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  1. Is that list a final decision? Because I hoped to be able to participate in this newspaper...
  2. I was reading the Alliance forums, and thought about the poor mp3's who suffer because of those mp3 alliance members attacking them. I think that they should increase the number of heads that will make you prone to being attacked in sanctuaries. By this, I mean that instead of 7+heads, make it maybe 10 or 15+heads. I agree with the opinion of others about the heads contest occuring too oftenly. Maybe 2-4 months gap? Maybe the players could be limited to fight only those who have this certain XP. Like you attack people who have around 200k xp if you are 200k xp, and so on. That way, the weak will be against the weak, the strong against the strong. Probably not for mp3's, because the XP cap is small, maybe 0-50k, 51k-100k,etc? I'm just pouring out all my opinions on the heads contest here, and on Mur's part, maybe he's having a hard time making all these adjustments? Let's be a little considerate. I look at the whole paragraph, then read the last sentences.... I sound so sarcastic...
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