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  1. Hello, I just wanted to make a statement on who the Crafters are, and how some things get done, so if you need an item made you can check here first for some info that will help making your items more fun for all involved. 1. the members of the Crafters are people who can make items as a part of their role at the moment in the game other than Mur there are Udgard and myself this list will grow as other people get the abilities 2. each of us who are able to make things can only make things in the range of our character role ... this means The Metal Mage can not make you a "silk robe" but he could make you a shield. 3. making anything takes materials and know how ... and some small tip or payment can help note: every item made by one of the Crafters also takes a WP(wish point) this is not part of any payment but part of the system in place to get the item you are wishing for... 4. under your inventory you have a tab that says this: Items you own [info] this Info link will show you more information about items and things you need to know like having an item that fits your role and avy in mind will help it be bade faster ... and that some items can not be made ... and others just wont be made for different reasons... thank you all for reading We the Crafters look forward to growing and working with each and everyone of you. Kragel The Metal Mage Leader of the Crafters Making the realms a better place one item at a time.
  2. [quote name='Amoran Kalamanira Kol' post='31295' date='May 16 2009, 09:57 PM']Okay, [b]I have no idea what happened[/b]- [i]I'm not going to read the post above.[/i].. but since when did the 'Historic Documents' section of the public Loreroot forum become a place to not only bash Loreroot but [u][i][b]whine[/b][/i][/u] about stuff that isn't fair or may or may not be 'right' in [b]your opinion?[/b][/quote] hmmm you know what you are right... [spoiler]the "queen " of LR does not even have a right to "whine" about anything she is too good to read[/spoiler]
  3. P O just try to be a bit less zealous while finding the truth in matters before you say something K...
  4. [quote name='LunarGoddess' post='31283' date='May 16 2009, 06:32 PM']I simply asked him why he attacked me. Then he went off. At the time I did not know he was neutral. I know that now. I never wanted an argument. I never wanted any of this. I still don't want any of this. What's done is done. There is no reason to continue. He showed disrespect, not by attacking me, but by what he said after. There is nothing more.[/quote] all i said ... and i have the chat logs to prove it .... was an explanation of why i did not know you thought you should not be attacked we have always attacked each other but now because you are some Sibel or what ever and people are praying to you i have to ask you permission to do a simple attack when we ARE NOT IN A DOJO?!?!? THIS IS INSANE YOU AND YOUR TWIT BF HAVE SHOWN DISRESPECT TO ALL OF MD WITH THIS if you did not want to make thing worse you would have kept it private and not had me getting pms from other members of your alliance ... and you would have told your twit bf to stop arguing and you not knowing i am neutral ... is no different than me not knowing about your stupid pact if you want to make peace then you talk to me you dont have others pming me and you dont accuse me of disrespecting you when you and brady repeatedly have disrespected me since this started
  5. RE:RE:Luna Kragel, Thank you for sharing. First off. It is overwhelmingly understood that LR matters _stay within LR_. What do you hope to gain by your post on MD forum? What do we all have to lose? This is precisely the type of issue that we have elected representatives for to deal with. Splattering such an inflammatory conversation between Lorerootians onto MD forums will only cast a darker shadow on all of us. We have enough of that! I am left to wonder, does your spirit reside within the land of Loreroot? Does it comingle with the spirit of the land? Our ways are of challenging each other, yes, but also of being united and of pure intentions in those regards. You have both expressed that friendship is the most important issue here, and hopefully from there a common ground might be shared. That's the crux of it, it's not so much a matter of a few un/warranted attacks. However, it is widely known that LR alliance members do not attack each other unless it is for voluntary training purposes. Mistakes happen though. *takes off her mediator cap* I must say, speaking as a priestess of the CoE, I must urge you that this kind of treatment and disrespect of our holy Sibyl is unconscionable. Yours in honor, Phantom Orchid OMFG are you serious this is exactly why i dont want to be tied to any land that thinks it is above the rest of MD this is why I have ask for everyone to notice no matter what land i am in i am NEUTRAL !!!! this is why i have also ask to be moved out of LR and this kind of holier than everyone in the whole damn game is why LR has had some many problems ..... i have huge respect for some people in LR dont get me wrong but this is silly no this is plain stupid .... you have the gall to ask me: I am left to wonder, does your spirit reside within the land of Loreroot? Does it comingle with the spirit of the land? what part of i turned down being on council and turned down voting on the political stuff does not tell you MY spirit resides in ME !!! my heart beats in my chest and no i may love the land of lore root but i do not love the people who think they can force everyone to follow rules that are not part of the game ... the people in Lore root who i respect need not even ask because they know how i feel the ones who wish to control things and try to force others to follow oaths that they took need to get over themselves .... wow you people just boggle the mind ...
  6. as i said it was SOME of the convo I WAS TRYING TO KEEP NAMES OUT !!! but you want to make it ugly you have shown your disrespect luna with your regin rits
  7. the following are a few PMS shared between myself and someone else concerning a pact or agreement of some sort that some of the Loreroot alliances have with each other i am keeping the names out to be fair here and ask that anyone who responds also do the same there was a bit more said and some said in chat at GoE that has been pulled and saved incase it is needed later please read the following and tell me how i am in the wrong for attacking someone everyone else in lore attacks me and i attack them in all the alliances how does this differ ?... ME - Why are you getting pissed cause i attacked you ? Her - All I did was ask why you attacked me, I was looking at the land we are both with. You brought our friendship into this, I never wanted that. ME - i simply answered you and then your stupid boyfrined started tossing insults at me and i tried to explain and will do so again i am not bound by rules for other alliances even in the same land when no one has respected me enough to even ask me if i want that kind of agreement honestly there are too damn few alliance members already anyone doing this agreement is killing their training and its silly Her - If you wanted to train, you should have asked. I would have been more then happy to help. Even though you don't want to be a part of Lore, you still are. You have taken this too far. ME - just because the rest of the lore alliances want to play like everywhere dojo for them does not make it so i have not taken anything anywhere i have done the same things i have done since i started you and lore are thinking you are better than everyone else with your high council and no attack rules with each other if mur made another new alliance in lore tomorrow would you bitch him out for attacking you also ? Her - I don't think I am better then anyone else. It seems to me that you think you are better then everyone else, so you don't have to follow the rules. ME - LOL what part of i was never told about these rules or ask if i wanted to be part of them DO YOU NOT SEE!!!! Her - You know the rules. You are a member of Lore, doesn't matter if you don't want to be, you still are. There is nothing more. ME - NO I DO NOT KNOW THE RULES AND UNTIL SOMEONE ASK ME ABOUT THEM AND IF I WANT TO BE PARTY TO THEM THEN IT DOES NOT EFFECT ME AT ALL !!!!! AND IS I DON'T SIGN ON TO THIS PACT OR TREATY OR WHAT EVER NAME IT HAS IT WILL NEVER EFFECT ME !!!!! YOU ARE NOT SHOWING ANY REASONING SKILLS AT ALL RIGHT NOW YOU SHOULD THINK A BIT BEFORE YOU RESPOND AGAIN please keep the flaming to a minimum so we can get to the bottom of this asap respectfully Kragel The Metal Mage
  8. as you can see from looking at my hate page i have put stew in a pot and i am trying to cook the lol out of him ... this is maybe not the only solution i could have come up with but it is the funniest.. i say cook a bunny for the cure post this on your papers somewhere to feed all the lol infected people ... [center](\/) ,,(o.O),, (______) ^^^^^^ [/center] this is my cure Kragel The Med[i]ic[/i]al Mage LMAO
  9. Amoran i have already told you i have an idea that i thought up a while back that will work just let me know when you want to test it ... Kragel
  10. currently on my personal hate list :lol:[center](\/) ,,(o.O),, (______) ^^^^^^ there is nothing like some good STEW [/center] :lol:
  11. [quote name='Akasha' post='31077' date='May 14 2009, 09:13 AM'][b]Kragel [/b]: '[b]umm ... who was allowed to vote fot the positions on the council seats[/b], and who has say on appointing the top 3 spots as I understand they are handled in separate ways can you explain here so all can see?'[/quote] these questions were answered by Tarquinius ... thank you ... [quote name='Akasha' post='31077' date='May 14 2009, 09:13 AM'][b]Amoran[/b]: '[b]All of loreroot was allowed to vote on council seat positions. [/b]It was Loreroot and Loreroot's guilds decision on who lead what. '[/quote] if all of LR was allowed to vote then this is good ... I was ask to vote and even offered a seat and because of my neutrality i turned it down the crafters are and will be neutral always as we serve all not only one land ... this counts if we stay in loreroot or if we do get changed to MDA a neutral land as i have ask... [quote name='Akasha' post='31077' date='May 14 2009, 09:13 AM'][b]Burns[/b]: 'may i further ask who 'all of loreroot' are? like, only members of lorerootian guilds and the GotR before they dissolved, or also all players who claimed that their role was connected with LR?'[/quote] this is a valid question again it was answered by Tarquinius [quote name='Akasha' post='31077' date='May 14 2009, 09:13 AM'][b]Amoroan[/b]: 'The members of lorerootian guilds and the guardian of the root alliance before they were dissolved.'[/quote] and here by Amo ... [quote name='Akasha' post='31077' date='May 14 2009, 09:13 AM'][b]Tarq: [/b]'We have created [b]a super-structure for Loreroot,[/b] again according to the wishes of BlackThorn. We wish to cooperate with each other - Guardians, Eclipse, Savelites, and (if they want to) Crafters. This [b]cooperation gives Loreroot[/b] as a land the seeming of being united, rather than just another place on the map.'[/quote] this i think could be handled well with some information posted in the forum as to who when why and where the super structure was brought into existence [quote name='Akasha' post='31077' date='May 14 2009, 09:13 AM'][b]Amoran:[/b] '[b]Appointed by elected council:[/b] [b]Council President - Karak[/b] High Mystic - .Amoran. General of War - None appointed currently. Elected by those in the Loreroot alliance:[/quote] self explanatory ... [quote name='Akasha' post='31077' date='May 14 2009, 09:13 AM'][b]Speaker of Root - Firsanthalas[/b] Sheriff of Root - *IBRUZU* Warden of Root - .Tarquinus. Speaker of the Law - None currently, Lorerootian elections are open.'[/quote] again self explanatory ... some records of this would help calm everyone tho .... just numbers nothing personal has to be told ie ( so in so was nominated by a group of RL peers and was voted in by a vote of XX for and X against ... [quote name='Akasha' post='31077' date='May 14 2009, 09:13 AM'][b]Firsanthalas : 'QUOTE Karak, as President of Council, is the leader of the Guardians of the Root Alliance. This is the first that I have heard of this blink.gif When was this decided? '[/b][/quote] seems someone did not get a message here and or maybe did not get a vote ... a good lesson to learn for next time .. [quote name='Akasha' post='31077' date='May 14 2009, 09:13 AM'][b] PLS NOTE: KRAGEL IS FROM LOREROOT AN DFIRS FROM THE COUNCIL .[/quote] yes i am for now and again i have said i will stay out of the voting or picking because i and 100% neutral and wish to stay that way aling with the Crafters Guild ... hell we could be placed in necro and i would still fight to show everyone we are neutral ... again tho this is one reason i have ask to change homelands ... [quote name='Akasha' post='31077' date='May 14 2009, 09:13 AM']I think you all need to look over the statements and tell me are they contradicting themself or not? ? [/b][/quote] in over looking all of this i have to say one more thing this is getting way out of hand on all sides ... Akasha was trying to insight interest back into the LR forum and bring it back to life with a couple of questions ... this is done .... forum was lost and found again good Amoran the new leader is being defensive ... thats a good thing but several have made personal insults and this needs to stop if everyone would take a step or 10 back they would see the questions that were ask have been answered the chats and records to show the evolving of LR and how the super structure can be found and posted im sure and that will take care of that so im asking all parties to please stop with the insults and everything else and let this topic close before the flaming becomes too personal and ends up hurting friendships and the game i hope all can agree with this and this can be moved past so we can all get back to enjoying this wonderful community we all make up this is the last 2c i will toss to this topic Kragel
  12. glor i dont know why you are taking this so personally but think of this for a moment if you ask why .Peace. is the leader of necro she can answer you fully no secrets ... if you ask yrth why he is the leader of gg same thing it is a simple question why are the LR council members the LR council members ? and you seem to be more upset about this than anyone do you have a secret alt on the council ? or something you are worried about if simple facts are told i answered much more personal info about my business trades in the forums on the auction.... why .... because it helped it be an open and successful event ... loreroot to many is not open in many ways too many secrets like too many spices will ruin the pot (soup.. for you people who think wrongly) factions are about to start and when they do think as a new guy for a second you want to join something you understand ... not something that is secret and if you get into an inner circle you may get to know... so im going to ask you to please let this stay on the topic of loreroot and not take things personal you dont need to defend anyone who has not done anything wrong but forget to talk K...
  13. [quote name='GlorDamar' post='30947' date='May 13 2009, 11:46 AM']Kragel / Burns, why does it matter to anyone outside of the Loreroot alliances who the leaders of the alliances are? [b]No one cares how the leadership of Necrovion was chosen.[/b] [b]No one really even knows who really leads in GG.[/b] It's not the concern of anyone outside. It was poor form for the GG alliances to attack Loreroot for who they'd chosen as leader, but within their rights to do so. It's also the right of anyone to ask to know how the leadership was chosen, but it's also the right of the loreroot alliances to tell them where they can stick their questions.[/quote] Glor ... while you know i respect you a lot ... think about what you just said... Khalazdad is the leader of Necro and it was passed to his daughter in his leave where im sure when he can return it could well be handed back over to him .... no mysteries there at all ... and there was even an announcement when the leadership changed and why... Yrth is the ruler of GG everyone knows this also no mysteries as for the war and or the attacks they NEVER happened because the preemptive strikes stopped it from ever taking place... yes someone can always argue weather it was fair or not but as you said they had the right to do it in much the same way the Loreroot does have the right to tell us all to shove it if they so choose ... but would it not make things easier for everyone to trust them and feel they are a part of the game as a whole if the simple questions were just answered so the air of supremacy can be nullified ? i dont think anyone is trying to attack anyone here just asking questions but who knows im just a dumb half dwarf who should go hide in a tunnel somewhere or hammer on a shield for those of you who wish to fight each other ... K...
  14. I was ask to vote and even ask to be a part of the council but being that as a the Metal Mage (weapon smith) and other things that serves all lands I did not want to sit on a council for war type things and have declared I was neutral to these things so I choose to stay out of all of this ... I just wanted to see how the council members were voted on and how it all came about Kragel The Metal Mage
  15. umm ... who was allowed to vote fot the positions on the council seats, and who has say on appointing the top 3 spots as I understand they are handled in separate ways can you explain here so all can see? thanks Kragel The Metal mage
  16. [quote name='Chewett' post='30707' date='May 9 2009, 05:11 PM']For No one has proposed a punishment i will be the first to offer one up 1. All his artwork be removed from the game Unless he can prove it is his own 2. Anyone who has his avatars or anything gets choice of an avatar from the next pack BEFORE they are released to the public. In recompense for the lost avatar or a few extra credits His punishment. This is what probably needs to be debated more. From what i can see is that he should be forbidden from posting any more art for MD due to this. From the pictures it is clear that he removed the copyright of the original author so he knew that he has not done the work (unless he had done the work previously and if so i then apologise, but from what i can see he presented the work as recent and just for the game) and also another punishement such as prision 3. Not being allowed to do any artwork again 4. a time in prision or loss of something dear. What do you think of this? Anyone?[/quote] I have to agree with this in ALL of the art should be removed that he submitted cause the game does not need copy write problems ... also i would suggest a short and simple art works agreement for all artists to have to sign to show they agree they only submit only original art no copies and no stolen works ... and if they do it is solely their legal obligation for the copyright infringement also all other avys should be looked at and if any are seen to be stolen or copies they should also be removed and that artist should see the same punishments the ones who lose their avys due to this should indeed have first crack of the next batch of avys punishment should indeed be not being able to contribute any art works to the game and he should be stripped of any credits he may have been awarded or if spent the creatures and other shop items he may have bought with them ... time in prison should be nothing short of a couple of weeks to a month as for the art work the ones with the great detail happen to be one of my friends fav artists on deviant art and i was looking at those pictures and other for the same artist just days ago so i know they are not his work being an artist myself this is one of all artists fears that their work will be stolen and someone else will make money from their work or worse gain fame from it i give no quarter to this level of offense and if it were up to me i would say a full on ip ban :diablo: but in fairness that is left to others this is my 2c Kragel The Metal Mage
  17. real money has not been backed by gold for a LOOOONG time though it should be still as to figuring the value of the gold coin it will fulx like the silver does and until there is an agreed on value for it and the silver and anything else that may come then this topic will never be truly open for a real discussion
  18. you post a loaded question for your poll especially when no one wants to agree on how much a silver is worth some say 50 cents some say a buck during the auction i treated the silver as if it was worth 2 bucks or credits so honestly everyone or almost everyone will vote yes for this and you knew they would when you posted it ... so lets see where this goes and sage thing about is this way you can get what 40+ silvers per reset and only 5 golds and most wont get them often because most don't do resets much honestly with silvers already in the game too that makes the gold worth even more this will all depend on trade ans how it goes this is my 2c Kragel The Metal Mage
  19. umm yea not so much there is an old saying don't put the cart before the horse so slow down a little and let this happen naturally but :good: for the enthusiasm Kragel
  20. [quote name='Liberty4life' post='30295' date='May 5 2009, 06:42 AM']first of all i apologize for not reading it all carefully, so i will say how i see it now and what should be done nice market has initial capital, now how to spend it and make it flow...... to answer that lets divide market okies, so we have normal market with goods (items) just building up as kirskah have imagined it, so i ofc [b]i would let her do that part of job[/b], to supervise over whole market of goods, in addition to items, creatures can be also traded, so i found this also as goods for trade so to speak, and well we can also include services market into this goods market in case there is someone who wants to work alone and offer his services openly on market (dont mistake this with jobs as for working for someone else who pays you, [b]in here i count in only entrepreneurs[/b]), so items and creatures need to be bought first to trade them later, so this is one way to spend founds on[/quote] first off its kinda funny you would LET her do the job she is already doing ... and yes she is doing it very well already... secondly My part with her and giving her some of my funds would be counted among the entrepreneurs which takes me to your second part... [quote name='Liberty4life' post='30295' date='May 5 2009, 06:42 AM']then second part of market that is needed is market of "human resources", yea exactly what we already have... slave auction was big hit wasnt it, well those werent actually slaves, it was more like job, and the one who bough one of them used them in some way, and "slave" got paid, just like in doing some job... only difference is that the one was sold like slave hehe, so this slavery seams to be more rp based jobs and still paid? wow nice, it could later nicely evolve into real jobs, who would say that one day you will be paid for rping, and on other side in same time real jobs can be paid, just like editing papers and other things mentioned by kriskah, well to this i will add one more thing that should be included in this, we have MDU, and where are lectures?? well lets boost this also up, everyone who makes a lecture/teaching for mdu should be paid, same thing for mda, who makes article, why not pay him[/quote] you are touching on several things here some of which are already in planed work for the next auction 1. slaves are slaves just that but they volunteered so i gave this a commission reward not pay ... a. could the slaves be further traded for a continued value ? b. could slaves use their value as a base line for negotations? 2. Skilled Slaves like cooks body guards trainers and other things are in the works for the next auction i will be posting soon to take suggestions on this 3. i totally forgot about the uni i could easily do a similar fundraiser for them if they would like they can contact me along with the newspaper or any of the other things int he realm that need legit funds to pay for things ... this all leads back to the banking you mention next too [quote name='Liberty4life' post='30295' date='May 5 2009, 06:42 AM']and third part which is needed..... is money market, that means bank and guess what i plan to open one i will do job of exchanging currency (silver/gold), make people have theirs accounts, loans will become widely available and people will be even able to earn in bank for example savings and investing deposits (not sure if this is said like this on english), so since i know how real banks work, i think i wont have much problems in making this work just need to put all together and write it down [/quote] as far as banking goes Kris is already making loans for those she knows she can trust ... i too could make some loans once i recoup come coin from creatures and i could see each org (paper, uni, archies, arts... others that may spring up) all having their own funds they could loan from would make for competitive rates also which is always a good thing dont get personal loans like from me or other players confused with bank loans tho there could even be a system added where the bank had a ctc vault to hold codes in a way so they cant be sold traded or sacked while funds are pending repayment ... but this is just an idea anyway thats my 2c Kragel The Metal Mage
  21. [quote name='Burns' post='30214' date='May 4 2009, 10:39 AM']argh, both of you fail to get my point -.- if only certain palyers can 'create', there is no job for others and no way of getting coins short of buying them... as long as ANYBODY controls hwo items are made and processed, there IS a monopoly on items and coins, and as noble as Krishka and Kragel might be, if they start handing out their coins for nothing then they just failed [/quote] Burns, this is exactly why i said no one will be given coins for nothing every coin must be earned .... HOW? ... that is up to each one of us ... but allowing everyone to create things is kinda like saying you never need to go to the store cause you can do it all yourself ... who made you shoes ? who made your jeans ? who made that nifty set of claws you have on your hand ? and who made that shady hat ? the point is Mur is allowing the people who he chooses to make items make some items i cant make your hat or shoes but i could make a set of claws ... the hat and shoes i fear would burn up on my forge ... and lord knows the muffin man makes better muffins than i mine always end up with a metallic flavor in them ... go figure no one likes metal flakes in their muffins ... LOL but as more people step up more things will be able to be maid until them it will be in Murs hands no one is looking to have every item or coin and those who would look to do soo are fools who are shooting themselves in the foot.. [quote name='Burns' post='30217' date='May 4 2009, 10:57 AM'](the trouble i see there: people got their items by bribing with spell docs or by trading for creatures they could easily re-recruit, they sort of tricked their partners into a deal that was nowhere near as good as it seemed LOL) just my 2 cents, not accusing anybody of doing anything... obviously... and no, i'm not right in my mind, so you can't nail me to what i've just said, dear 'item-traders'...[/quote] Burns here you do have a point someone who is doing this only to hoard the items is very wrong and it wont last long on the other hand I myself have given people an option to get some items (from the hoarders) in a way to help get them unlocked for trade again as part of the tasks they can preform to get my doc ... and i change up my tasks foe those who are wondering to keep people from cheating and to try to give people different things to do ... one set of items i had someone doing a quest for... the people holding the items are trying to make the questor give them credits and a lot of them for the items... THIS IS VERY WRONG !!! the questor has made a very good effort to get the things i ask him for and will still have a way to finish the quest ...as for the hoarders i hope they come to some since before mur would decide to take items and redistribute them ... now for some of the other things like gardeners and the like i have mentioned it in the past even minors and several other things we even have a doctor in the game now who is questing to get some of his tools made and will be looking and waiting for a doctor/surgeon type avy as soon as one comes up everyone is always encouraged to use your mind and come up with new ways to improve your roles click in the more info link and read it all for inventory it gives you clues on how to get the items you want made done also remember some items require alot of ingredients some are not in the game yet so the quest may take longer others could get some resource items made too with the right roles but it is all up to how you play your role and how mur and others see it and how everyone responds to your interactions in the game instead of trying to build walls around the problems lets work on building roads that help us get where we are all trying to go Kragel
  22. I totally agree with Mur on this there could be many more fun things added but because of the bug abusers and grinders or stat farmers or what ever else you want to call yourselves you ruin the game for the ones who want to role play and find the secrets and fun in the game as it was designed so please go play WOW or some other Piece of S*** game designed for that so Mur can stop having to spend ALL his time paroling and keeping things balanced and can allow the game to grow this is my 2c Kragel The Metal Mage
  23. Meeting transcripty, (then edited a bit by Kriskah) Kriskah Arcanu:Ok, this is new to me so please be patient my English is horrible Graziel:dont thank yet my internet connection can broke out or it can be end of world Kriskah Arcanu smiles Kriskah Arcanu:I will tell you a few ideas i have for the funds and i hope you can give me some too Kriskah Arcanu:Mur mentioned the possibility of a Central Market, he will endorse it, and he will release more items Kriskah Arcanu:Now, i do not know yet how will the central market will work, so i am just going to tell what i would like to do for now Kriskah Arcanu:A portion of the funds will be for buying new items but an other part will be for a job subsidy Kriskah Arcanu:It is for the interest of the market that coins spread so the idea it to subsidy salaried job :Gauge nods and agrees Guybrush Threepwood:What is the eventual goal? Kriskah Arcanu:If somebody wants to hire or reward a new player I can help with a part Gremlin:how often will people be paid their salary? Kriskah Arcanu:the main goal is to prevent unbalanced riches Gauge:I think we shouldn't really try to get into specifics right now Gremlin and focus on ideas. Kriskah Arcanu:That should be agreed by them first. I will not determine that. I will only support it Kriskah Arcanu:with 1-2 coins per job salary or reward Guybrush Threepwood:So all the money will flow from you? Kriskah Arcanu:I don't think so. I am not the only one with capital on the realm Charles the Third slowly trudges in, dragging his feet lazily Kriskah Arcanu:What do you think so far? Gremlin:I love the idea kriskah stormrunner:sounds reasonable Kriskah Arcanu:It will have to be taking very serious so people don't take advantages Guybrush Threepwood:I think that you would need to have a clear idea of how people should be payed, and who's going to do the paying. Gauge:I love the idea Kriskah, I just don't love your main goal. Gauge:People will hoard, its in their nature, plus others work harder than some, so of course they will be wealthier. Kriskah Arcanu:They will hoard anyway, that is what is happening with items Graziel:at least there will be place to spend somewhere their wealth .Kragel.:gauge people will be paid by their worth if they are hired to do a job for 1 coin they will get the 1 coin if thye keep doing that job on time and very well they could make a bonus or get a raise .Kragel.:and yes some people don't spend the money they make that's the point of having a central market to work with .Kragel.:the market has some buying power to help .Kragel.:and Guybrush Threepwood:What kind of jobs could be done? .Kragel.:if someone needs some coin if the market so chooses to they can make some private loans Guybrush Threepwood:Is this something where we want most people to have jobs? Or just a few? .Kragel.:which will help cause they would not be at insane interest rates Kriskah Arcanu:There are so many... editing papers, helping create quests, roll related jobs. [b]*[/b] .Kragel.:guy jobs will be ask for and assigned as needed how many will depend on what needs done Guybrush Threepwood:And how would the people paying to have these jobs done get money? Gauge:That's where maybe the central market can come in. Kriskah Arcanu:That is when i appear Guybrush Threepwood:But this is the question Kragel, do we want the money to circulate among the few? Or among most? Kriskah Arcanu:I will help people with less coins to be able to reward too Gauge:Among the most is the goal as Kriskah has said. Gremlin: (who ever is keeping track of the meeting please message me what I miss from this point on) Guybrush Threepwood:If it's going to circulate among most people, there would have to be jobs for most people. stormrunner: *nods then throws guy into the white lake* do pay attention Kriskah Arcanu:This is just an idea that needs work, that's the reason i am discussing it with you, i need ideas so this could be implemented .Kragel.:and just so people know [04/05/09 02:21] Guybrush Threepwood: *smacks stormrunner upside the head* I am paying attention, perhaps you should follow. .Kragel.:guy money should circulate among the ones who cause it to flow stormrunner:no you asked the dumb question that was already answer *throws guy back into the lake* Kriskah Arcanu:So please give me a hand. we need to build this system together this wont be easy. I might need help from the guilds too .Kragel.:so if more people get involved in the market more will have coin if people want to hoard or make insane request for items there are other ways to get them into the play of the game Guybrush Threepwood:But everyone wants to cause it to flow, what I\'m saying is that if we want to have the money flow among many. Guybrush Threepwood:We need jobs for everyone who wants one. .Kragel.:GUY listen .Kragel.:the question has been answered at least 2 times already Guybrush Threepwood:I am listening. stormrunner: *kicks the back of guys head* stop driving this in circles Kragel.:the more people who get involved the more who get money flowing .Kragel.:that's all there is to it it is simple Guybrush Threepwood:I\'m not going in circles YOU listen. You need ways for people to get involved. Guybrush Threepwood:I have one item, most have none. I got mine randomly, did nothing for it. Kriskah Arcanu:Guy I have good ideas please listen Gauge:That's where peoples ingenuity comes into play guy. .Kragel.:there will be many as Kris already said wait and see what they will be Guybrush Threepwood:I have nothing worth trading or selling. .Kragel.:but for one selling and buying items YOU need not ones you want to hoard is the best way .Kragel.:then come up with a useful job you can do to get paid to make yourself a commodity Kriskah Arcanu:Ok lets summarize stormrunner:punch guy in the rips hard*your a doc something people need their ribs fixed up Kriskah Arcanu:1. we need to create an economy first .Kragel.:think for a second and figure out what is it Guy can do that no one else in the game is doing and offer it up as a service Guybrush Threepwood:Your spelling is atrocious, and no one would pay me to roleplay as a doctor. Kriskah Arcanu:2. then we will discuss about hoard Kriskah Arcanu:Guy, please let me speak Graziel:about 2 we can just limit player capacity of items to lest say 2-3 max Kriskah Arcanu:Not all jobs will be roll related. Editing paper from other, helping in a quest creation .Kragel.:no Graziel some quests I'll do have more items then that for making an item no restrictions Kriskah Arcanu:can be rewarded too Gauge:I actually like the idea of giving items weight .Kragel.:were you done Kris with your summary? Kriskah Arcanu:you finish what you have to say Kriskah Arcanu:Well like i was saying, we have to build an economy first, and it has to be as fair and accessible as possible. So the job subsidy was the idea i had for now Kriskah Arcanu:there should be others ideas to add, but for now we need to work on perfection this one, so it really works Guybrush Threepwood:You've said that, is there more? Or do we now discuss? .Kragel.:guy silence until she says the floor is open Kriskah Arcanu:building an economy is not controlling how people trade, building an economy means everyone can participate Kriskah Arcanu:so that is what i intending to do Kriskah Arcanu:people might trade their writing capacities they can offer roll play (protection, aid, lessons) Kriskah Arcanu:there are so many things, please look at the potential of this. We need to make it work that is all. Kriskah Arcanu:you may give your opinions now Gauge:I don't have much of an opinion to give other than like I said before, I like the idea, and will do what I can to help implement it. .Kragel.:no thoughts? Graziel:where from the items will come? Guybrush Threepwood:People need reason to pay someone for roleplay interactions. Would they? And people would need to get money before they can pay for things like training. Kriskah Arcanu:Mur will be in charge of that Gauge:Those already with them and hopefully Mur from my understanding. Kriskah Arcanu:Yes they will guy MRPip:My opinion is that this is all too hurt my brain MRPip:That and I wasn't really listening Guybrush Threepwood:Right now all the money is in a few people's hands, we first need to figure a way to distribute it. Graziel:so there will be infinite number of them? .Kragel.:then ask questions later Pippy this is not time for catch up Guybrush Threepwood:So, who is going to pay for helping people with papers? Gauge:Nay Graziel, or they would not have any value. Guybrush Threepwood:Will you give someone money and have them watch over that? Gauge:I would gladly pay two silver for someone to help me with my paper. Guybrush Threepwood:Do you want to start paying the LHOs? .Kragel.:guy Kriskah Arcanu:Ok let me explain. Kriskah Arcanu:Pample already rewards that you know Gauge:And I would pay another two for someone to help me find the answer to MRD's first question on his quest. .Kragel.:people who need papers fixed will pwy the people who can help them Gauge:Like I said, that is where peoples ingenuity will take place. Guybrush Threepwood:Kragel, that doesn't help us right now, most people don't have money. .Kragel.:no guy lhos do what they/we do because they/we like helping people Kriskah Arcanu:This is a lot like an experiment. .Kragel.:Guage that would be cheating on a quest and if you are going to do that i don't want to hear about it Gauge:Right, that is the MAIN thing, in order for any economy to work properly, wealth must be distributed (somewhat) to all. .Kragel.:then get is guy MRPip:It's not hard to get money... Gauge:Sorry Kragel, that was an example, I of course mean things in the rules of the game Shin Velleheim:SHOUTS: Muahahahahahaha!! .Kragel.:what can you do for me to make me want to pay you anything all i have seen from you is questions of how no solutions Shin Velleheim:hello folks....nice day isn't it? Guybrush Threepwood:I\'m not questioning things, I have ideas. Kriskah Arcanu:Did you all like the first market experience we had? .Kragel.:i understand Guage im just answering the example Guybrush Threepwood:I\'m just attempting to point this in the right direction. Kriskah Arcanu:What do you think? Gauge:Understood Gauge nods to Shin Guybrush Threepwood:I am pointing out that all these ideas of how money flow won\'t work until people have money so that it can flow. Gauge:Exactly, and a valid point to Guy. Kriskah Arcanu:That is the hole point of this discussion Guybrush Threepwood:Right now I think you need to distribute some of your money to people you trust. These funds would go toward paying people to do things like fixing papers and showing new players around. Gauge:And Kragel, it shouldn't be, what can I do for you for money, but what do YOU want me to do for the money. Guybrush Threepwood:The funds you give them would only be for giving the money away to OTHER people. Kriskah Arcanu:so people can have a few coins in their pockets they need to earn them .Kragel.:i want you to be creative enough to find something you can do guy Guybrush Threepwood:Are we talking about things that you are going to pay people for now? Or just things people in general will pay for? Kriskah Arcanu:Are we all clear on how this job subsidy will work? Graziel:what kind of items there will be there? :Kriskah Arcanu looks at guy and sighs stormrunner:I understand it Kriskah Guybrush Threepwood:I don't think there's any specifics right now. Kriskah Arcanu:I hope many new items will apear in time .Kragel.:graziel Mur will place items as he sees fit and i and udgard will make items fitting to roles and avys and to quests as needed Kriskah Arcanu:common kind of items Kriskah Arcanu:and special ones too Guybrush Threepwood:All we've said is that we want money to flow. Guybrush Threepwood:So first, we need to figure out how money is going to get to everyone. Kriskah Arcanu:so in the mean time we will proceed on generating jobs .Kragel.:mur does all kinds of items from common to special and rare and role items too stormrunner:here guy, you need it spelled out for you I\'ll do that for you Gauge: (exactly) Shin Velleheim:Mur Guybrush Threepwood:Really stormrunner, if your not going to add anything, don\'t say anything. .Kragel.:udgard and i do very special items and they all cost atleast 1 wp to get made Guybrush Threepwood:Here\'s a suggestion Kriskah, give some money to some archivists for the sole purpose of paying those who help with people\'s papers. Kriskah Arcanu:To generate jobs we have to be clear about them first. Guybrush Threepwood:Pamplemousse already has that as a quest to get her spell document. Guybrush Threepwood:Why not have people keep doing it afterward for money? Kriskah Arcanu:Yes I intend to do so, but we will need to talk first stormrunner:I tend to stay at the howling gates at times I tell stories but telling and hearing the same ones get boring I can easily pay a silver or two to anyonee who could bring me a new ones .Kragel.:GUY Guybrush Threepwood:KRAGEL .Kragel.:coins are not going to just be given to anyone .Kragel.:with out a reason stop asking for all the coin to be passed out to everyone to amke you happy Gauge:Hes not saying that, Kragel. Guybrush Threepwood:These are not consitant theoligies. Guybrush Threepwood:Kriskah said she wants the money to circulate among everyone, assuming they are willing to participate and work to do so. .Kragel.:the archies have their programs this is a meeting about the market only Kriskah Arcanu:this has to be done with extreme caution to prevent anyone with multi acc takes advantages .Kragel.:i may do a funds raiser for the archies if they want me to .Kragel.:or for the paper Guybrush Threepwood:Helping people with stories and showing them around magic duel is work. .Kragel.:this is about the market try to stay focused on the market only Guybrush Threepwood:The market is all about how to get money spread around, that's what the market is. Guybrush Threepwood:This is about the market. Guybrush Threepwood:Kriskah has mentioned paying people for helping with papers already. Kriskah Arcanu:indeed but i will write a few points, guides .Kragel.:no the market is about fairly trading for a profit Kriskah Arcanu:to prevent cheating Guybrush Threepwood:I'm just offering ideas on delegation of money. .Kragel.:when you go to the store are you asking them to give you the food and things there ? .Kragel.:no you are bartering with them for it .Kragel.:COIN does not need deligated Guybrush Threepwood:What did you just do Kragel? I thought it was a fundraiser to start an economy in MD? Guybrush Threepwood:Fundraiser, now what is all this coin going toward? Kriskah Arcanu:I will determine what kind of job or solved quest deserves the markets fund support Guybrush Threepwood:From what I understand Kriskah wants to create jobs and pay people for them. .Kragel.:it was a fundraiser to help start up funds for the market .Kragel.:other things like arts and news paper will come later if they so want it Kriskah Arcanu:But also the quest creator and the employer should have a responsability on that .Kragel.:yes she does but understand this Guybrush Threepwood:So, hiring a Archivist to create jobs is perfectly valid. Guybrush Threepwood:You are simply deligating so you don\'t have to watch over absolutely everything. .Kragel.:and everyone should remember all trade is for profit if possible asking questions on how much someone is making is innoproprate and people who do such things would not be able to work with the market Kriskah Arcanu:Ok. Please if some body took notes PM Kriskah Arcanu:Does anybody else have ideas to share to burts economy? .Kragel.:now Guybrush Threepwood:No one is asking anything about how much someone is making. .Kragel.:some were in the forums thats why i mentioned it .Kragel.:ok anymore questions on this ? Kriskah Arcanu:Anyone else? Guybrush Threepwood:And you were not trading earlier, you were doing a fundraiser. It is more than appropriate to ask where funds are going when you donate to a fundraiser. .Kragel.:i am trading Kriskah Arcanu:Guy please let other people speak. .Kragel.:and im goving some of my profits to the market on a private base Kriskah Arcanu:Does anyone has enything else to add..? stormrunner:I'm returning to the howling gates, guy has gotten on my nerves .Kragel.:and no the %age is not for you or anyone else other than those in the business end of it to know .Kragel.:sorry stormy .Kragel.:ok looks like the market end is done right ? Kriskah Arcanu:Ok if nobody else has nothing else to add, I will make a few notes and .Kragel.:so if you have questions for me or about the auction i held you may ask now Kriskah Arcanu:will post at the forum Kriskah Arcanu:Thank you all for listening I hope this meeting was informative enought about the funds Graziel:done Kriskah Arcanu:there is so much to talk yet, but I believe this idea needs work, so I wil elaborate a bit more Kriskah Arcanu:So if no one has anything else to say, this meeting is ended Kriskah Arcanu:thank you all edits: made for spelling
  24. I made an oops on the auction. I have corrected it now(check edit). Somehow I forgot to add the 30 coins .Ailith. paid for Cryxus to his total making it 65. I am sending the commissions and proper funds to the market also. and im sending Cryxus his award for being the highest sold male slave. Edit done to correct a 30 coin counting error which showed Cryxus was the highest paid for male slave. Changes this effected are: Average sale price for male slaves from 19.55 to 20.91 Grand total earned was: 798 -89 =709 Highest priced male slave (Cryxus 65) corrected for counting error Shoeps 55 and for .Ailtih. for top 5 contributors changed from 107 to 137 sorry for the oops and hope to see you all next time (Master)Kragel The Metal Mage
  25. LOL ok everyone who thinks the MDS is worth less than a dollar or only a dollar you owe me more coins cause i was doing it with a rate of MDS =2 creds lol anyway yes this is a good topic and im sure it will go up and down some as needed in value according to demand My 2c Kragel The Metal Mage
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