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    Magic Duels

    ok im sorry for posting in here but for some reason i cant reply unless its a fast reply or the screen goes blank and i cant create my own topic, so im putting my idea in here and if someone could make a topic for it that would be great. I was thinking of magic duels. I'm not sure if they are already part of the game at higher levels or they are already being planned but i was thinking that we could make a stage were it involves fast thinking and good spells. Once the spells are up and running of course. I think it should run like this. The players do a random coin toss to decide who goes first and the player that goes first has X amount of time to type their spell. (im not sure how much time because im not sure of the typical length of a spell). The spell would then translate for the other player showing what it is intending to do and that player would have X amount of time to choose a spell to combat it. They would then switch order and player 2 could attack. I thnk this could encourage a new type of battle were the more knowledgable you are about your character, the quicker your spell creating/interpreting is, and maybe a little bit of your typing spped would effect the battle. eg: Player 1 goes first. he is trained in the discipline of elements. mumbo jumbo hocus pocus. player 2 read: The opponent is casting a fireball spell at you. player two gets to react. He is trained in the field of time. blaa ihfgdh ookapoo PLayers read: Player two slowed time and dodged the fireball. Player 2: ihueorshiljhlkj Players read: PLayer two is attempting to age player one until death. PLayer one: hrfshhghllhgrhkgjk Players read: Player disupts the fluid in player two's ears and causes him to lose balance and fail the spell. etc etc i know it sounds like a big ask and it would require a LOT of programming and spells etc. But i think this style of battle would be most enjoyable, even if they could only take place in tournaments with an RPC to watch over and rule on what the spell does and whether the player survives it. regards Spoondude
  2. umm i know this is a bit inapropriate for this topic but im not sure what an RPC is? is it atually a person playing the game but who has a role in the game. like i was playing yesterday and found a person called .john. he helped me a lot but was he a RPC or just a useful player. how do i recognise RPC's?
  3. ok so the way i read it, i think that it could be used this way: If you can learn the "true name" of an action, why not learn the true name of your opponents attack? Granted it would take time to master this particular application of the principle, would it not let you be able to... alter certain parts of their strike. for example, changing the target to one of their own, or just changing the hit to a heal. Im not sure whether actually changing the target would still fall under this principle or whether that is the jurisdiction of another principle. But as this principle is said to have to powers of mind control at higher levels, i dont see why you shouldn't be able to mess with the opponents targets. I myself have chosen to follow the principles of imiagination, transposition and entropy. I'm thinking that i could find the true name for the opponents mind, or intelligence, and transpose entropy onto it. I'm not sure if that would work, but, if it did, think of the uses of being able to stop your opponent from thinkning. Also just one worry. If there are so many different spells that can be made by principles, how is the system going to keep up, i mean if someone invents a new spell and tries to use it, will the game be able to identify what the spell is trying to do and give an accurate effect?
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