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  1. when chad uploads his drawings here in the forum (the market section) when i click on those photos it gets SO BIG that it doesn't just fit the screen but it is bigger than the screen so i need to scroll down and to the side to look for the close button to close that drawing. if no one is getting what i mean, its cool no worries. i like flexible since when it fits our screen size we can see the picture in detail, if its static then sometimes it turns out to be too small and we can't see the clear details of the picture.
  2. yes i have been here for almost a year. and i didn't know posting alot meant spam. like you say spam means off topic but my warning was given because i made 7 posts in 5 minutes.. i am really sure all of those seven posts were on topic for i was very careful not to say anything stupid or unrelated due to chewett telling me to be careful. so i am sure all those 7 posts were on topic
  3. even i have a widescreen but this flexible thing you saying doesnt work properly because the image size gets so big.. that i will have to scroll the page down to see the full picture and to see the close button. can't you make it so that the picture fits exactly to our screen we have?
  4. at last my aim of been the first at something has been achieved lol (dam i was so close to getting 666 posts ) but i am so happy i got a rusty haha EDIT: could you also reset my rep points to zero?
  5. omg nice peace we can customize our page like that? or you just photo shopped it hehe EDIT: edited the last bit since i think its spoiler not sure... why take chances
  6. err seriously i didn't know it was one month old O_O ... since it said this topic had a new post. well my bad i should have checked the date on the last post. you can delete this post and the one above.
  7. how about those pilars of harmony since its clickable maybe it can take you to a place no one knows.
  8. wow are people that jobless to do stuff like that O_O edit to observer: what i was saying was.. people who ask answers on yahoo answers suck.. so what i wrote on top is like insulting the person who made that account. you can delete this post if u want.. i learnt a long time back.. its quality not the quantity of the posts.
  9. maybe it could be that she didn't see this thread for some time and forgot and now she accidentally saw it
  10. 2. PM means personal message 4. MD is means magic duel, a browser game to some.. while for others its life
  11. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5569-for-those-that-want-to-be-honest/ go to this topic and post the extra principle you have
  12. its a really good idea.. i like it.. but who will take care if a book of ancients is created?
  13. omg nice work asryn. congrats to the winners
  14. happy birthday man.. and i hope all your good dreams come true.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4LTepURVYM
  16. you can just choose all messages and say read later...
  17. hehe at last found a good topic with so much fun inside to read yeah.. thank you dst and every1 else for making this topic so fun
  18. nice drawing you got there... why not try for the artist group.

  19. Death Bell


    wow where is this? looks like a nice area.
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