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  1. Kadrim is ready to help and my spear is as sharp as always. I will be glad to help. I am the Watchmaker of MD world. I need to understand time by itself and all the rules that it is complying. I am wise, but i look for perfection. Strong ally in those dangerous time. New tasks that i am trying too look for will help me and all the others around to polish their souls and keep perfecting their beings. I will look for other people in the group back and take care for not taking too much time in the situations we don't have time to spare. I am not the greatest fighter so don't give me position like that. I am the one that looks for others and is able to heal simple wounds. Specialist in time manipulation. I love to feel time threads between my fingers and to wave it the way it helps others. Kadrim
  2. What is legal but illogical? What is logic but illegal? and what is neither legal nor logic? it is just one item/situation!!
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