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    Soltis got a reaction from John Constantine in Ban Jesusmustdie   
    [quote name='Jonn' post='19920' date='Nov 15 2008, 12:33 PM']Jesusmustdie has been banned!, anyone in need of an explanation why he's banned?[/quote]
    Eh heh. While I don't mind attempting to pronounce numbers in people's names as part of them (while RPing even), there are lines you don't cross. Is there anything inherently bad about a letter or word? No, but a name like that will cause nothing but destruction in the game world and it's perfectly fine in my book to throw him out on his ass for pulling a stunt like that.

    Heck, even in WoW they do it. I tell this one all the time- there was once an undead player character named "Popejohnpaul." Guess how long that one took?
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