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    Gifting Credits

    simple bump this idea had a lot of support before and since we cant transfer credits anymore through shoeps maybe some more love could get mur to take a closer look at it since it would allow others to support the game by using credits as rewards and gifts
  2. [quote name='Dark' post='25821' date='Feb 22 2009, 12:21 PM']Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.[/quote] this goes with more than just tech for example if i rub a couple of stones together and create electricity(lightning) is this magic ? or a greater understanding of the properties of the stones than most have ..... or .... is that greater understanding the magic ... people have often argued magic and weather is is good or evil and people have done the same with many secrets through out time.... think back to the dark ages when the "church" took over and burned anything they did not understand were the sciences and information in those materials magic or a higher understanding of natures workings ... example if we were to go back in time say 2000 years and we mixed up some simple black powder would we be practicing magic ? anyone from the time we were in would believe we were even if we tried to explain it to them if they could not honestly understand or worse if only a few could understand then what .... those few would be "witches" too then too think of things that are being uncovered all the time showing they ancient men know far more then we once thought anyway this is my 2c Kragel The Metal Mage
  3. if this is done right there would be [b]no god modding[/b] of any items available and yes along with the items needed i could see certain things that would be created needing WP as well this would keep these items down so not everyone would have them ... but if someone wants a mundane item and they have quested about to find the items they need and there are no bonuses for principles or stats going to the item the let it be and enjoy the roleplay if it ... and burns ... a jeweler(goldsmith) is not a second rate role nor is blacksmith or some of the others you mentioned when talking about the so called good roles ... a beggar if the part is played right is a great role and can add tons to a game ... every single role people tend to take to if played right can add to the whole THE IDEA what im thinking is people who will have power to make items would have an interface like the illusion interface where we have a set number of points and a list of things we can use on the items like the principles and stats as boosters and we have say 20 points maybe more or less that we can distribute for said created items ..... that being said these items can be further boosted or decreased by mur or shoeps [i](note: there would also be a cap possible on stats and principle boosts so no item would have more than say 10 of anyone thing)[/i] special items that were made with WP for example could be bound to a player so they could not be stolen .... and i have a further idea which is on my papers for cursing items too this would go more in the lines of decreasing stats on items even to the point they could give negative stats also as far as taking items this was covered in the main post under thieves and clerics also im thinking we can give things to locations for people to find like the rpc click items assign the item to it so it is unlocked with the right word
  4. here is a short list of some items that could be used for the new inventory system and how some of them could be used . Creature parts this can include skins, hides , bones, teeth, eyes , hair, and many other items ( i have used many of these kinds of things in making armour, weapons and jewelry for people in roleplaying quests already also some trees should be able to be harvested fruits off of them and even twigs and limbs these can be used in potions, or making bows, arrows, staffs, and many other things for constructing (ie the new expansion build outs for the MDA) and some of you know a garden has been in the plans for a while for this i would suggest seeds as an inventory item as well these could later be planted and much like creatures age the plants would age and be able to be collected by the one who planted them for tradeable items as well also some items should be usable as in using part of an item (ie i have a silver bar and will be making some items out of it when i am done with it there would be no silver bar left only the items or the items and a lesser amount of silver left) if you have other ideas on items that can be used in this New and very exciting Inventory items system please list them here this also gives a rise for possible new roles people could take on like mining hunting, and gardening Added: thief if some items could be stolen ... also priest or clerics could bless and or bind some items that could not be stolen or would return to the owner if stolen ... feel free to list these ideas here as well anyway this has been my 2c :good: Thank You Kragel The Metal Mage
  5. count me in one never knows where new things may be found to forge and create Kragel The Metal Mage
  6. we all seem to know we are in a dome ... we are seeing the sun ? or is it something that is set in the top of the dome and could we use the pillars to some how disrupt this false sun thus turning it off ? allowing the natural movements of the real sun and moon to be seen we have noticed some movement in the sun of late .........could the dome its self not be a dome ? could it be some sphere that its self rotates around the realm ? ponder these things added also there is one dome no one has mentioned that i have seen what of the champions dome does it play a role ? i think of the universe in a vastly larger universe thought with this what if the champions dome is a smaller version of what we are in already ? much like a certain tent .... that some have seen inside this is my 2c Kragel The Metal Mage
  7. the exra elorin devices and added friends has any had problems with not getting them or just me and my alt... if 6 is still max cool on the heat but on my lvl 3 i did not get a 3rd or anything on the friends list
  8. Kragel

    start point

    When people are beginning several have said they are clicking start as MP3 and they are showing up on GG as MP2. Is this a glitch or is everyone starting as MP2 now ?
  9. 2 im having him see if it will correct its self once his illusion cools down and he starts a new one
  10. *From: Lord Corg (ID:120651) Error message when i try to look at monsters page. Warning: require_once(../conf/config.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/magicdue/public_html/ifrm/ifrm.creatures.php on line 2 Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '../conf/config.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/magicdue/public_html/ifrm/ifrm.creatures.php on line 2
  11. Kragel

    The Traveler

    hmmm [url="http://magicduel.com/players/The"]http://magicduel.com/players/The[/url] Traveler
  12. we have some cool suggestions here and im sure many more to come for a name myrrh? maybe you could ask mur if he would sponsor a "Name the News" contest perhaps some smallish prize to get the people motivated in helping out. we could take all the names people come up with til the end of the year then take the 10 best and have people vote on them the first article could be an announcement of the winning name anyway thats my 2c for now Kragel The Metal Mage
  13. maybe an interview with a RPC player you could first pick the ones who are online most and work in the others when you can and we need a comic strip maybe and the scrolls are good ideas for sure i think we tossed a few of those names around with the fortnight lol Kragel The Metal Mage
  14. in IE (Internet Explorer)the puzzle is solved then can be solved over and over but does not unlock if you run into this login in FF(FireFox) and this will correct its self
  15. myrrh NEVER be sorry for asking intelligent questions without questions knowledge is never found weather it is a single person questioning the things he knows or someone questioning someone else got information as for glor he is often times found in the MDA lands or there abouts message me in game if i can help with anything in getting you started or if you have any further questions about the game
  16. myrrh i remember you and all the questions you were asking and when grido and i were answering you im glad you took the suggestion go reporting and did this with it and with mur backing the idea already that's awesome i will be happy to work with glor and you in sending some art works in if needed let me know ill message glor to let him know im up for it tho keep up the good work and dont let it over whelm you delegate :yahoo: i look forward to the first edition Kragel The Metal Mage
  17. i have alot of ideas for some golem type creatures in mind that i would like to introduce to the game including one that would be my sig creature being that i work with metal and make chains and chain maille that being a chain golem Kragel The Metal Mage
  18. :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: Cheers to you mate!!!
  19. i use trace tools as well as other things for fast work also when i was in school i would always draw freehand and learned to use tracing tools for speed in college where i found i enjoy graphics but they are not for me degree or not i went back to doing most all of my work by hand then ill scan it into a comp for some touch ups i always use references for anything i can something to look at other than the thoughts in my head helps to keep perspective right and allows for a more believable creature when the piece is done i would like to see how the art school will play out here in the game have even thought about some lessons i would give if i take the time to set it up anyway that's my 2c Kragel The Metal Mage
  20. Kragel

    Who is Granos?

    granos is hmm well maybe granos is not granos
  21. honestly i check out several games always looking for things in them i am sorta researching how the games play and what people like and dont like about them cause of a game i have been working on for a while and this game has some of the aspects i was looking for to include in my game so i found it playable in a very good way thus i stuck around
  22. i like the new look a lot could see some fun with flash coming from it :yahoo:
  23. [quote name='Grido' post='21349' date='Dec 5 2008, 12:54 PM']*coughs* kragel, whilst the ''church'' did that the church didnt, if that makes sense, like i was saying earlier you cant globalise or generalise the church, the ''christian'' wars crusades etc. were mainly the earlier catholic church i believe, i cant think or any of the other denominations which have fought wars apart from in northern ireland, i'm not trying to be exclusive political and social problems are created by every religion and non-religion group, most create their fair share note: i'm not trying to be agressive or whatever i just get into my point sometimes[/quote] Actually Grido we agree i just did not want to point fingers at any one or 2 religions for starting the highest %age of wars and such personally because the heart of every man is inclined to evil there would have been wars with out the Catholic church but would they have ever been to the extent they have been ??? as the saying goes god only knows
  24. Do you believe in Dragons ? Yes the word dinosaur was made up in the 18 hundreds by a man who like so many others was afraid of the truth [spoiler]that truth being that dragons are real and we have use incomplete pieces of bones and skeletons of dragons and put them together in new ways and renamed them as mostly docile creatures now called dinosaurs does not change their true nature or what they are.[/spoiler] as to believing in god yes 100% but the "Church" has twisted the bible and its truth and done so to control men and to make money the "Church" is the most evil thing on the planet today causing almost all the wars and more than it's fair share of political and social problems
  25. Imagination that state of mind where inspiration and creativity copulate where in ideas become real things start to take form and have defination ______________________________ excersize for this on an art platform everyone no matter your skill draw a picture with the following: a woman a feather the element of wind the element of water the moon a wild animal like a wolf and the theme is memories this would be a good class for the art school too but here i think is where we can start see how the people think of each item listed and how the add them to create a picture
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