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  1. I got stuck one too many times at The Stairs to the Champions Challenge. I was usually able to resolve this issue by switching to FireFox, but not this time. I'm basically stuck with no chance to move back or go forward. This is what I see in Opera browser... [url="http://i41.tinypic.com/ejaryg.jpg"]Opera SS[/url] and in FireFox [url="http://i44.tinypic.com/w7o7mh.jpg"]Firefox SS[/url] Any help would be much appreciated. If you cannot come up with some long term solution for this problem, I would be OK with relocating my character. Maybe sending it to Wind Sanctuary or someething like that. Thanks in advance. Cheers!
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    [quote name='MRnegative6' post='20230' date='Nov 18 2008, 08:06 PM']no no no problem...just a few seconds of indescribable suffering to type in abit more... I could not allow this to happen to me again after the 2nd time...it was too much, it left me sweating and almost half dead...so i used my head. I added the profile page of myself in my favorites:) Now i dont need to really do anything:) Perfect....*drools while day dreaming*[/quote] Like I said its a small utility, just to make playing game more comfortable. Its not even a big deal as far as coding is concerned. Your method is something i will never use. Oh and you can stop roleplaying, we're on a f***ing forum for christ's sake... It's embarrassing.
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    [quote name='Chewett' post='20166' date='Nov 17 2008, 11:34 PM']firstly i must say hello deeliriyum a fellow opera user.[/quote] :clapping: :good: I know that you can do it by typing the name. Its just sbout the manner you do it... Typing a name into a link window is so... not-game-ish I also like to play MD sometimes in Full Screen mode to get the feeling im IN the game. So i have to hit F11 key every time i want to see other players profile. It not much... Just a small utility to make life easier for those players who hate typing (myself included). Its very annoying when you mistype the name and have to retype it.
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    Is it viable to make [url="http://i36.tinypic.com/11h9eh3.jpg"]name[/url] a link to a [url="http://i35.tinypic.com/2gw4xtz.jpg"]profile page[/url]? Oh and can we get that set up ritual button any time soon? Its frustrating when im trying to make one and someone comes and annihilates my poor creatures in seconds. Result: no ritual, no Vitality, no creatures.
  5. [quote name='Frosty' post='18838' date='Oct 24 2008, 07:57 PM']But I like being able just to skip to the result!! Especially when all the flash seams to freeze up and takes ages just to cycle through one round because its taking forever on each thing, leaving me extreamly vulnerable if im somewhere popular.[/quote] That means battle system is a bit buggy and needs some tweaking. Making player invulnerable to attacks during combat would decrease your popularity [quote]Branching has already been suggested, but the huge amount of artwork it would entail (not to mention how confusing it would be to tell what is what at the higher levels) has pretty much ruled that out[/quote] You dont need new artwork the way i see it. If the creatures look the same they would still have tactical advantage and only during fights will you reveal development line of your creatures. [quote]As for changing during the battle? NO NO NO Once the battle has begin its begun, there is all the suspense of wanting to know if your ritual will hold up, whether you put enough vit into it, or too much (there was no way you could have beten him, now look how long you have to wait to regain the vit!, ohh im such an idiot). But it would also change one of the key parts of the game, which is learning which creatures work best on which of their ability's. If you can change them then there is no point.[/quote] Changing? Sorry but what do you mean by that? The creatures that are bound by ritual are those that will be involved in a fight. You suffer the consequences of your own actions. [quote]Position of creatures wouldnt work either, it would limit the types of rits you could have if creature X only works when in positions Y. Because there not really proper as you would consider units of war, and are not bound by the rules of human warfare.[/quote] Hmmm maybe i should have clarified my idea further. If the creature is in the middle of your front line it will be able to hit all three tagets. creatures to the left and right have access only to 2 targets. o o o |/\| /\| o o o this is accessibility pattern i had in mind for melee creatures. [quote]But then again my opinion only - Manu might like some of your suggestions. I suggest you put some of them up in a poll.[/quote] eh... never dont that... would be greatful if someone could do that for me I know this is browserbased game and they usually dont involve downloading but i have seen some games that have beutiful 3d graphics and are playable in your browser. The game is called Fallen Legions or something like that but im not fan of fps games. The only thing it requires is installing some small add-on. Maybe something like that would make most of these things possible. Seeing a fine job Manu did with his team so far i say IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!
  6. I know that fight require great deal of strategy and choosing a right combo of creatures is more likely to bring a victory, but why dont we take this to a totally different level? Here goes... 1. Make fights turn based where you can actually control your creatures during fights. Every player should have like 5-10 seconds to make his move. If you get attacked by other player you would get a pop-up window where you can choose between manual fight and auto-defend. If the player is idle auto combat will be always turned on. This would give a chance to players who have slightly weaker creatures to defeat their opponents by using in-fight tactics. Now i know what you're probably thinking right now... "OMG but the fights could last for hours" With the current damage and HP ratio they would. Increasing dmg and\or lowering creatures' HP could fix that problem. What i dont like about current combat system is that i can attack someone, close the window, refresh the page and see the result. It just kills all the joy of the battle. "If you close combat window you loose baby!" would be my rule. With turn based system you would learn to apprecaite every battle you win and ultimately you'll become true master of tactical combat! 2. Make players that are in combat invulnerable to third player's attacks. They would get pop-up "Player is already egaged in combat! Get in line damn it!" 3. Creature development. Creatures now have a linear development. Would it be possble to make them branch as they lvl? Examples (barren soul) when it reaches lvl 2 you would get to choose between strong single target heal and small 6 target heal. (heretic archer) strong single target dmg or arrow shower all 6 units for a smaller amount of dmg. (grasan) 6 units weaken defence or Earthquake 6 units stun or something like that. This will bring variety of fighting combinations and possible outcomes. It would also give a sence of uniqueness to your creature combo. 4. Reaching target. When i started playing MD i was very careful about position of my creatures, only to find out later that every creature can hit any target. If the creature is a melee it should hit only adjecent units, archers\ranged creatures could hit both front line and background units etc etc. <- yet another tactical issue to think about. 5. BRING YOUR AVATAR INTO THE FIGHT! <-- nuff said. 6. Give us a button so we can create our rituals in safezones. Its really annoying when you go out just for a few seconds to set up your ritual and ppl eat you alive. Instead of creating ritual you enter safezone in a bad mood, with 0 HP and all creatures dead. Well thats about it. I know some of these things are next to impossible but the forum section says New Ideas so there ya go. If is any of my ideas accidentally similar or identical to someone else's, take my sincere apologies.
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