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  1. Upon careful consideration and investigation I find that Cenyon will not be joining Loreroot, nor any other land. He is a Bringer, which is a title of Old, and represents the First of an ancient people. They are without homeland, without allegiance, and without bias. He will be at a disadvantage in many ways, yet he will remain true to his heritage.
  2. In response: 1. *curtsies* 2. Yes, I thoroughly expected such a response. Occasionally, I even enjoy it. 3. Wherefore? Additionally, what brought you to such conclusion that such action would be beneficial either to myself or to Loreroot?
  3. Lady Renae

    The Voices

    Well, well. There is a Soul indeed. In likeness, no less. Adventuring, you say? Adventuring not in Silence nor in Solitude but in Significance. Ah yes, a significant thing. In any event we wish well upon you, and point out that you are not the only one with Others. Allow themselves to introduce.... Yasilia. *nods in acknowledgment* Akia. Unless, of course, you manage to Anger me beyond reason. In which case Akima. And trust me, in my company you will know Fear or the Joy of the Darkflame. There is no place between. *grins in a surprisingly seductively evil fashion* Darius, though I am alternately called Connor or Destroyer, depending on the Occasion. *bows with a flourish of his single Blade* You would do well to know me. I am most often all that may stop Akima's claws. You didn't have to tell them that, you Expositionist! Mayhap not, but it was entertaining. *chuckles* Can we please get on with the introductions? Your Bickering can wait until a more appropriate juncture. Everyone else is asleep, youngling. You may as well set these things Aside. Well fine then, but if any of you start interrupting while I'm trying to do Something Important, I will in fact... Will what? You're just Stalling and trying to sound Impressive. You are even placing emphasis with grandiose lettering to imitate the workings of your mind. Get on with it, and quickly before the Pythons begin chanting such. Or Yasilia starts singing. Fine. These are they as would present themselves at the moment. I assure you no imitation is intended, more an affectation of perceived acceptance and the effects thereof. Should you wish their Silence, I will so oblige but upon a word. There lie Universes upon Universes within my mind, nearly all of my creation. A few are of their own making, though I know not how. These are of the most active Inhabitants, though there are more and some more commonly vocal. You do carry on a good bit. Settle, will you? See if they are even Interested in what you have to say. Many have gone Unnoticed without consequence, and so yet may you. You can speak with us another day if need be, even create with us. Or Kill with us. *grins and dances with Darkflame* Yes, but only the Fictitious, Aki. Enough. We are Boring people. If they find Interest, let them speak.
  4. Greetings and salutations to all you who may or may not read this thread. I find it customary in most forum settings to introduce oneself upon admittance into the user registry. Some may choose to introduce themselves via relevant post, whilst others may delve into the reading and memorization of various procedural codices and regulations listings, and another set perchance indulges in the generally directionless chatter of a designated entry census. It is this latter to which I hold no realistic purpose of creation, yet rather I do endeavor to recreate such contributions as I would provide in the event that such a thread were to materialize in this ... ... Aw grr... my ability to create grandiose vocabulary fails me when I am in the throes of a severe lack of sleep and an overabundance of impatience. Basically I'm saying "hi". So yeah. Hi. Hiiiii!! And now I have created for myself two disparate types of annoying behavior for which I may be severely judged. This should be interesting at the very least. If it is any consolation, I assure you this is by no means my normal mode of operation. And again I say hello. I guess I'll see y'all either on the forums or in the game. Or both! ^-^
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