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  1. Its just if there is one thing that breaks a game for new users it is bugs, spelling mistakes and occasionally (though I still see allot of Spanish speakers in English servers) language barriers. MD currently matches two of those criteria. The bugs I speak of has a pretty comprehensive list in the bugs thread so I wont list them all here and also spelling in some locations (though it has improved over the years) is not all that great. I'm not going to bother trying to help on this aspect because although I edit some of my friends writing I am more than guilty of using Google as a potential dictionary or plug the entire document into a reading program to find problems.


    The biggest lesson that I have learned so far has been from a small little known game called "Prison Architect" where they devote one month every few months of building features to looking through there bug data base fixing as many bugs as possible. To be fair they have a team of five developers and this is there day job but it makes a game in constant development manageable and the bug database doesn't just become a huge mess and the game is actually rather polished.


    My final thought is this. When A25 is launched move forward a step and devote a stage to fixes. Then the next major feature you implement could be stage 15. A stage or new release should mark a step forward. Moving forward without a huge or major change to mark it sends the message that you are done with something and it wont be worked on any more.

  2. I think that alot of the bugs brought about in stage 12 should be fixed. There has also been alot of talk about rebuilding how the combat system works and rituals. I think stage 12 should end with some polishing then stage 13 we can move to a big rebuild.

  3. So I am wondering what the lore root laws say on secession. Does he name an heir does LR go through another election process? I also wonder is the Title documents will still be signed by him or someone else? I also wonder if the titles he has requested are still in place considering that when a governing body is changed so is there cabinet? This is not the first time there has been succession but its the first time there have been a succession without a clear successor such as in necrovion (Jester vs. Peace).

  4. I will confirm this for the first time. I think that bushie should be deactivated for the time being until the bug is fixed. If this truly the second time its happen I don't think we can right it off as a glitch any more.

  5. I am just wondering as I have been looking through the forums that the fact of Inner circle magic has not actually been talked about (or perhaps its been a very long time since it has last been mentioned). I was just looking at my spells [I didn't remember the cast words I set since I don't use them nearly as often as I used to (because roleplay has dropped off)] and I still see the principle box and the inner circle magic greyed out. This was a feature thought about since conception though little work has been done on it.


    Of course this is not all I am going to go into. If its already been implemented I apologize and this can be closed however if it has not I think a construction should be made in order to think about how this feature could be implemented but in true MD style before we construct it we should de-construct it.


    The first thing we have to work out is what is outer circle magic and how is inner circle magic different. If outer circle magic is a memory transposed and manifested in the physical/spirit world then what is inner circle magic. It isn't a memory and it comes from something more ingrained them memory and is supposedly shaped from your principles.


    So we actually have to go one more step back and ask what are principles. 


    I'm interested to hear your theories and I have some of my own to offer but its 2:00am and my mind is not in the right place to construct complex thoughts so I will be coming back to this tommorow (or rather much later today) in order to offer my own incites and thoughts.


    I think this might actually be a lengthy and interesting thought process during the deconstruction phase even if it doesn't actually get anything implemented.


    P.S. Please only start with what are principles and try not to jump ahead. In order to keep peoples minds open and not swayed one direction or the other doing a complete deconstruction can simplify the process. The inner circle may not seem complex at first glance but there is allot more to it then you may think.

  6. Emulators are rather basic and all work the same why by making the computer think its something its not. However how each emulator makes the computer think a little differently. I would start by bringing down your firewall and virus protection (if you got it from a trusted source of course). If that fails I need a little bit more information. For example which emulator your using. I used to use emulators but its been a while so somebody else would likely be more qualified then me for anything that comes after project 64..

  7. Personally what I am seeing is more people want structure. I am not sure 100% what this post is asking for but from skimming through the odd posts from people I know or have a large quantity of posts I can be about 63% sure of what your asking for.


    So what I see currently is the veteran players are saying they want to return to RPC roles or basically a very structured, hard coded and carefully monitored system. Although I am a slave to nostalgia like most people I like to write my thoughts out on paper since it lets me glance past the Vail of my emotions (yes when you read my posts you are entering the chaos of my mind at work). Though I think the abolishment of RPC's during the festival of pain was a step in the right direction with a somewhat unexpected result. My personal thoughts on magic duel have never been that this is a game. You often see me silent but that is not just because I am inactive (I attack people in the location) but I observe more than anything. See in my mind magic duel is more of a twisted sociological experiment and it really is when you look at it closely. A bunch of faceless people come from there own respective wooden boxes (random sample) and are dropped in a blank slated world that they have to construct for them selves what it is.


    Now from a game play perspective I understand the need for RPC's and strict structure. Though I think RPC's where done away with since in a real world the only roles which are controlled are peoples jobs where peoples sociological roles are not controlled. It may be if mur is willing to have 2 different role types. The first being what we have currently unregulated sociological roles and in turn also have regulated roles or people with a job in order to complete it. Basically people that are under the jurisdiction of mur or a king which have an actual job to do. These roles would be judges, secretaries, and event organizers.


    So I think mur should be a active but limited active god and when required a coder. The wookie seems quite on top of it at the moment (if you are not in a rush for new features and balancing like me).

  8. I don't think it is cross system compatible.The console versions have some differences from the PC versions which make it off limits across those systems and Play Station and Microsoft will never work together (well willingly at least).

  9. Thanks for the birthday wishes I would have liked to have responded sooner but I was transferred to Health Sciences Centre on the seventh and had an empynema [the closest spelling I can conjure] on my left lung drained on the eighth and just got home three days ago. I've been in hospital for the last two weeks. I will also take this opportunity to say that I will likely be relatively inactive during my recovery.


    I actually have video explaining farther on my youtube channel as to why I wont be posting videos for the next few months if you want to look into if farther.


    P.S. I know this likely sounds very cynical but its not intended to come across that way.

  10. Water tends to be rather valuable currently in the MD world. So following the next regroup I would like to try to collect water. Since I cant find any that do not have a land loyalty requirement or a skill level that eludes my ability to obtain unless I already have water I need to ask somebody to obtain one for my temporary usage. I willing to make some sort of trade what I currently  am willing to trade is:

    8 Toxic plants
    14 Tea leaves
    13 Unidentified plants
    8 Aromatic herbs


    Silver coin (35)


    This is what I have and am offering but that does not mean that I will take a trade that I deem unfair. This is open to all people who have the equipment I require.


    Also if you plan to charge me it is important to understand that I must receive the equipment immediately after the regroup not the next day or halfway through the week the day of within 5 hours of the regroup. Failing to follow this requirement imminently voids any agreement of the trade

    Also the only things I am looking for is a water bucket for 1 week and perhaps renewing in the future. I will be taking the agreement that I find the most beneficial to me and will be checking once every 24 hours and posting the offer I will be taking if any at that time. I would also like to mention I have never once completely depleted any source of herbs (intentionally) during the time I had been harvesting.


    Current Accepted Offer:




  11. Although I am responding to this I want to make it clear that my stance is still the same as my earlier post.


    Going off of Princ's idea, only allow people to see the general consensus of votes on any one post until they've voted up, down, or null. (Similar to forum polls) 


    It seems most people aren't worried about what an individual post is rated as but what there total rating is so when we look at those profiles (I really have to ask who has time enough to care) directly people can feel happy that they have a green little number there. So truthfully it really seems like the actual important things who sees the final number and I wonder how you plan to police that.


    Truthfully if this is really all this important to people and you cant get over it I would just say do away with the system completely. I looked at other forums that this site hosts and it seems like most forums have no rating system. Its not needed as I said earlier is just a damn useless number with no actual mechanics attached.

  12. I would do absolutely nothing about Neg rep.  ;)


    I actually have to agree with lash on this one. We don't need to dwell on a system which has no real impact on a persons play experience. If you are actually hurt by a negative reputation score you are obviously too sheltered. I have face to face rejection and shrugged it off and I have to wonder why a bunch of peoples digital avatars actually seems more harmful to people.

    I often look at things from a detached point of view and this makes me unpopular and I am willing to take the negative reputation for that.


    My final point of view is the Wookie can do what ever he wants to do with it but I see regulating it in anyway is not really necessary for such a trivial system.

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