the EXACT same function.


    Please look at the Marble dale park sign post read the rules and tell me how this new location you are suggesting is different or how another one would aid people.

  6. Well the community garden has been actually been talked about and has been asked for, for an extended period of time. I think renaming it would be a slap in the face for the people who have been pushing for it for a while now. Currently there is actually a place for MP4's to gather for fights. Its in the marble dale park and somebody has actually taken time to subtitle it Sparring Grounds. It does require consent from both parties to fight but if people are looking to fight they would go there. The rules you can find on the sign post. at the entrance closest to where the gates would be.


    OMG! You nailed it!!! How could we have been sooo blind??? GGG is EXACTLY the reason why this game has no players. Omg! You're such an enlightener! Please be our captain.



    As for heads, defo no. Not now.


    Thanks for the sarcasm but I am going to go on record that I wanted the GGG to be dismantled and regardless of the hit that the game player base took it was something that had to be done.


    My ID is 3860 I know allot more than you think I do DST.

  8. Currently the realm is sort of dead and I don't think a heads contest at this time would restore the meaning of the competition which is not to hide and accumulate heads but to compete. When I won the heads contest for the first time (MP4) it was hard and I only made it to third. If this competition is going to go ahead I would change my vote to yes if I see at any point a accumulated 250 online players from today being the starting date.

    Once the GGG shut down player drop off was high. When the GGG was dismantled the people who buffed there stats there had not gained not enough experience in the outside world to create rituals which where effective against vets and quit.

  9. Now one of the things I did when I was basically analysing this game for a paper in university There where several things I touched on. One of these was heat and its influence in the game. Since then it has not changed much. Actually it is likely the only thing that has remained and likely will remain a static constant. Ok lets get started. There are three different types of heat in MD there is Unstable Heat, Stable Heat, and stored heat. Stored heat is the simplest to understand. When I creature fights (Win or lose) it gains or loses a heat value. Think of stored heat as experience which can increase or decrease dependent on the results of a battle (along with wins and other things(I could go into battle but that is a completely different animal)). Luckily stored heat is the easy to explain and anything I said on stored heat is completely independent of Unstable and Stable heat.


    Unstable heat and stable heat are completely separate. They are managed by the Elroin device in the top right corner. Unstable heat is gained by anything that is an action (anything that uses action points) which makes sense considering that organization balances to chaos. Any action that uses energy transfers potential or kinetic energy into a useless energy called Heat. When energy turns into heat inside our world it is lost into the universe as EMR (electo-magnetic Radiation). In the Magic Duel universe this goes through an intermediate step and gets captured (on the Elroin device) where it is more slowly released to the MD universe. We can also turn it into a stable energy by some sort of magical property of the Elroin Device to use later. It seems also through some magical means the more of it we have the more state increases we get per fight so to conclude this in a simple definition of what heat is in MD.


    Definition: Heat is a Bi-product of action.


    What you should actually define is what is the elrion device.

  10. [quote]Tagging

    The final change that is being planned is a revamp of the tag system. Currently the only people that can do universal tag and description changes are the council. We want tags to be more fluid and represent what you are more easily. Currently there are two main types of tag, one that is personal to yourself, describing your role, and a general one for summon spells. This change will allow people to have multiple tags and allow flash mobs of warriors to form and attack an enemy capital or skilled woodcutters to be able to harvest more resources through careful practice.[/quote]

    [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12010-development-focus-public-vote/"][u]Vote here[/u][/url]

  11. [Quote]Alliances

    Alliance takeovers have been rife as of late and have led us to look at a better system for determining alliance leaders. The current system is older than the fossils, and not designed for a time when someone can gain 10k loyalty a week (or a day!). This planned feature will reclassify alliances into particular types, where each will be under slightly different rules regarding leadership and takeovers. It will make alliance takeovers for some alliances impossible, specifically administrative alliances, but for some it wont change the system at all.

    With all of the above, a new wave of land diplomacy will be triggered with alliance takeovers, politics and bargaining.[/quote]

    [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12010-development-focus-public-vote/"][u]Vote here[/u][/url]

  12. [quote]Land Loyalty

    The recent implementation of Land Loyalty for shared items is part of a much larger change to do with the Land restructuring since the end of Kingship that you have been waiting for. You probably understood by now that it means shared items can only be collected by people who have been in the land for a period of time, but that these items can then be given to whoever they think should have them.

    This change is to get ready for some much more powerful items that will need a large amount of land loyalty to grab, this will ensure that only people who are very loyal to a land are able to take and use these items. These new powerful items shall be similar to the ones monarchs had, but will be much more flexible.


    These are a piece of work that has been promised by Mur ..."soon"... that we really wanted to get finished. Not only will this feature help The Treasure Keepers with their duties, but also other people with roles that require them storing a large amount of creatures or items that are kept for their role.

    Treasuries also offer a means to use the Torch Contest Score and BHC prize money to benefit the lands that win. Torch Contest score will be used to "buy" creatures, items and other abilities for a successful land via the treasury managers.


    Currently lands are unable to promote citizens. This is a major problem as citizens are the lifeblood of a land, not to mention more technical issues. Citizens will be able to join a land by applying at a capital, and being voted in by their peers. You control your land, if you don't care, you don't have to go and vote. This leads to no central authority approving applications as before, and the whole land gets a chance to cast their individual votes. You control your land, not one person who is deemed to know the lands interest. Voting will be weighted based on your land loyalty score and as an applicant you will have to reach a certain percentage of the total land loyalty of all the current citizens in order to be admitted.[/quote]

    [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12010-development-focus-public-vote/"][u]Vote Here[/u][/url]

  13. [quote name='AmberRune' timestamp='1330884197' post='105868']
    The council trusts everyone with a public role to do their job
    correctly and well. Therefore, we trust Siegheart to not steal
    creatures or use funds for his own personal gain. However, if anyone
    feels there is any occurrence of wrong-doing then they are free to
    contact us regarding it. Bear in mind when responding to this topic or
    contacting us, as he has stated: His auction was conducted in an
    unofficial capacity as a player of Magic Duel, not as head of the TKs.

    If you wish to provide further evidence on this please email us, but
    as it stands there will be no trial.


    council sent in there response if there is to be anymore evidence it should be sent to them. Public opinion has no more baring and evidence is not going to be looked over if posted here. If council confirms a trial go ahead re-open it but any additional comments are just going to be used to incite a response which I am sure will be less than polite.

  14. Nobody is going to go for the penalty nadrolski because protector and adept are very different things. A adept is supposed to be nothing more than a mentor program with some additional benefits where protectors are actually supposed to support there worshipers. I think a penalty of any kind would be a bad idea. If you choose to be an adept of nobody and you lose % loyalty you would also need to apply it to changing who you are an adept of since that is the same degree of betrayal.

  15. I fail to see the appeal here. you are going to be storing byproducts which you can withdraw from you when we please. So the problems I see are these first of all these items regardless of how many you have take up one slot in your inventory since they stack. Regardless there is no determinable limit of how many different items you have so what is the point of using you as a safety deposit box.
    Farther more I would have to be online at the same time as you in order to make a withdrawal on those items or make a deposit. And finally I have to pay you in order to hold onto them.
    Currently all I see is a loss on the person who banks and a win on your side. You also have the right to cancel the service at any time without refunding them. You technically cant even make this a contractual agreement because there is no real benefit to the other side where contract has to have both sides benefit (unless there is a wax drop or red sticker on the page).
    I personally at least from what I can see this is nothing more than a scam.

  16. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1331851343' post='106666'].
    I was reading your reasons and i was like "wtf, these are my reasons to leave!" ..lol.. lucky you

    Well mur is in denial i guess that's worth something. So we might see bartering soon enough. :))
    In either case you where the first person to actually make me willing to try out role playing instead of being just a simple grinder.
    Maybe you will show up again who knows. Hope you get better.

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