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  1. You cheated Pip and should be banned according to the rules. this is what the rules say:[list] [*]You can have multiple accounts, to try out story, to experince new ways of play etc ..., however if you are detected that you are using them just to help one of your main accounts , all of them including the main will get banned. [/list] its simple and your guilty.
  2. I think this casino is a very good idear and the proceedes should go to a land or maybe a new charity in MD.)r a cause. SOMEBODY HELP ME ON THIS. OR BETTER YET MANY CAN HELP ON THE MATTER
  3. Here is one of my 1st game to be avalible for play a Game anyone having any idears to improve this using 12 sided dice please send me pm. Game: 12 HIGH The Game is played using 12 sided dice Number of players: as many as wants to play (the more players, Bigger pot) 1 or 2 Sc X # of players, minus 1 sc for Dealer commander = Pot.... Dealer commander calls game. bet 1 0r 2 SC, Example: 5 players bet 1 sc each the winner gets 4 Dealer Commander gets 1. Start: each player which wants to play must ENTER. To ENTER : pay the D
  4. my 1st offical Quest read my protectors statement

  5. This is where i get to talk about me... I am now trying for a new goal. roleplay and the forums. And this is what i have to say about that spoiler:( ).......

  6. Where is your real picture,Kingy Wingy? LOL SMOOCH!

  7. What...no RL picture? Come on. I wanna see who Sage has been flirting with!

  8. I have not reread the AL. so i post this from memory...I know there is more than one cube... when Khalazdad the Black Merged with Khalazdad the White at the House of liquid Dust there was a cube there held by SageWoman in this Cube the merge had to take place for Khalazdad to become the Grey. I believe this cube to be made of diamond. I have heard Khalazdad speak of a Gold Cube. this Gold Cube may hold a soul and Khalazdad spoke about this Gold Cube to be lost in Loreroot, but was unsure. I know where this diamond cube is and it is safe.. The Gold may hold the soul of Marind Bell since we al
  9. Happy Birthday King!

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