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  1. Accidentally clicked the negative reputation to Sasha's first introduction post, so it is known. My humble apologies.
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  8. Same error here as well, with the additions of not seeing personal recharging statistics:        
  9. My activity is current, and has been for some time now, daily throughout the day.   About the role, I have no specific one, since I'm still a, let's say, young soul around this Realm. I have my own entity's role and story that'll soon be published in my papers (when I edit it some more), and it's tightly interconnected with everything I'm a part of at this present moment. Currently, I'm usually gathering the precious liquid of water (and other resources) as a part of dowsers, for the masses (when resource sharing becomes more organized) and as a part of my role and need as a saprophytic organism for material decomposition of various waste by-products of other living organisms and decaying dead rotting matter through the help of dissolving water ability for its disintegration through my intestine to simpler compounds and elements that are easily absorbed by others for new cycle of sprouting life. With it is also connected mental cleansing as material, as views of rebirth, which is connected with the land of Marind Bell.  I cannot help than see all from wider specter as an interconnected living organism of our summed actions, and with that I build my story out of every action I made in MD, without contradictions, as one must find his place to evolve it further and be good at it. Just personal individual philosophy.   In the game I enjoy plenty. Roleplaying is important foundation, researching about this Realm as we also find more about ourselves as we're part of it, gathering resources for various reasons, helping new players excites me, but currently in borders I can with my current knowing, and as a part of my role through rebirth philosophy and land. Dueling and evolving my bounded creatures is also emphasised, as joyful activity interconnected with the balance of the Realm in this way. All an all, I enjoy in much and widening my role and influence as I grow older and more aware of the Realm and people in it, trying to observe till I got something worthy to show, 'cause I tend not to bite that what I cannot chew on, and I really enjoy the saying on roles that you begun to be that what you already are in a way.
  10. Majestic Winderwild ID: 511678   6 silver coins
  11. Gljivoje

    Rickroll Quest

    WittyLeWat (2) Ailith (1) Azrafar (1) Kyphis (1)
  12. This is resolved, thank you all who showed interest
  13. Selling or trading 9th Ann. Aramor for various things. Very negotiable, so if there's anyone in need of such, let's make a symbiotic connection.   Thanks in front to whoever
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