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  1. yey! managed to escape from Golemus finally we're not LOST anymore
  2. [quote name='colector3000' post='20589' date='Nov 22 2008, 05:06 PM']logged off during the loreroot illusion and I can't log back on because I don't know what E-mail I used. Is there any way the bug will be fixed?[/quote] I logged off in the Golemus illusion,, and it says invalid user when i tried to log back in ((( need help :| --zepharea ID:94960
  3. [center][b]zepharea ID:94960 [/b][/center]
  4. OMG am i too late?? it's the House of Tainted Times at Necrovion is it? here's the pic... :> so..Bootes needs to go there?!.. go Bootes! ;D [img]http://i400.photobucket.com/albums/pp85/kaisha_87/magicduel.jpg[/img]
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