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  2. In my opinion, that trading system could have a voting function (similar to this forum's vote up or down function) which would help people in ranking each other (by offers they have for each other). This info shows how much good or bad offers someone gives generally. It's just an idea, further details can be added to it. --- Oh, and it could be a 1-5 ranking instead of simply voting up/down.
  3. I have some little ideas in connection with this weather-effect thing... [quote name='Prince Marvolo' timestamp='1291740756' post='74761'] I also think weather should be able to influence actual gameplay, otherwise, it's just a picture in the trigger box, and mostly ignored. Which makes it rather, dull. As I said in the topic about 'season signatures' (or something like that) it would be nice too to have 'constant weather', With month X more sunny, and month Y more rainy I have no idea if that is code-able though. [/quote] [quote name='Prince Marvolo' timestamp='1291813753' post='74853'] -Every weather pattern has it's 'good' an 'bad' points Rain can slow you down (a bit, don't go in extremes like movelock etc :/) but it might refresh water beeings, while lessen the power of a fire elemental. Storm could cause arrows of LR archers to be less affective, and birds would be less effective, but it won't affect the heavy grassan in a wayn which would make it more effective compared to other creatures, for example. -Ofcourse, it just won't affect indoors. -The "wetness" factor, is not something I like. Just don't make it all too complicated. -Every land another weather pattern seems ok to me, but maybe it's a little bit too much. you can go from LR to MB in 10 seconds, and having another weather pattern there just makes things weird. When you walk out of your town, the weather is not going to change either, does it? -As for 'seasons': they can't be RL based, it's too stretched. (and remember the Earth has 2 sides, so with which one would it be corresponding?). Maybe each month, I think that'd be a good timelength. [/quote] [quote name='Luke27' timestamp='1299673332' post='80434'] I like the idea but no. Why? Because spells can be abused and what if 2 people want different weather? One snowing the other raining? Which one would be applied? I'd suggest it would be controlled by kings/RPC/[color="#ff0000"]Mur[/color] because it would turn to chaos if more than 1 person want to change the weather. [/quote] So, to start with, I would prefer this whole weather system to run automatically and randomly - but also allowing people to change it in some cases. If someone can change weather by spell, he/she could do it. But his/her spell would be active for only a limited period of time or in a limited times, so others could have the same chances to change weather as well. (Sorry, I don't know much about spells, so please let me know if there's already any kind of limitation to those spells - e.g. active for an hour or can be used once a day, etc...) A year could be the basic period, and X percent of days would be sunny, Y would be cloudy or rainy. There could be a chance for some transitions like partly cloudy/sunny with some clouds. In a period around MD Christmas would be cool days when snow falls. In the summer period there would be less number of rainy days, but a lot of very hot days. Most importantly, only extreme conditions (with similar chances like transitions) like heavy rain, heavy snow, strong winds, temperature too low or high should have the certain effects. These effects can be various, anyway, involving VE, AP, (EP) or even VP stats somehow... e.g under snow rarely will you find coins by luck, I suppose. As it was said by many: effects should be inactive at indoor scenes. I agree with this. Besides being community places, pubs/inns could gain more and more popularity or rather importance by having positive effects on people giving compensation to those negative effects caused by weather conditions mentioned above. e.g. by visiting them, we should get a - maybe, about 5 mins - protection against "weather penalties". Or a bit faster regen time or bigger values of regen would be good, too. As a mulled wine or brandy in cold winter, and a cold beer or spritzer in hot summer... just like a godsend And finally, that small pic of actual MD weather should appear on the welcome scene - I mean, that window which appears right after login and shows you calendar events and daily stat gifts. --- I think, it's a problem that everyone sees (almost?) the opposite of what the others see by looking out a window. "Someone sees the sun up high while someone else sees nothing, but dark clouds." It happened to me recently, so that's real. It leads to misunderstandings... anyway, I simply said my eyes played some tricks on me
  4. Prince Lewas

    Crit history

    Good idea. Infos like: - the time of getting the crit, - its lvl up, - having token, and - time of being transferred could be added to this crit history thing.
  5. [quote name='Raine Castaway' timestamp='1306504484' post='85244'] I know how you all feel. A few people and I are trying to keep our little role playing group active, but more people are becoming inactive and stopping role playing. And some people just hate us. [/quote] I think, everything that matters can be found in this reply... shows the main problems what have caused that undesirable difference in RP, and in the community at all. --- We should not judge the others, telling our opinions or feelings on whether his/her role is good or not - simply we can't, it's relative. We are here only to form ideas, make suggestions and talk about... not someone's role exactly, but about all of us, the whole MD people - so, RP in general. Better not to RP just for yourself and to simply enjoy it. RP for & with the others as well. [b][i]Not just act your role, but live it [/i][/b]
  6. [quote name='keida' timestamp='1306432877' post='85169'] From NewPower The role playing. I cannot get the validation code to reply ,anyway, [b]what about when players are mp3 they can be divided in small groups[/b], a group with 3 players. Its like a family, they can be divided when they reach mp5 and they can tell also spoilers to each other. [b]I mean, if the game creates a council, which chooses the name of the "family" which depends by the name of the players like: Dark magician , ghost and " Crazy wizard" The name of this family is "sinister magicians" so they get a role in the first day of playing[/b], it makes the game much more interesting, and the name of the family appear on the profile. The game could tell they a "little " secret about the realm, that depends by the name of the players, family ,ect. I dont know, but this seems interesting and MAKES the game more interesting. What do you thing, I will work more on this. [/quote] Sounds interesting... I would try this out. Anyway, it's a bit similar to the citizenship system, isn't it? [quote name='Maebius' timestamp='1306433557' post='85172'] I'll try to encourage it at the Pub (currently Wind's Sanctuary). If an actual 'Scene' is developed, so much the better, though I would recommend it be a sub-scene (perhaps like the inside of the Aramory, or Capital Weaponshop, etc?), as adding new full scenes is probably against Mur's plan for the map and coordinates. Not sure if it becomes popular or not how such "Roleplayed Pub" would clash with teh RP Reality requirement if it goes "Moderate" or such... but it's also something to consider... After all, Bob Bloomed, why not a Pub opens! I've never been to the 'bedroom' that requires keys to enter, so unsure how that works mechanics-wise, but may be a similar option for a Pub? [/quote] I agree with this sub-scene idea. Yeah, why not? A beer or flask in hand to enter? [color=purple]EDIT BUTTTON!! - Grido[/color]
  7. All in all, no god-mod, no predefined classes (now these are secondary topics here) Only the same various, but so fantastic role-playing community as it was once ago... in my first times here, I remember it well. Since I've returned to MD after months - I can feel a difference... so, bringing the community together in many other ways, that's the point mainly, I suppose. And... erm, Windy, a pub is just always welcome to me. I mean, you'll have my support as a frequenter
  8. [quote name='keida' timestamp='1306428221' post='85148'] Not only that, but i think the Role Playing community should come together in this!!! To bring role playing back together the RIGHT way. [/quote] That's it. I think MD's best point is the odd way of role playing it has. I mean, the freedom of choosing and forming your own character. Here, using your real personalities, you can freely fulfill your dreams... we NEED it
  9. I see... fully understood your opinion. It was just an idea. Thanks for the reply [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1304952007' post='84247'] Your suggest has been made before, but since there is already the wishpoint item "locate" then the idea of being able to see where your buddies are has been regarded as something that would make the wishpoint item much more worthless. [/quote]
  10. [quote name='samon' timestamp='1304934378' post='84238'] There already is a friends list in the shop, and you can get a locate spell for a wishpoint. [/quote] Maybe, my sentences have confused you. sorry for that - now corrected. Well I know there is a buddy-list. My idea is about making it possible to know where my friend is without wishpoints or any other things... Anyway wishpoint and spell is something of a rarity for most people, I suppose.
  11. I would be happy with this. Fruits should be there on some of the MD places. You click on them and get a little amount of Vital Energy and/or Action Point... and, of course, refreshes daily - so could be used once a day. I think it would be interesting and useful, especially for not so much experienced players. Another idea: When mouse goes over a name in the buddy-list, a simple yellowish text bubble should appear with the name of the place he or she is at the moment. Thank you in advance.
  12. Prince Lewas


    interesting, odd vision. has a great impression on me.
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    like this pic so much
  14. I gave to Rayth the Pimped Grasan that Dst gave to me, plus 1 Silver Coin - just because he was idle at Berserker's Way
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