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  1. Happy birthday to you, lass may you enjoy every year more than the last
  2. ill send the re-re-re-revised list my guess is he hasn't gotten around to anyone beyond the first batch, though. relatives are down so i've been out the past couple days.
  3. Sometimes there are nuerological disorders that could cause that, especially something where the relaying of nerves inside the brain have interference, i.e. if the myalin sheaths are damaged or something is messing with the nerve signals. There was one kid in my classes that used to get like "drained" as tests went on. It was really weird, but it isn't beyond the realm of possibility. More than likely just being lazy though.
  4. Keep in touch lass. Good luck in your future endeavors, if you ever need help with something don't be afraid to ask.
  5. the GG issue was fixed like... 7 months ago? not an exact date, but if it was anytime recently it was probably one of those ones mentioned or some other NPC that wasnt made to be attacked
  6. cryxus

    Page 5

    i think i know who that is. *grins*
  7. I agree with it being in a building in the fort. In my opinion it would be the logical point to have it within fortifications from a tactical standpoint also, plus the seclusion it gives could be nice.
  8. 7. That thing we forget about when we play MD (i missed a test today )
  9. whoo, he said treasure chest.... alright, here i come mate...
  10. We probably get to RP our cube... fine by me... just shows how awesome we are... I expect it to go as follows... "Oh where's your cube" "It is one with the universe" "oooohhh o_o" *bows to the awesomeness*
  11. aww man *checks his swear jar* why do i keep using you for alcohol in America!? *sighs* >.< damnit! *puts a dollar in and smiles*
  12. Happy birthday Stormy make it a good one... drink a pint for me... or better yet just give me the pint
  13. *pouts* i had a great quest ' i know a few people can testify... but it cost me too much because i ran it as a group because i wanted to put a new spin on it... i thought it worked out well but it drained me as a quest giver, especially with the low numbers that actually participated... Also, on a tangent i gotta say im not a fan of giving out WP for highly subjective material, like essays, without at least posting them and having a vote... it bugs me to be honest, so now i'm gonna stick away from those quest. Oh and also i wanna say that i had went to do Blackwood Forest's quest and i chose the research branch and he asked me to research him and post it on the archive... just for the record im not gonna, i think it's the absolute most selfish and pompous quest request i have ever been given. I pride myself in being a great researcher, but c'mon... I absolutely hate quests made for selfish reasons (part of the reason i dont like subjective quests is because it's really hard to tell). I love quests that incorporate several layers of styles into it, like Shadowseeker's map quest. My favorite types are the ones that actually have the feel of a puzzle or something that contributes something to the realm... the latter of which i havent seen in some time in MD... that being said i hope that sometime soon one of those shows up... maybe i'll make one myself sometime soon . P.S. sorry if my writing seems bad, i have a huge migraine.
  14. cryxus

    Be A Creature

    aye, thank you very much mate
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