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  1. LOL leucretia i am sure Mur would have tried to dye his hair RED... but the failed attempt caused it to turn to white
  2. hehe wats with mur and cats O_O
  3. lol i second grido awesum pic, who took it?
  5. lol Dark ANYWHO nice pic.
  6. Death Bell

    My Family

    When are your daughter going to play magic duel hehe
  7. LOL they took your bikini pic to keep it for them selves :P haha omg i laughed so much i almost cried.. bad mods.. they need to learn to share :P

  8. hmmmi i knew dream about MD or any of the stuff you people said... does that mean i am not addicted or am i special
  9. sorry cow.. so that means from now on who ever gets the first hit wins O_O of course only if u have those awesum tokens.. and the darksky token how many token sets must we finish to come to it?
  10. dst what do u mean by test account?
  11. LOL sorry for the mistake... if i knew you were mur's wife i wouldn't have suggested smuggling you to the vacation spot you wanted to go and get u married to a girl... :P hehe my bad :D plz dont tell mur

  12. right before you go out to the shop to buy some stuff for your mom.. you think whether you have enough action points to make the trip back home from shop. When you get a pet.. first thing you ask your parents.. how long does it take to upgrade him
  13. holy cow 3mil damage O_O .. yeah if some1 can post up the ghost ritual log mp3 players like me can try and figure it out, unless the only way to figure it out is by fighting it,
  14. guys.. i am happy to say i solved the technique between dst ultimate grasan and yes without any'1 help that is. all by myself Sorry for bragging.. i know alot of you already figured it out way before me
  15. hehe.. yeah death note rocks :D so does naruto

  16. Guys and guls no pressure, you don't have to leave a comment or rate me. i will be happy if you enjoyed yourself while you were viewing my profile.

  17. haha.. hope i can have a happy life.. and rated you 5 star. just because u sound kind and mostly because you read manga and watch anime :P

  18. holy cow.. how did you guys get the VE to such high places????? heads contest won 1st place = 10k VE solved tiles in MDA puzzle = 5k VE bought VE perm with credits = 6300 and this is only if you have full luck. Still it doesnt add up to how you guys can get to 50k ve and this guy above says he got 70k ve right
  19. well.. i thought grasan can only attack when there are 2 or more creatures on the enemy side.. what must i do to get this knowledge from your hands to mine PS: i knw this doesnt come there, but i want to clarify sumthing. some people are saying the more wins u have the more stats it gives when scarificing some say its exp. but what i want to knw is when u say stats is it the attack and defence stats hehe after posting this only i got a idea how ur grasan was so strong. i can take a guess if you want. just to get confirmation for if my guess is correct you might not want others to see
  20. dst, were u only using a grasan? if so, what would have u done if one creature was left alive then your grasan cant attack and then i wanted to knw how come it did so much damage did ur grasan or being in mp5 gives u special abilities?
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