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  1. [quote name='King Manu' post='3984' date='Nov 23 2007, 05:51 AM']sort of, but more its like they are ways to express your spiritual energy. Like the energy is your voice and the creatures are the words you speak. You can train them, improve them, and make them more powerfull.

    I have a probelm with the word sacrifice at the sacrifice altar, i cant find something more suitable.
    Its not that you sacrifice them like 'slaughter' its more like you turn them back to you and 'asimilate' their acumulated knowledge and energy, turning them into permanent stats. This is not sacrifice but i cant find a better word for it.

    The "fenth press" is good there, as it represents a material way of handling imaterial stuff. You turn your creatures into energy egs then you crush them ..thats the process of sacrificeing them.[/quote]

    so in a since the creatures are like dreams or summoned spirits ? manifestations of parts of our minds and we can control them like we control waking dreams like in dream walking ...

    and for a word that would work for sacrifice .... maybe

    something offered to a god<offered an immolation of her hair to placate the god>

    so immolate might be better cause it does not sound like you are slaughtering something

  2. [quote name='Ren' post='18811' date='Oct 23 2008, 03:44 PM']Considering the Totem once more...what could have happened in the past to need such a weapon? Surely they wouldn't have randomly created a defense weapon without something they were actually trying to defend against? (See, right here is where if you know the exact answer to this question, you stop talking and see what sort of things people speculate. :P They might even hit the right answer, but without confirmation they might walk right by it and create more giggles for you and me. :P[/quote]

    well this is funny because there are sorted clues all over the question is which ones are there for real and which ones are merely there to mess with our heads

    like the boot by the armory

    the mask too for that matter and the metallic head in lore looks like part of a very large robot could any of these things be related to the weapons could they be what the weapons were used to defend against ?

    sadly we do not know all the answers yet or maybe this is not sad at all but something to drive us to all find out the truth ...

    this has been my 2 c

    The Metal Mage

  3. yes just a simple button you can click on that says to buy a gift of credits for someone click >here<

    then you click and it says please enter the exact name of the player you wise to buy credits for

    you enter XXxYX or maybe the name and uid 001234

    then the amount from 5 to 100 credits and click ok

    then confirm the name and or name and uid and =@ BOOM =@ there ya go
    instant credits for anyone you wish your adept the guy or gal you are crushing or the new player who impressed you with something whatever the case may be

    and Thank you Shoeps for the support

    well Thank everyone for the support in this :yahoo:

  4. [quote name='Je Suis Oeufs Fous' post='20039' date='Nov 16 2008, 01:50 PM']I fully support this idea. Alas, I even joined solely to show my support for this idea. I think it would be a wonderful thing if you could give credits as gifts to your friends, or those less fortunate. I'm a big giver, especially this time of the year, and it's definitely something [b]I would love to see before Christmas time roles around.

    [b]GREAT IDEA!!![/b] Eggos if this could be done in time for the holidays i think a lot of people would embrace it! :yahoo:

    Maybe Murtaus and Shoeps can give us their feedback on the topic :clapping::))

  5. [quote name='dst' post='19592' date='Nov 8 2008, 02:14 AM']@Kragel: Having 3 or 4 avis? Are you insane? There are so few avatars and sooo many players...why take take the other's chance of having one?[/quote]

    all im saying is if you have an avy and buy a new one you should not have to give the old one up i mean it is yours too right and as someone who is willing to draw avys im all fo making more all the time i just have to get them turned in :rolleyes::)

  6. Personally i like how the AL is going some times just like in real life you will get more information and some times less but i like where its heading and look forward to seeing it grow into something even better

    that's just my 2c

    The Metal Mage

  7. ok so Bob's Full name has been discovered at last

    Robert (Bob) Steven Sageheart III


    a very special Tree we all know this but who knows that kind of tree he is ?

    was his daddy a big redwood who saw a nice ash on a passing birch?

    or is he something more...

    because of his mysterious background and no one really knowing the kind of tree he is i say the flowers and the fruit could be consumed for some effects

    also Ambrosia would be a good suggestion i guess if we can not come up with something maybe MD specific lets get some names for the flowers and fruit

    again this has been my 2c

    The Metal Mage

  8. [12:16] Kragel: why is the tree on the wall called Bob ? and is there something planed for it ?
    [12:16] Raven: on the wall?
    [12:16] Kragel: the wall of necro
    [12:17] Kragel: the one where Z guards all the time
    [12:17] Raven: ahhh someone started to call him that way and his Bob now ^_^
    [12:18] Kragel: i see
    [12:18] Kragel: it would be interesting for Mur to play with it by letting it bloom and even grow some lol
    [12:19] Kragel: maybe it could hold some special fruit that if you can get it does something cool
    [12:19] Raven: hehe
    [12:20] Kragel: even worse have it be roomered to help something but because so many of the roots of the tree are in necro soil there is a say 50 / 50 chance of getting helped or hurt with the fruit lol
    [12:21] Raven: lol
    [12:21] Kragel: like the fruit judges your soul and if you are worthy of its aid you get it if not you get punished for thinking you are good enough to partake
    [12:21] Raven: you should post ur ideas on forum :angry:
    [12:22] Kragel: i know but i also dont want them just used up i want some credit for them lol
    [12:22] Raven: looooooool

    so this is my newest ideal let me know what you think

    my 2c

    The Metal Mage

  9. while sitting in the Marble Dale Dojo and watching a argument over where an attack happened

    it occurred to me that maybe it would be a good idea to have a stamp in the attack log

    saying so-in-so attacked you from (this place)

    this could help in many ways when someone is coming into a dojo location and thinks they were attacked there with out the attacker asking

    again this is
    my 2c

    The Metal Mage
    (dojo staff in training)

  10. saying that actions have consequences is not making a threat

    and i want .Shoeps and Clayx to contact me as i am in a dream mode that i want to know if it is real

    IF STF and .Morpheus. are the same person then trapping me in a dream mode for 72 hours is a severe abuse of power

    one thing is for sure as a MP5 you may be stronger than most in the game STF but you are not stronger than all and i have the massages you sent we will splay them all out right here and show who was making threats saying they can do what they want
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