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  1. I'm not sure if votes are still being taken, if so, here are mine. Dark Demon - Return of the Children of the Eclipse - 10 points Mya Celestia - Summon Spell - 9 points Peace - Bottle of Perfume - 8 points Shadowseeker - Crimson Cross Amulet - 7 points Pipstickz - Ability to give Spell Doc - 6 points Grido - Land Loyalty - 5 points POE - DST Repellent - 4 points Seighcart - Vet Medal made into Gold - 3 points DST - Mineral Water Tool - 2 points Esmaralda - Summon Lady Moon - 1 point
  2. Hello Mur, Just wanted to let you know my email address is now working. Apparently it was shut down, but I have reactivated it as of now. Thanks so much for giving us this gift. Mystic [email="mrebello69@hotmail.com"]mrebello69@hotmail.com[/email]
  3. Happy birthday PO! How interesting we share the same birthday.
  4. Thank you! I'm kind of shocked anyone noticed. I'll have to think of a good wish...
  5. *hugs* I know RL can pull at you. I've been going through the same myself. You know I love ya and I hope the leave from MD is only temporary. Mysti needs her Ammo damn it! Good luck with everything hon. xoxoxo
  6. Happy Birthday Sebastian! I hope you are having a great day!
  7. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!
  8. Happy Birthday hon! :drinks:
  9. *smiles wickedly and begins to count her coins* :diablo:
  10. As you already know, I am very sad to hear this. Do what you need to. I hope that you will return, not only because you're my friend, but I truly believe you are an asset to this game. Much love, Mysti
  11. Happy Birthday Mur! :drinks: :clapping: :yahoo: I hope you have a great day!
  12. As a member of The Children of the Eclipse, I am sworn to protect Loreroot. I also wish to learn her secrets and ask that you will consider me for this journey. Dark Mystic Priestess of the Hidden Moon
  13. :friends: Happy Birthday Je! :clapping: :yahoo:
  14. It was a wonderful time. A memory I shall cherish always!
  15. I would like to attend the ceremony. Dark Mystic
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