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  1. Greetings all, I'm a returned player. My problem is that my memory is VERY bad (I had to search for a list of browser based games to find this, because I forgot what it was called). My question would be, in your opinions, would it be better to continue my old character, or create a new one so I have the advantage of hearing the tutorial again, and knowing what I have done so far? Thanks for the help!! -Gigi
  2. Hiya all! :drinks: Hungarian greetings: To equals: Helló (variations: Halló, Hali, Halihó) Szia (variations: Szió, Szasz, Szióka) Szervusz/Szerbusz (variations: Szasz) Üdvözöllek (Variations: Üdv) Jó regelt/napot/estét kívánok (Variations: Jónapot, Szépnapot, Szép jóregelt! Basically a "Good day") Among kids: Csá (variations to this include Ciao, Csöcs, Csövi, Csuma. There are several more which don't come to mind right now) Mizujs (more of a "What's up". Variations: Mizu, Mi ujság, Mi a helyzet, Mi a pálya) (Szervusz/Szerbusz and Üdvözöllek might also fit into this catagory as mock formality) Formal: Isten hozott! Csókolom (Variations: Kezit csókolom, Kezeit csókolom. Very formal, only said to teachers and respected elders. Basically means "I kiss (you/your hands)" ) (Jó regelt/napot/estét kívánok also belongs to this catagory in a way) *cough* That's a lot of greetings. Hehe ^^ Sorry, guess I went a bit overboard! :drinks:
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