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  1. you don't die for people you love, you survive for them.
  2. yea i was thinking about the problem with laser not reaching long distances through water, but if you just used a rope that doesnt float instead of it than the fact that is sinks proves nothing so it hadf me thinking for Quite a while until i finnaly found a better solution (still more theoretical than practical but i've always been a man of theory). you use a "rope" that has the exact same density as sea water :D that way it neither floats nor sinks, it just kinda hangs around in the middle of the water. of course as you go deeper water gets a bit more dense so the rope would eventually bend over a deeper layer of water but that doesn't really matter. as long as one rope stays on the surface and the other starts to slowly "cut" into the water, sinking deeper and deeper you have proven that the surface is curved (though not necessarly spherical it could be an oblate (or whatever Junior called it)).
  3. the sun moves the same for all people - it's all about perspective. if you are on the equator (on one of the equinoxes) the sun goes directly over your head at noon. if you go north you see that at highest point the sun points south (that's something you should be well aware of - it's basic orientation) so during the day you see the sun going from east (which is on your left if you're facing south) upwards and to the right until at noon it points to south (in front of you) and then it goes back down while still moving right until it sets in the west (on your right). if you're on the south hemisphere the sun still rises in the east and sets on the west but at noon it points to north instead of south. so if you were on south hemisphere facing south (the same direction as before) the sun would still move from left to right - but it would go "behind your back". if you want to see it at noon you have to turn north and this turn (change of perspective) makes you see the sun moving in the "wrong" direction. you could make a model (a globe and a disc) and a lightbulb on a Wheel around it. then stick needles in it track their shadows (if shadow moves from right to left it means that a man standing in that spot would see the sun going from left to right). try out both models then move to diferent locations around earth to check if sun and shadows movement matches what your models suggests. to make it cheaper you could have people you trust report those findings so you don't have to visit too many locations yourself. the model that fits reallyty better wins :D you can also try out many other different models just for fun. as for the other idea it is something i came up with on the spot while reading about spherical triangles (learned a few thing about those in college which helped spark the idea). p.s. sorry for the wall of text, i got i little carried away when i noticed there was a wp involved :P
  4. how about you have two large boats connected with a rope that floats on the surface of the water so it bends (if the earth really is curved) and at the same time "connect" the boats with a laserbeam that goes straight from one boat to the other. if the surface of the sea is curved then the laser Will go underwater (kinda like a tunnel). you can then use smaller boats and submarines to check the distance between the rope and the laserbeam on different points and see exactly what kind of a curve it is. unless of course you're sugesting that laserbeams aren't straight lines but are instead curved themselves. in that case all you need to do is measure how long the rope is and how long the laserbeam is and the one that is longer has to be the curved one. or at least that one is curved more than the other one. might be a bit costly to try it though :D also on a flat earth with the center in north pole - how would you explain the fact that when you pass a certain point (around equator) the sun sudenly moves from right to left instead of from left to right? that was something early explorers noticed when they were sailing south along the african shore and for a long time noone believed them.
  5. http://www.windows2universe.org/citizen_science/myw/w2u_eratosthenes_calc_earth_size.html not only did the greeks prove that earth was spherical, they even calculated how big it is :)
  6. what if it needs exploring points only the first time you upgrade a certain creature type to certain level (kinda like with scenes). would seem pretty reasonable to me
  7. as a note 1/5 (or 2/5 or 3/5 or 4/5) fits just as nicely into x gold as 1/3 (or 2/3).
  8. 1. name: powle 2. ID: 41864 3. duration: 3 months 4. reasons for me being a good slave: i'm loyal. and i can edit clickies :D 5. limitations: some of my creatures and most of my items stay with me. 6. percentage you want to donate to TK: 40% (you can call me weird but 2/5 just feels like a much nicer number than 1/3) 7. minimum bid: the standard 5sc is fine
  9. I'm going to London tomorrow for a short vacation so you won't be seeing me ingame for about a week, though i'll try to still visit the forums regurarly so if anyone needs anything from me send a forum pm. p.s. if anyone that lives in London (or somewhere near) and wants to meet in RL send a forum pm :D
  10. i could do Facebook, but i don't have a twitter account so another person would have to do that.
  11. well since they are little less ancient than grido's i'd say somewhere between 1gc and 2gc for each would be a reasonable price. maybe something like 1gc 5sc, how does that sound to you?
  12. i have barren soul 221313 and 221466 if you are interested.
  13. https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/3583 sadly you can only wait and hope
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