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  1. We all know We can sac the creatures from the MD shop but if we do can we get a replacement the idea is that if we could then people would be buying even more from the MD shop thusly helping the game more Also with the new Rustgold Drachorn being released this thought came to mind. Could there be a premium paid to bypass getting through 50 very valuable power-ups so they are not all wasted in a rush to get the New Creat? this could be done by setting a short cut where you could buy it now (if unlocked) for anywhere from 2 to say 20 creds anyway this again is my 2c Kragel The Metal Mage
  2. i too would like to have the language toned down some in the mock command i was shocked when i used it because i know some kids play here too and i would not want to say things like that to a kid
  3. i would like to see the guys who have had the other similar ideas get together and brainstorm and make one post where they accumulate all the ideas i also think the easiest way which would still take a lot of coding would be to have some kind of growth tree where at certain points say you attacked too many people that give you high -honor then you have a creature refuse to fight for you til you get honor back or other things and if you don it makes a choice in its growth tree lvl1..........................(Creat) ................................./.....\ lvl2..........................o........x ............................./..\...../..\ lvl3.......................o....x.o....x and so forth tho i think this would need to be done only with newly obtained creats as the ones who have already gone through the growth would be unchangeable that's my 2c Kragel The Metal Mage
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    Gifting Credits

    that's right its already tomorrow over there in Romania thanks for the Happy B day wishes dst
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    Gifting Credits

    Personally i have never been a fan of multi accounts but they are a part of this game at least for now so i would suggest for credit gifting it could not be done with other accounts you have you can not give yourself credits .. this might not seem fair to some but i think it makes since and helps people to develop one stronger main profile they will play to be stronger in the game also i don't think your multi accounts should be able to adept to your main or worship your main again just My 2 c Kragel The Metal Mage
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    Gifting Credits

    I have Been ask by one of my adepts how someone could buy credits as a gift for someone in the game as i have looked and can not see any way to make this happen so far i would like to request that it could be added 2 ways that this could be done with little coding would be a: have a box when buying credits that has the players name in it and it could be changed to any other player name for the purpose of making the (gift) b: make a button in the MD shop that says something to the effect of "Give the Gift of Support" where in the player could click on the button and then choose the amount they wish to gift and the person the gift is for the reason this would be good for the game is it lets people with extra resources help those who they would like to help or those who perhaps cant afford to support but would like to access the MD items this allows added support for the games bandwidth and growth again this is my 2 c Kragel The Metal Mage
  7. [quote name='chewett' post='11002' date='Jul 11 2008, 12:22 PM']battles are easy and do not actually mesure how the creatures have progressed. you could have gained them all through losses[/quote] one could suggest that there were 3 branches of the tree of growth depending on the number of won and lost battles all wins or mostly wins would grow the creature into one thing balanced win/lose could be a second and mostly loses could be the third ... then from there 3 more as the creature would continue to grow but you have to think about this still being alpha and the many many lines of programing this involves ..... not to mention all the new artwork it would intell but i do like the idea my 2c Kragel The Metal Mage
  8. thanks much for the support and replies yes in many ways this would work as an extra form of armour but in some things i could even see much like the legends of the Kris (a small wavy bladed sword or dagger made with an uneven number of curves... it is said that these weapons would rattle in their sheaths to warn of danger and some would even leap forth and fight for their masters) as far as the jewelry idea goes [i]i make what many would consider magical or protective RUNE jewelry in real life[/i] and would very much like to carry that over into the game as my RPC develops . i think the idea of having them attached to principles is kinda the way to go maybe even having certain ones boost some principles and as far as magical help on quests and such goes think of a lets say dragon tattoo that you have that has a keen since watches your back but also can since when you might want to take a closer look somewhere perhaps it would burn your flesh some to make you think to look at something again or maybe the tattoo of protection would allow you to preform some kind of defense by seeing the rit you are being attacked with ? i have many many more ideas and i am more than willing to help develop them but being new in the game i want to see what people think of the ideas i have .... in closing think of the tattoos as undergarments maybe you have your armour on but under that you also have further protection or for those with a barbarian spirit perhaps the tattoos would allow them a more fierce look by battling with less clothing (armour) thanks Kragel The Metal Mage
  9. ID=100657 so i was close to being the 100000th one which would be 101000 since the counting started with 1000 unless you take manu's #1 account from that which would make the 100000 account really 100999
  10. wonderful news i can not wait to see what secrets reveal themselves before our very eyes
  11. i did not see any mention of anything like this anywhere so far so if there is please forgive the repeat of topic ... also if there are ideas for something like this in the works and i have in any way spoiled it just remove the post but anyway what i was thinking is that it would be interesting to have some tattoos that players could obtain these would work in much the same way as armours do but could have other principle properties to them as well some could be runic in nature others tribal and so forth perhaps some could be defensive spells that when seen[i](read)[/i] by the attacking player would [b][i]activate[/i][/b] others could be hidden under armour as to add [i]unseen[/i] bonus protection or damage and such and still others could be for enlightenment perhaps they would [b][i]activate when[/i][/b] you are working on clues for a [b]quest, riddle or puzzle[/b] this is my 2c worth for now let me know what you think Kragel The Metal Mage
  12. and what happens still further when you take say 2 of the modified creatures and merge and modify them ?
  13. just posting a quick hello to everyone i am enjoying the game and want to thank those who have helped me thus far also for the other new people coming in if you need any help just ask thanks Kragel the Metal Mage
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