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  1. [quote name='King Manu' post='29857' date='May 1 2009, 12:37 PM']The market was indeed a good initiative on a allready prepared background. The items and the chaotic trading needed such a thing, and i must admit the slave auction was indeed briliant. Once again, congratulations, i consider this an important step in the evolution of the realm. I wonder what will be next...[/quote] thank you indeed to the compliments there mur and i think also if it is run right the point will be the that the fund raiser kind of things will be able to help it run the best i hope we never have to ask for anything more than advice your support in this has helped it be a more popular thing as well i think and i have already been given some ideas for other things to do to improve on the next one with some skills and suck like auctioning off cooks and guards (thanks for the idea willem) anyway thanks again to all and in the meeting we will be able to talk about things like public and private funds and how business works and even how you may find a nitch to make your contributions for the market to continue to grow this is my 2c Kragel The Metal Mage
  2. Ok I know all of you want to know how the auction went. Here are some facts for you all. .Ailith. Owns: Blind God, Kamate, .Raven., Cyrxus, Blood Prince & Shin Velleheim. Cyrxus, Owns: Burns, IAB, Ledah & Unbelievable Power .Pamplemousse. Owns: Shoeps & .Grido. Shoeps Owns: .Pamplemousse. & .Ailith. .Kragel. Owns: Intrigue & Kalamanira Kol sagewoman Owns: Tom6 & Rex Umbrae Killer .Calyx of Isis. Owns: FireLizSword, Lady Renta Peace Owns: ShadyJester Kittiness Owns: Assira the Black ShadyJester Owns: dst controversy Owns: XinHun .Grido. Owns: Kriskah Arcanu Windy Owns: Bourbon Biscuits .Zleiphneir. Owns: Poofy the Squirrel Assira the Black Owns: stormrunner MRG Owns .Metal Bunny. Intrigue Owns: Phantasm keida Owns: Necromancer Mort ========================================== Average sale prove for female slaves 48.29 adjusted 35.57 Average sale price for male slaves 20.91 ========================================== [b]Grand total earned was: 798 -89 =709 loss from theft ...[/b] a total of 70 coins have been paid out in commissions EVERYONE GOT THEIR COMMISSIONS if you wish to donate them send them back to Kriskah Arcanu. [i](special note 2 slaves were repossessed my me for payment with false funds. This had nothing to do with them so they received commissions for their sales price.)[/i] a total if 312 coins were taken in and 35 creatures -3 for theft. [i]17 coins are still owed but have been counted in the profits...[/i] creatures are being sold I will have them on my Hate Page for sale to make the rest of the total coin needed and profits of course or what kind of business man would I be. [b]the top 5 contributors were[/b] [i](amounts shown count creatures and coin)[/i] 1. Shoeps 140 2. .Ailith. 137 3. .Pamplemousse. 95 X. Logan Marquis 89 [i](Disqualified)[/i] 4. Peace 85 5. sagewoman 62 [b]AWARDS[/b]: Yes that's right I'm giving out awards for the people who helped the most in the auction for different things. What are These awards you ask? Here is a list: [b]highest priced[/b] male and female slaves based on 1/4 of average for reward .Ailith. 90 (Cryxus 65) [i]corrected for counting error[/i] Shoeps 55 [b]funniest slave[/b] for rp during auction male and female. rewarded 5 coins Poofy the Squirrel: for trying to pay with nuts Intrigue: for drawing on .Kragel. while he was auctioning her off [b]bigest spender[/b] over all. rewarded 10 coins Shoeps 140 [b]pity award[/b] for lowest sale price slave. rewarded 1 coin tied Necromancer Mort and Rex Umbrae Killer [b]most slaves owned[/b] over all. rewarded 10 coin .Ailith. 6 [i](Thank you, Cuttler, for a superb job with the awards art.)[/i] [i](note: all rewarded funds and commissions were paid out of my portions of the take nothing was from the Market for awards.)[/i] I may have a couple more updates but i think this covers most everything. Thank you all once again for adding to the fun!!! (Master)Kragel The Metal Mage Edit done to correct a 30 coin counting error which showed Cryxus was the highest paid for male slave.
  3. Assira thank you for getting your confirmation in for the auction you have been added any one else wanting to sign up will be able to be in the next auction when ever we schedule that one and thank for reopening the topic it should be open until everyone has had their say on how it goes and if they have suggestions for improvements on the second one after we see how this one goes
  4. ok no more slaves for this auction will be needed thank you all who have signed and thanks in advance for all the bidding that will happen please make sure to read the rules and item and creature exchange rated for the auction on my hate page and lets all get ready for some great fun there may be a couple of surprises in the mix so everyone come with bells on as they say (actually who is the "they" who says that) thanks again (Master)Kragel The Metal Mage
  5. Ok every single person in the real counts and many more than are RPCs or have special roles deserve them so who ever is dismissing anyone as a nobody is a fool ... every single person in this game has and continues to help form it into what it is and will become ... so let us all remember to show some bit of respect for each other the golden rule as it were cause like ti or not karma is a bitch and will bite you in the ass Treat people NICE ! my 2c Kragel The Metal Mage
  6. Well let's look at Watcher first... Yes, for most things, you would round up at 5 and that is not always fair... Therefore, for me to say you need to find some people who love you so you can get 10 coins offered for you is also not always fair, either. But I suspect many who are really doing this for the right reasons like Pample will be donating their portion back to the market place. [i](IRL side note I have been auctioned off a few times for charities for a date for the night kind of thing and I have never been paid for it when I volunteered... and if I was I would have just given the money back and when I have gotten awards of cash for raising the most funds to help a charity I have given that back to the charity)[/i] MOST CHARITY FUNDRAISERS GIVE 1 - 5 % TO HELP THE CHARITY the amount I have offered to Kris is between her and I, but it is [b]much much[/b] more than 1-5%. I am keeping the funds separate to help the market in the future, with reinvestments and stuff. People that work or perform for the Market will paid for their services with the funds raised. All that being said, I also thank you Guy and Watcher for drawing even more Volunteers in to the Auction and you are right some people don't have 10 coins to bid with so find a partner big together or get some credits and help the game, (if you can) this again, is for fun and no one has to play this part unless they wish. Here is to hoping this event goes well and there can be many more to come in the future I could see doing the same thing for the Artisans, Newspaper, or Archy’s... Who knows what else could come of it. Thanks again (Master) Kragel The Metal Mage
  7. working up a market value for items and for creatures still unsure if we should allow credits to be used also or now should ask mur his thoughts on that will have further info on that in my hate page under slaves for auction Note: if you don't sell for more than 10 coins you don't earn 10% that's only fair sorry lol so make sure someone loves you and get them to bid
  8. This will be an Open Auction we will play it out starting Thursday and it will go until the last slave is sold. and yes Latin Women rock they are umm ... Spicy LOL
  9. are you girls , ladies , women really going to let the guys out do you at this you know you make better slaves than they do come on sign up now lol :good: edit note: Length of slavery is up to you to set on your post. Please edit it from 1 day to 1 week more days will undoubtedly make for higher bids. and thanks again to everyone for your support
  10. [quote name='Kriskah Arcanu' post='29558' date='Apr 27 2009, 07:47 PM']There is no need for me to get any type of comission. It is not my market fair... so Kragel, since is your idea... the slavery auction is all yours. :lol:[/quote] indeed my lady you have not ask for any commission this is not to be thought of as a commission for you rather like a fund raising gift please just enjoy the fun and accept the coin that will weigh down your purse i enjoy raising funds for such great things as i believe this market will be and already is becoming humbly yours ps maybe the next fund raiser will be fore the poor missing dwarf children .. (Master) Kragel The Metal Mage
  11. The Metal Mage is going to get in on some of the fun ... We are going to have a slave auction to benefit the MD Market Fair! Here is how it works: if you would like to sign up, leave a message saying you want to be included. The final price of your sale in the market will be divided between myself and Kriskah, with a small portion going to the slaves to buy their freedom, if need be ... The person who is playing the role of the slave will be the slave for 1 day to a week, depending on the bidding, at which time the "magical leash will break and they will be free." They can use their portion of silver to try to bribe someone to free them , steal them, or ask the master to free them early... they can even try to escape it is all in the RP and how it’s done So if you want to join the fun you will list. [b]Your character name (the one that will be the slave). If it is male or female. And a couple of points that people should know to be able to bid on you Please pm me in the game and make sure I have you added to the list The bidding will start with 2 silver coins and the slave will go to the highest bigger [/b] More updates may come as the fun gets rolling! [b] UPDATE 1 : SLAVES WILL BE REWARDED 10% OF THE FUNDS RAISED BY THEIR AUCTION[/b] [i](this should be a good rate since we do have to help Miss Kriskah feed the camels and all)[/i] Also this is a good way for those with little or no coin to earn some while helping out the cause... remember to list some things that make you a good buy! The more money you make for the cause the more you are rewarded with. UPDATE 2 : I have been asked if we can accept other forms of payment, such as creatures and shop credits. We are checking into this, but we encourage your enthusaism. ... more on this update to come Watch for the slaves you wish to buy and remember to not out-bid your wallet (Master)Kragel The Metal Mage note: if you don't have a forum account set up yet get one anyone reading this tell the ones who can't see it to sign up for forum account
  12. [s]Natur[/s]al Chem[s]istr[/s]y = Alchemy everything around us is magic what is magic it is everything think of this famous quote "Because of your little faith, For truly I say to you, If you have faith the size of a mustard grain, You will say to that mountain transfer from here to there,' and it will transfer, and nothing will be impossible for you." so think about that for a second with Faith and Belief ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE so why are there ones among you who still have to ask if it is... while still refusing to beleive and simply asking how it is. if you want to define magic first define life, faith, belief, and imagination. if you can not see the magic in all these things then you have no faith and magic will never be accessable but if you can see how a cook, or a metal smith, by combining things they have a better understanding of to make a greater outcome than just the sum of the parts is in every way "magic" (that is the wrong word but its the one we all use) then you will no longer have a need to ask if there is magic but will see how nature, science, and life are magic and only wish to seek the understanding of them. are not man and woman magic creatures every time they give birth in so becoming more than the sum of their parts ? as do all creatures .... anyway again this is only my 2c Kragel The Metal Mage
  13. LMAO scary we finally have a way for someone to be a thief in the game but its traceable OOPS someone screwed up on the plus side tho no one can use demo for cheating with heads if it does not have creatures now
  14. ok well often times when i'm idle, i'm still working on things, so i hope none of you think i don't enjoy having my role. i do very much so and think everyone who puts efforts in their roles deserves to be rpc too and that would be great in a way but then again how many RPC can we really have also i never log out i figure being idle people will leave me messages if they need me when i have to go sleep or run errands or take care of my grams ([i]see i don't get to work a normal job IRL i stay home and work while im playing the game i make jewelry and other things with chain maille just like my character cause i cant go out of the house to do a normal job taking care of my grams who will be 80 in a few days is mu job[/i]) this does mean i am afk a lot and for that im sorry but thats also why i dont log out so if you need me you can message me and i can respond asap sadly i find it a bit embarrassing that some people can only find ways to complain or not be happy for others rather than bitching about someone getting promoted ask your self and them "hey what can i do to get my role noticed so i can be RPC?" or "what did you do to get RPC?" but also remember with these roles comes responsibility so akasha might be idle from being in the lab(aka working on things for the game) i may be in my shop (aka working on quests for people who want items or wps or docs) as are all the other RPCs working on things behind the scenes... that being said we should be working to keep new people in the game longer and to keep the old ones from leaving when someone does not get along above all else we should try to remember everyone on the other side of that screen is a real live breathing person if you would not talk to them like you are in the game face to face them maybe you need to stop a second and ask what kind of role are you really trying to play/live my 2c Kragel The Metal Mage
  15. actually this example could go for infinity smaller or larger nice topic :good:
  16. ok a second post i had ask Mur if i could reopen the Creators alliance it fits well with making items and will be a place for the creator council to speak also this should in my thinking be a neutral alliance much like the artisans and archies because we serve all and in doing so belong to no one mans land thusly i would restate my neutrality and ask Mur if he would place the land for the creators as NML or MDA to help further reflect the neutral nature ... NML i think would make since because of the weapon shop being there and because of the fact it is the most truly neutral land in the game so once again for the record I AM NEUTRAL and i will wait til this war is over to invite anyone else into the alliance those being the ones who have creation powers thanks again The Neutral Kragel Your Metal Mage
  17. ... grumble war is stupid ... but it pays the bills ... Ok I am staying Neutral in all of this... [b]The Metal Mage[/b] serves all (thus neutral) but in this I will serve no one until this mess is over ::any items with quests set and running will be made with out interruption:: but no "war trophies" or special items for use in the war will be made * suggestion *** Mur could we have an arena for such challenges like this perhaps so that the "mine is bigger than yours" contests could be done i a public way and there could be observers ? heck there could even be betting on the side in the next fight player a will be facing player b and the odds are ... ... anyway it might help things not go to the point of a war
  18. welcome to the game ... umm er welcome back to the game feel free to ask for any help you may need Kragel The Metal Mage
  19. actually the free credits issue is something i have talked to a few about and i dont know anyone who got them ... if some did please post here letting us know im sure mur would like to know his gift is able to be used as he intended
  20. hmmm tries to remember who has that hauling cart .... MRD ? Glor ? one of them i think maybe when we finish with the renovations it could be donated to her so she has the cart she needs to haul things around in.... and who knows what fun will come from this idea but it has my full support for all the items that are not specialty or unique ... maybe as a service she could be the MD e-bay lol where you have an item you wish to sell and she finds a buyer for you and takes a small toked for commission anyway this is my 2c Kragel The Metal Mage
  21. while on a personal lvl i have a lot of respect for you raven i think it should be a team thing not a king or ruler thing so i had to vote no on this but if you were to talk about a team of people to run a faction i think it would be better met just my 2c Kragel The Metal Mage
  22. Arrr the best land Grab i have seen in me times here lol
  23. dojo is great for the newer players and for players getting to practice rits and have a second to heal and rest the training grounds actually complement the dojo in a very good way by allowing people to train for the wins creatures needed i would like to see a hybrid of the 2 just not sure how it would be done anyway i encourage both in their ongoing growth and seeing how they develop in the game
  24. thats the point grido baking , cooking chemistry all of it are in some ways magic
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