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  1. :diablo: Hi all...Some rambaling here to bother you all....And its 2 cents not 3.... :offtopic: You guys are kinda getting away from this issue it seems though...maybe i am wrong... This was originally to be given by staff members playing a role in game. If you interact with them, following along with their story, and following along with your story, you get reward. Perhaps this should be changed to a time basis. Acting along a said path over the event; an hour, or day, or whole event. Making notes on them in their log, or your private one. And if they continue to act accordly. They get the reward. If they act outside of their role with you, then no reward. They can act diffrent with diffrent npc, but keeping in a said role. For the trickster, to play the role of a shapeshifting trickster,(i can shapeshift too, and conjure stuff)you follow a said same role with them, hopfuly ending in some calamity effecting their story, negative or positive as it maybe. Since you can change shape they wont reconize you or blah blah blah.....just PM them before they say something. Or hope they read the open log before saying something to you. 8) Can a god godmod... 8) How many of you follow the principles you picked???Cause if you don't follow them then are you not in character... For what stormrunner was saying about complex characters this should help along those lines..i think
  2. :lazy: Why not take this in a way of Risk. :diablo: Each player on both sides picks a role; healer, attacker, defender, etc. you can keep the MP numbers and use them as Generals, Captains, Grunts,etc. Higher the rank the more creatues u get, lower the less. Then they can pick extra things from the illusion like attack, or defense, or VE, or initative, or etc.... Attackers of course attack, then they woudl retreat to healers to gain VE back. Perhaps if you can find a way to Join people together so they can form an army of 2-6 and attack outposts being defended, which in turn can have others combine with them. or something idk.... OR perhaps the Higher ranks just have stronger creatures, and if a way is found to combine several people together into one army...someway..it would liven up the game. It would involve strategy, balance of healers attackers and defenders. 8) And some luck....or what i call dice rolls... 8)
  3. :diablo: how do u force certain people to move the way chess pieces move...or does that not matter..Knight, queen, castle, bishop, etc, and pawns attack. But maybe this doesn't matter they way you are describing the game. And you are removing the idea of pawns can kill higher up people, bishop etc. Checkers might be the way you want to go. Ever heard of a game called Parchisi..now if you can recreate this...lol Its a great game..And you might be able to recreate it with better accuracy, as well as no one every really gets knocked out indefinently so...But can you create movement based on dice or a counter? 8) just my 2 cents 8)
  4. I see this is spread out onto many diffrent sections, but it would be nice if in one instead...helps the imagination and also sparks it. If you do post in here please post what Region, if any is required, and the diffrent stages. I have no problem if you revisit and change them again later, infact its encouraged. I also encourage people to post same creatures, with slight diffrences. I have no problem with this but it must be diffrent, and also must have attributes of the region it is from, can't be dead and from loreroot and etc...If no region is posted i take its from the basic paths that can be taken by all players..These creatures can be given other regional changes...it makes it fun PLEASE IF YOU DO POST: please don't only post suggestions and or praises. I have no problem if you do but please also post a creature. Even if only a beginning, can also be tweaked later. I don't want this to become 50 pages in a month..... If you have pictures fantastic, infact if you make pictures of other peoples creatures great, but please give them credit for the idea, as well as posting ur creature on same msg...You can also mail them ur praises if that is all you want to do :diablo: Lol just had a great idea and decided to edit..Please post Region, Stages, and if aplicable, Principles that affect it. If a creature could be changed based off of strongest principles or a series of them what would it be...Thought this would inspire a whole new series of creature types.... B) Have fun B) [size=5]..[b]Please follow these rules...and Thanks[/b][/size]
  5. Fantastic...I liked the winged Warrior, each feather looks great, you must have a great scanner..and the ring has great details..personally i draw weps...i might start posting after seeing those.. 8)
  6. TheGreatWarMage


    thanks for the complement and the answere about wishpoints ...well the game will eventually even out ...then anything can be done ..future idea perhaps idk.. also perhaps a system of rewards as well...More quests u are [b]involved[/b]in(as in you don't even need to get them right..well perhaps a few) you get a count and eventually get some low prize. i felt like posting that since some quests are hard...The Black, the white....i don't get what needs to be done or solved..... perhaps a prize of a suggestion(resonable) to be made....or it can be made to be reasonable...(vp increase, a game skill, creature creation, or get name placed onto a creature....)I would love TheGreatWarMage to be the name of a strong creature...TheGreatWarMage casts XXXX...
  7. unfair not to answere mine.... [spoiler]Saturn is ur name....for the moons are your minions, and ur rings shine. For your name sake is to guide over the harvest and fields.[/spoiler] Also for one of ur earlier questions..Take the friend on the bike...Because u never said if opposite sex or same so...opposite it is and if best friend then you must like them a lot anyways..only some other reason that is now solved for ur love...their lover is dead most likely, and they were a jackass anyways and they hated each other...Ya me....
  8. TheGreatWarMage


    Principle increase, depending on the nature of the quest, so only certain people will want to do certain quests? This can play a major role in RPing. Could you create special items, swords, armor,etc...This can play serveral roles, to get a set you complete a certain type of quest(s), and its also like a medal. It will make people feel special if only a certain number of them were given and etc... Maybe create a potion that gives you the option to give exp to a creature. This can range in size then from the servarity of the quest. Unforently i am new and have no idea what wish points are..and i couldn't find it on forums, please msg me with answere.
  9. Maybe we should put what MP we are incase it's diffrent and to save you time for the search...Mine didn't work...neither did my vp and ve..also i picked assassin and Tainted but TheGreatWarMage name still shows up but others don't...oh..okay so you must put all points into it to gain...???cause now i got all monsters...hmmm
  10. Garrason 3 Illusion no works either..also i can sacrifice creatures..at least it says i can..didn't do cause i want my creatures.... but also i can't access them on page...think that was said but extra is the sacrifice and garrason 3...(name of monster probable wrong...i suck at spelling)
  11. Hello All... Some of the principles overlap others, like time could go hand in hand with creation, destruction, perception. Darkness could be destruction and creation could be light. I liked the principles of Connection and Solitude but those coudl go hand in hand with Balance and cyclicity, and solitude is...Solitude can work.. But it would only be helpfull in the stronger forms of some principles like element, light, and...i guess that is it from what i can see. Energy is principle of Element's fifth element possiblity, lol even void could be the fifth. Space, or void could be a form of Darkness or even more likly a form of imagination. How can NOTHING actually exsist...Even though darkness says to not be mistaken for void or evil, it can still be these, all i see is it shouldn't be limited to these. but only bits and pieces fall into each of these catagories. and with enough thought, things could fit into place. Principle of Mathematics, with refining could be good, maybe Principle of Science perhaps. *facts not thoughts. *physical not phychological. *it goes hand in hand with everything yet also tears them down. (we are currently heading in this direction in real life) How about the Principle of Principles Er, maybe this is similar to Connection i don't know... Its wide yet vague..Good-evil, truth-lying, Phylosophy like, or morality based...i don't know it has a wide connection...Opposites, simularities, pick a connection... What about a Virus Principle Destroy, create, kill, survive, spread. Somethign along the lines of Biological..????idk
  12. Hello all. Newcomer With an Imagination... Thanatopic could the answere be [spoiler]love[/spoiler] corny as it may seem, it could fit... Here is one for you I am used everyday. Most things don't have me. The ones who have me don't acknowldge me. But, life without me would become difficult. [spoiler]Their is usually 4 of me around.[/spoiler](only uncover if it is too difficult...) 8) What am I. 8)
  13. update on findings....nada Anyone with ANY informative information on above topics please msg me in game or post here. Thanks and Hope To Find YOU In Game..........
  14. Hello... Well now that that is done with to the main reason i posted. I am looking for some intro help to the game. Anyone willing to help me plz msg me in game for quicker responses or you can msg here as well. Willing to become adept if i feel you can help me and continue helping as well. Game name is same as this name. Also if anyone is MP7 i think it is, could u explain to me what Worship Protector is and discuss it. [b]For the Adept Postion[/b] Current topic I am trying to understand are RPC characters and their functions along with Outer words and how to gain them. 8) Thanks for any responses! 8)
  15. TheGreatWarMage ID:102550 Would love to join in on the fun.
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