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  1. i really like the coins have thought of ways to use custom coins for things before and think they will go over well

    i think the bronze ones are the est looking ones then the silver

    even the colored ones have a certain appeal

    as for design i think i would like to see the bird logo on one side and MD on the other side if only one was made if more than one

    perhaps a small selection of some of the creatures on one side and a game location on the other side

    as far as ordering them i would indeed as soon as my new work starts paying off early next year

    if i really like how they turn out then i could see ordering more to use for gifts or awards also

    anyway this is my 2c

    The Metal Mage

  2. i do like this idea alot could see it doing well for helping keep people active (cough) not like i have been active but that was unavoidable sadly

    however tho i think very few if any alts should get any from this

    and i think all the people who have done things in the game like rpcs and lhos should perhaps get some since the rpcs could not really get them while making the quests

    anyway this is my 2c

    glad to be back hope i have not missed too much to fit back in the game i love so much

  3. Yami i am sorry to see you going i am going through some changes right now too and can fully understand

    my prayers and blessings go with you and if you should maybe one day return know you have friends here who will happily welcome you back

    but for now go and enjoy your new direction in life

    your friend


  4. as far as we know for now that is correct

    tokens adapt to the person who the creature is traded to

    this is very good tho cause you can get the tokens that help your principles best this way when trading

    so make sure you look at your principles and the tokens before bidding to make sure the tokens will help you best with the principles you have

  5. The following creatures are for sale via silent auction. Pm me with your bids, if you are bidding on more than one creature send all bids in one pm with the creatures name and age (at time of post) then the coin you offer on the next line the following creature and its bid and so on ...

    once reserve is met the current bid will be placed on the list this auction will run for 1 week. coins only silver and gold will be accepted.
    Once the winning bid has been accepted you have to pay with in 24 hours or it will be offered to the next highest bidder.
    Gold exchange rate: 15 silver = 1 gold

    Pimped G Age 271
    Pimped G Age 200
    Pimped G Age 192

    IMP Age 123
    IMP Age 98
    IMP Age 96
    IMP Age 85
    IMP Age 79

    Joker Age 98

    T Soul Age 54 current bid 1 gold coin

    Joker Age 23 [stardust]

    Pimp G Age 138 [blooddrop2][blackdiamonds]

    Pimp G Age 97 [emeraldglare]

    Grasan Age 75 [blooddrop2]

    Remains Age 28 [claw1]

    T Soul Age 55 [stardust]

    all bids are taken in PM only no bids placed here will be acknowledged.

    Teh Metal Mage

  6. I'm just making a small point and i know all of lore mostly hates me for this but it is i think valid to mention....

    Edit: not "all of lore" just those who continue to find fault anytime i post ... i mean no offense to those who have been my ingame family nor to my friends

    [quote name='SageWoman' post='28779' date='Apr 12 2009, 04:28 PM']Greetings Rhaegar. For now only Children of the Eclipse and Savelites Church are active alliances. Kragel has activated The Creators Guild. As you have been directed, talk to Tarquinus, Zleiphneir and Kragel. [b]The Loreroot High Council will be having elections within its own ranks and until the results are finished, I do not believe that the Guardins of the Root will be recruiting.[/b]

    Please be patient.


    this being said does make it look as if you are refusing to allow any new blood in and in effect controling the elections ... this is too much like people saying well ill vote for you if you vote for me so we can keep the "house" pure... this is the some underhanded politics congress and the house in the US Goverment pull each day
    [i](and i truly hope this is not so and think it is simply an oversight)[/i]
    so i would suggest opening your doors in this so others who seek to be a part of loreroot also have a say

    and i beg to not be flamed for this

    im just trying to make a point that could help smooth things over

    The Metal Mage

  7. [quote name='King Manu' post='31559' date='May 19 2009, 04:11 PM'][b]As reaction to this topic i requested FULL and detailed report of all market activity so far and its tradable goods and their profit share.[/b]

    [b]Kragel will contact Kriskah and get this report to me asap.[/b]

    I also understood that Kragel doesn't feel right to make these things public so [b]i will act as buffer to judge the market situation and decide if its something wrong and fix it if needed.[/b] Personal anger and provocation from some people made Kragel react in a way that has nothing to do with a useful answer to this issue, and now he realises that.

    I understand your fear of this to be a big scam, and i must say i didnt inspected the market situation to close so far and only supported it so it can start running, but [b]i assure you ...both market and the "clients" of it ... that the market will run and exist ONLY if it will be fair, stable, and provide services that will not leave the slightes impression of scam or fraud.[/b]

    I am sorry for the reactions of some people in this topic and i didn't expect neither of you to speak like that. For a RPC thats inadmissible and he will have his moral and penalising in private and hopefuly this wont happen again, for those provoking him and offending, i can only say that regardless of reason such behaviour is not a normal way that you can get any reason from anybody and will only harm your reputation on the long run.[/quote]

    please read what mur wrote here and respect him if you cant respect anyone else ... i am collecting info on all the market trades and getting it to mur not just the auction ... he will review it and you will all know ...

    it will be in a new topic and this topic needs no more flaming...

    as to a couple of quick points

    silver does have value as does gold and creatures and items ...
    i researched a trade value by interviewing a few people and took into effect what each of them said to come up with the creature trade values i gave .... again i will state i offered LOW AND UNFAIR trade values for most of the creatures to make people trade coin FIRST and i treated each silver to be worth 2 dollars because i find them more valuable than just the dollar you got them with ... some may not agree with this but more people see a value in silver than the few here arguing senselessly that they have no value

    as far as work involved watcher ... when a job is done well you will never see all the preparations done behind the scenes to make it come off smoothly...

    and SS your saying you are sorry ... is not shown by making your further comments ...

    everyone else flaming thank you for your thoughts on this .... this is the first time a market or auction was ever done there is always mistakes the first time something is done .... and there are always people who play the vulture part to try to pick it all apart ... so the flaming is hurtful but im learning for the next time so you will have less to complain about ... so for this thank you again...

    more importantly [b]thank you to everyone[/b] posting here and sending me messages [b]supporting what myself and kris have tried to do[/b] in bringing a new lvl of roleplay and economy to the game

    i originally only wanted to be a private merchant helping the market but i see how some of you think because i am an RPC that i am a public figure ... maybe this is why some of you feel you have a right to know what i make ... when i finish my report to mur you will know how much i made here and you will know in future things the market does what we make ... Kris and I will have a more open policy with the market...

    with this being said i ask that everyone stop posting here at least until mur has a chance to see the report and make his post

    show him some respect please


  8. burns the only think im unsure about is how much of 50% is left after all the loss and things paid out and the fact that it is on creatures that i will get my coin back out of with some and will need to grow and even add tokens to with others to get them to sale

    i am preparing the report for mur to see on all the transactions

    Note: this report will also include the people who did not pay fully and still woe coin from the auction ...


    i try not to get mad and i took the personal attacks against myself and my character personally and responded badly to them ... i stand behind my ideas and things i said for the most part but i am very sorry for the yelling and language that has been posted in the forum be it originally posted here or pasted in here it is inexcusable for me as a player or an RPC to talk to my fellow players in this way

    i dont know what else to say

    Kragel ...

  9. *From: Burns

    I'd like to apologize for flaming you in the last few days, and as i've said i totally understand that you are a bit thin-skinned these days...

    i was not inteding to take this to a personal level, or take the matter to the forums, but i wanted a straight answer to see what is fair and what isn't =)

    and i'm goin gto forget the insults you threw at my head, they don't matter that much to me, and i am sorry that MD is now going to flame you, that was none of my intentions :)

    regards, B

    first off burns this would have meant more if it had been posted here not sent to a pm then i look back here and see yet again another post from you ....

    secondly when you attack someone accusing them of cheating and other things like this IRL you can get in trouble for the false accusations im not asking for your head but this is wrong on so many lvls how many times did i tell you and others to go back and re read the auction post ...

    but no everyone only wanted to try to hang someone because they have forgotten about he fun they had and now they only see the coin or creature they traded away ... ok so for that im a bad guy ?

    honestly go the to store and buy something (steak and wine) take it home and enjoy it or better yet burn the stake and spill the wine and go back to the store and tell them you want your money back tell them because you burnt the steak it did not taste like it should have and they cheated you and see how fast they laugh you out of the store ...

  10. wow i should have thought of that thanks kris

    The final price of your sale in the market will be divided between myself and Kriskah, with a small portion going to the slaves to buy their freedom, if need be ...

    for people who cant do simple math divided means split usually in half .... in this case since everyone wants to MY BUSINESS .. i gave her fully half of the coin value meaning ALL of the coin and creatures to make up the rest of half which she can give out or sale or [b]whatever[/b] she wants to with them cause they are hers she can even sale them to make extra profits

    then i took my half and sold creatures to pay [b]ALL[/b] the commissions [b]ALL THE REWARDS[/b] and [b]ALL[/b] the other expenses ... leaving me with some creatures that were my pay on top of that i was cheated out of some creatures i would have had but got to repo the slaves and had a couple of slaves for that ... and i got cheated on some creatures some as young as 3 days old when i clearly stated MAX age creatures only with the exceptions of soul and priests which i accepted ...

    so i dare anyone now to try to say i tricked or cheated anything when i gave way way more than i got...

    Edit: This is the only time i will go into detail about my business trades

    The Metal Mage

  11. you dislike being insulted ?!?! what a crock

    you think you can insult anyone you wish and make them look bad by sticking your nose where it should not be

    but when they tell you you are a low life and other things they think of your ways you dont like being insulted

    well goody for you cry somewhere else

    for your info the creatures i have ALL of the creatures i have are mine from auction traded or other trades and from my personal creatur4es i have obtained ... most of my pay from the auction was in creatures cause there was not enough coins for it so if i choose to keep the creatures i can if i wanted to keep every drachorn i got in the auction i could have BECAUSE IT WAS ALL HONEST ABOVE BOARD BUSINESS


    but i chose to sale or trade some of them that again is MY BUSINESS !!!!!





  12. [quote name='phantasm' post='31431' date='May 18 2009, 12:15 PM']ok so in light of the answers i have a few more questions.

    1. When application is made will it be reviewed by Mur for thought on making said applicant a crafter?[/quote]
    i dont think so it will be more along the lines of your role ow who ever the player is their role will show that they could be a good Crafter Mur will decide that and when there is an announcement that you can now make items then you will be sent an invite along with a couple of short questions about neutrality and serving all the people of the realm with out favoritism

    [quote name='phantasm' post='31431' date='May 18 2009, 12:15 PM']2. Can you be a crafter of items and NOT an RPC?[/quote]
    this is up to Mur we will all see with time

    [quote name='phantasm' post='31431' date='May 18 2009, 12:15 PM']3. Are there MP restrictions on crafters?[/quote]
    i dont see why there would be other than being in game long enough that Mur can trust you to make items responsibly

    [quote name='phantasm' post='31431' date='May 18 2009, 12:15 PM']I know I'm asking alot of questions just want to make sure I understand what's goin on.[/quote]
    questions are how we learn ^_^

    The Metal Mage

  13. if the market wants to state what they got out of it they can do so ... and yes burns if be became public knowledge you cheated someone then i would be pissed

    and for all you people who want to find faults tell me show me every penny you have ever spent made and every trade you have made and every irs form you have and i will do the same ... show me everything you have stolen dst show me every time you cheated ...



  14. good questions

    1. Udgard is right that no just being in the guild does not mean you can make items ... however i may not invite anyone into the guild unless they have been given the ability to create to keep the guild as pure in intent as possible

    2. people who would apply or wish to join should be able to craft things this would be bestowed on people through Mur seeing your role showing a strong crafting soul...

    3. Mur has all say over PWR and RPC it is always only up to him who gets those promotions ( well and your roleplay effects it greatly) i do think there is room for some PWR Crafters we will see how this plays out

    note all people wishing to join the Crafters should be fully willing to be a neutral party who will work well with everyone

  15. Some people keep wanting to know things that apparently my full report did not answer well enough so I'm going to answer this way...

    where did the coin go ? the coin was used to pay for awards, commissions, and the markets share was sent to the market. (how much that was is private and asking is rude and disrespectful to everyone involved)

    where did all the creatures go ? some of the creatures went to the market some were sold and i still hold some which is part of my funds for doing the auction. (my business is not a public or open business and my profits and or assets are not for public again asking is disrespectful and rude.)

    who did you sell them to and for how much ? all transactions out of the auction are private if someone wants to tell you they bought a creature that is up top them (going around and asking everyone is RUDE)

    how much did everyone make ? no one asks you how much you make when you are making your traded and or job so why should you know how much everyone else makes ?

    Note 1: the creatures the market got will allow them to make even more funds to help the market continue to run

    Note 2: other items are being filtered into the market also to help it run smoothly also

    any other questions you may ask here .... but that does not mean all questions are proper or deserving of an answer ...

    before asking more questions refer to the original post and the report i did on the auction which explains in full answers to most any question you can have


    The Metal Mage

  16. Answer with your most honest opinion. Please.

    1. What can be done to help make Loreroot better?

    Loreroot its self is great as it is, all of the internal turmoil needs to be dissolved ...

    I would suggest maybe for now let it go back to only the alliances and guilds dissolve the "High Council" as far as I can see the largest number of problem is when it involves this governing body trying to control all of the peoples in the lands

    2. What do you think can be done to bring everyone closer together?

    Some times the best way to grow closer together is to take a step back this is true in many things in life and again you can refer to my answer to question 1 for my suggestion ... my further suggestion tho would be to keep things in game as much as possible all of the out side forums and things just make it hard for people to be able to find trust ... who among you trust a secret kept my a secret org of people who keep it secret that they exist ? I feel some may be looking at the people of Loreroot in this way also ...

    3. What do you think is causing people to leave alliances?

    distrust and drama

    4. What do you feel can be done to fix the problems in lore?

    again refer to the answer in question 1 there may be other solutions but i feel this could help a lot tho I know it will be the least favorite option for those involved

    5. What do you need for the High Council to better serve you?

    high council ... well if there is to be one it should run so quietly that everyone only notices it from respect not from it's rules and regulations ... and if there should be one it should be more open remember you are a high council not i repeat NOT a secret organization to better serve open the doors

    6. What skills/gifts/talents to you have to offer?

    My skills and talents range widely and can be used in many ways anyone has but to ask for my help and they will have it ... The best gift I can offer anyone is my friendship and loyalty ... these things are earned tho not given freely ...

    7. What would you like to see in Loreroot?

    more role play, more freedom to enjoy the game, less government and a fully open cooperation with the rest of the realm (please stop separating yourselves)

    8. What do you believe could make Loreroot a better and more entertaining place?

    I think the idea of the training grounds I have been ask to help develop will help bring people there .. I will be talking with lady Calyx more on this soon so we can test some ideas to get it underway soon

    The preceding questions were sent to me in a pm asking my thoughts on how i think Loreroot can best me helped

    I was also invited to post this info on Loreroot's private forum as well but choose not to as i wish all to be able to see and respond to my answers to the questions ...

    If a member of Loreroot wishes to copy my post here and place it in the private form they may but as for this post i think it is a good and healthy topic that can get some interesting and hopefully positive feed back

    so i in turn invite anyone who has an interest in the beautiful land of Loreroot to please answer the same questions posed to me so we can have more suggestions to help them regain the true health and strenght of the forest that is Loreroot

    The Metal Mage

  17. Willem RedBeard

    Thank you for making this topic! I have for a very long time thought it dishonourable to farm loses and have mentioned it several times also ...

    this goal is a worthy one that has my FULL backing anything i can to do help you in spreading this thought into the hearts and minds of more and more new and old people alike you just let me know

    truly the only way a balance will be brought to the game it to fight with honour and show those grinders and stat farmers that it is a time for a change

    fighting should be used to train and as a part of your role and lvling your creatures ... not as oooh i have the highest stats and i can kill anyone in a 0 round fight almost every time

    Kudos Willem

    thanks again for this topic

    The Metal Mage

  18. [quote name='King Manu' post='29963' date='May 2 2009, 04:06 PM']while reading your posts i had an ideea ...what if we call alpha stages AGES... so we could call it that we are now in age 8. that will turn it from alpha to something else and will never end.

    what do you think? its just a thought.[/quote]

    i like the age thing and i think it would fit well with the game growth im all for it :good:
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