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  1. What keeps you coming back to MagicDuel? What is your favourite thing to do in MagicDuel? What do you do most often in MagicDuel? What do you wish there was more of in MagicDuel? What do you wish there was less of in MagicDuel?
  2. You can make as many as you want, but if you go overboard I might just have ask for you to stop. Don't post an overwhelming amount of submissions.
  3. Rewards: One Wiiya bubble rewarded to the uploader of every emoji which becomes a server emoji. Sponsors: Me Feel free to sponsor whatever rewards you please, sponsors are responsible for making sure their rewards are given out. Upload your submissions for custom server emotes to the #emoji-competition channel in the official MD Discord Server. Vote for your favourites by reacting with the :md: emote Whichever ones get the most votes will become emojis on the MD Discord Server! Discord link to the emoji competition channel: https://discord.gg/zfg6Vhq
  4. Even if you're not a guardian or LHO you can still be known as a helpful player. If some newbie is buggering me about something I don't feel like explaining chances are I'd tell them to go ask EE or Syrian. The title may give a sense of duty but without the title you have something to prove. What will happen to the LHO achievement? When there were announcements about new guardians of the West I imagined a revival of rawquist and kraubanis (spelling?).
  5. I'm sceptical you can comprehend the emotions of others when most of the time you can't even keep track of your own emotions.
  6. If someone takes over an alliance and doesn't cancel all invites to the alliance and it is taken back then it should be considered a failed takeover.
  7. Rophs

    Coffee or Tea?

    I prefer Tea over coffee. It tastes delicious without adding anything to it. Even with a heap of milk and sugar coffee still tastes like crap. What's your hot beverage of choice?
  8. If I upload a really big image for something that would be much smaller in the scene is it possible to scale it down using the A25 interface?
  9. Chat parser doesn't match youtu.be shortened links See log in fo
  10. Jan 30, 2017 [log The Oak:] [30/01/17 03:33] :Rophs cralws into Awiiya's roots and meditates as he begins to commune with the Seeds [30/01/17 06:07] Pipstickz:Beep [30/01/17 06:36] Rophs:Annoying potato man witha stick! [30/01/17 06:36] Rophs:Aiesh [30/01/17 06:50] Pipstickz:No [30/01/17 06:50] Rophs:It's making noises at me again. Ahhh! [30/01/17 06:51] Pipstickz:Barg [30/01/17 06:51] Pipstickz:Barg barg barg [30/01/17 06:51] Pipstickz:But I can't do armpit pushups here [30/01/17 06:52] Rophs:Maybe if you were nadrolski [30/01/17 06:52] Pipstickz:I'm out of morph potion woops [30/01/17 06:53] Pipstickz: (Uh oh this radio hit me in the feels) [30/01/17 06:54] Rophs:Use your bottle of liquid dutch [30/01/17 06:54] Pipstickz: (When the song talked about tim hortons <3) [30/01/17 06:55] Pipstickz: (Almost brought to tears) [30/01/17 07:00] Rophs:Seedwalk Time! [30/01/17 07:00] Pipstickz: (Here) [30/01/17 07:00] Rophs:Pip tell a story to the Oak! [30/01/17 07:00] Pipstickz:Uh I mean [30/01/17 07:00] Pipstickz:Here [30/01/17 07:00] Pipstickz:Oh where is it? [30/01/17 07:01] :Pipstickz spins around in circles [30/01/17 07:01] Rophs:Tell it a story about feelions of emption in unexpected places. [30/01/17 07:01] :Pipstickz points at Awiiya [30/01/17 07:01] Pipstickz:That one? [30/01/17 07:01] Rophs: *stands up and crawls ou from Awiiya's roots* No silly! *runs across the patch and collapses inna heap under the Oak Sapling* O'er here! [30/01/17 07:02] :Pipstickz follows after the peanut [30/01/17 07:03] :Pipstickz halts a few paces from the designated tree [30/01/17 07:03] :Pipstickz assumes a dramatic pose [30/01/17 07:03] Rophs:Too close! [30/01/17 07:03] :Pipstickz inhales deeply [30/01/17 07:03] Rophs: *laught* Just kidding! [30/01/17 07:03] :Pipstickz awkwardly shuffles backwards [30/01/17 07:03] :Pipstickz closes his eyes [30/01/17 07:04] Pipstickz:Once upon a time... [30/01/17 07:04] Pipstickz:I saw the most beautiful cat! [30/01/17 07:05] Rophs:A pretty pussy? Ooh! [30/01/17 07:05] Pipstickz:But little did I know, the feline's owner was a dastardly devil! [30/01/17 07:05] Pipstickz:As I was distracted with his pet cat, he sucker punched me so I passed out [30/01/17 07:06] Pipstickz:When I woke up I was being thrown in the river, in a potato sack! [30/01/17 07:06] Pipstickz:As I struggled to stay above the water, he yelled after me [30/01/17 07:07] Pipstickz:"Y'like cats so much, now y'get to die like one!" [30/01/17 07:07] Pipstickz:And the was the story of the evil cat man [30/01/17 07:07] Pipstickz:Come back next week for the thrilling conclusion [30/01/17 07:08] Rophs:Encore! [30/01/17 07:08] Rophs:There is no time in MagicDuel! [30/01/17 07:08] Rophs:I've been waiting all week! [30/01/17 07:08] :Rophs starts to search around for his pitchfork [30/01/17 07:08] Pipstickz:Cliff [30/01/17 07:08] Pipstickz:Hanger! [30/01/17 07:09] Rophs:So you went over a waterfall and got caught on a cliff! [30/01/17 07:09] Rophs:Amazing! [30/01/17 07:09] Pipstickz:>> [30/01/17 07:10] Pipstickz:Ey, I was telling a story to a tree, not to it's familiar [30/01/17 07:10] Pipstickz:Clearly you're some little imp creature [30/01/17 07:10] Rophs:No! [30/01/17 07:11] Rophs:If I was an imp, could I do this? *dances* [30/01/17 07:11] :Pipstickz does the leaf strut [30/01/17 07:12] Rophs:Ooh boy. You should join Loreroot with moves like that! [30/01/17 07:12] :Pipstickz pulls off a bark stall [30/01/17 07:12] :Pipstickz pushes the seed walk [30/01/17 07:13] Rophs:seeds sprout, seeds entangle Pipstickz [30/01/17 07:13] Pipstickz:lolololololololol [30/01/17 07:13] :[Spell] seeds sprout, seeds ensnare Pipstickz [30/01/17 07:14] :[Spell] seeds sprout, seeds strip pipstickz [30/01/17 07:14] Pipstickz:Oh yeah? [30/01/17 07:14] Rophs:Yeah! [30/01/17 07:14] Pipstickz:OH YEAH? [30/01/17 07:14] Rophs:SHOUTS: Yeah! [30/01/17 07:14] :[Spell] Listen to the Omnipresence - Rophs [30/01/17 07:14] :Pipstickz failed to cast a spell [30/01/17 07:15] :Rophs failed to cast a spell [30/01/17 07:15] Pipstickz:lolololololololololol [30/01/17 07:15] :[Spell] seeds grant me power [30/01/17 07:15] :[Spell] Reach into the Omnipresence - Rophs [30/01/17 07:15] :[Spell] seeds sprout, seeds disarm Pipstickz [30/01/17 07:16] Rophs:This is making me want to tell a story about the great wizzard wars! [30/01/17 07:16] Rophs:It was long ago, when I was but a Seed. [30/01/17 07:16] Rophs:Right now as a matter of fact, as there is no time in MagicDuel. [30/01/17 07:17] Pipstickz:Uh huh [30/01/17 07:17] Rophs:Two wizzards cast lots of spells. [30/01/17 07:17] Pipstickz:I was listening and not thinking about other spells [30/01/17 07:17] Rophs:And then one of them distracted his opponent with a story and gor them where they lest expected it. [30/01/17 07:17] :[Spell] seeds sprout, seeds look for pipstickz [30/01/17 07:17] Pipstickz:Oh yeah I remember [30/01/17 07:17] Pipstickz:MRD and AqlBeast [30/01/17 07:17] Rophs:And then when he found the weak point! [30/01/17 07:18] Rophs:His opponent managed to spread misinformation [30/01/17 07:18] :[Spell] Look into the Omnipresence - Rophs [30/01/17 07:18] Pipstickz:Counter! [30/01/17 07:18] Rophs:And the whole she-bang was tried for being too meta and sent off to the Skylands [30/01/17 07:19] Pipstickz:C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER [30/01/17 07:19] Rophs:And now I bust out my rhyme dictionary, and pwn you with the power of music! [30/01/17 07:19] Rophs:Hey there Pip I've got a good quip, [30/01/17 07:19] Pipstickz:Chka chka chk [30/01/17 07:19] Rophs:Right now I'll allow you to receive this tip. [30/01/17 07:20] Rophs:You're capable of doing more greatness, [30/01/17 07:20] Rophs:Unload your head and behold my class. [30/01/17 07:20] Rophs:Internal rhyming has enternal power, [30/01/17 07:20] Pipstickz:That's not even a slant rhyme [30/01/17 07:21] Rophs:You got me! [30/01/17 07:21] Rophs: *throws a rock at Pips's groin* But I wasn't aiming for your brain! [30/01/17 07:22] Pipstickz:Capable of greatness / But you need to eat cake less! [30/01/17 07:22] Pipstickz: *rubs his outer layers* Ow... [30/01/17 07:23] Rophs:LAyers? [30/01/17 07:23] Pipstickz:Shh shush [30/01/17 07:23] Rophs:Oh no. I didn't know that's where the potatoes come from... [30/01/17 07:23] Pipstickz:I need a drink [30/01/17 07:23] Rophs:You lay them like a chicken! [30/01/17 07:23] Rophs:Bok bok bok bok bok! [30/01/17 07:23] Rophs:Bok bok bok bok bok bok bok! [30/01/17 07:23] Pipstickz:Nonononono [30/01/17 07:23] Rophs:Bok! [30/01/17 07:23] Pipstickz:No such thing! [30/01/17 07:23] Pipstickz:Prank caller prank caller! [30/01/17 07:23] Rophs:SHOUTS: Hey everyone, Pip's secretly been a bird! [30/01/17 07:23] :Pipstickz hangs up the phone [30/01/17 07:24] Rophs: *drives a car into Pip's frontyard and carries in someone overdosing on grasan ferment* Get the adrenaline! [30/01/17 07:26] Rophs: ( *makes some tea* ) [30/01/17 07:27] Pipstickz: ( *rinses and fills a liquor bottle with water, scared to take a sip* ) [30/01/17 07:28] :Pipstickz dances around [30/01/17 07:28] Pipstickz:Uwee hee hee [30/01/17 07:28] Pipstickz:How joyous! [30/01/17 07:28] Rophs:LEt's go to the Maple. [30/01/17 07:29] :[Spell] listen to the whisper of the seeds [/log] [log The Maple:] [30/01/17 06:01] : Pipstickz collects resin [30/01/17 07:30] Rophs: *pulls a stool over to the Maple* There's a new island to the west of GG. [30/01/17 07:30] Rophs:I was right. [30/01/17 07:30] :Pipstickz continues dancing down the road [30/01/17 07:30] Pipstickz:Uwee hee hee uwee hee hee [30/01/17 07:31] : Pipstickz collects resin [30/01/17 07:31] :Pipstickz slurps up some resin [30/01/17 07:32] Rophs:Pip anything happen lately? [30/01/17 07:32] Pipstickz:Oh, I've been digging and digging and holding lashy prisoner to his own rules [30/01/17 07:32] Pipstickz:Muahaha! [30/01/17 07:33] Pipstickz:And I hear someone's been playing around the Gateway Island [30/01/17 07:33] Rophs:You trapped him in Necro? [30/01/17 07:33] Pipstickz:Huh? More like I'm trapped out of Necro for this week [30/01/17 07:33] Pipstickz:I've been in there week after week, digging! [30/01/17 07:34] Rophs:With ya trusty shovel? [30/01/17 07:34] Rophs:Dig dig dig dig dig! [30/01/17 07:35] Pipstickz:I couldn't ever think of any good digging songs, except ones by some strange youtube guys who thought they were drawves [30/01/17 07:35] Rophs: [Video link] [30/01/17 07:36] Pipstickz:eeewwww [30/01/17 07:36] Rophs:https://youtu.be/GLsCR2RMBak [30/01/17 07:36] Rophs: [Video link] [30/01/17 07:36] Rophs: (An old Shia LeBouf movie!) [30/01/17 07:36] Pipstickz:I tried that Holes song [30/01/17 07:37] Pipstickz:It wasn't what I remembered it to be [30/01/17 07:37] Pipstickz:I watched it as a child << [30/01/17 07:37] Rophs: [Video link] [30/01/17 07:37] Pipstickz:gg [30/01/17 07:37] Rophs: [Video link] [30/01/17 07:39] Rophs: [Video link] [30/01/17 07:39] Pipstickz: (I gotta bedtime T.T) [30/01/17 07:39] Rophs: [Video link] [30/01/17 07:39] Rophs: (nighty) [30/01/17 07:39] :[Spell] listen to the whisper of the seeds [/log] [log The Willow:] [30/01/17 07:12] :nadrolski positions his water bucket [30/01/17 07:12] : nadrolski collects water [30/01/17 07:42] Rophs:The seeds are my prison [30/01/17 07:42] Rophs:I am blessed with their infinite wisdom [30/01/17 07:42] Rophs:As the realm withers everything I touch grows [30/01/17 07:42] Rophs:Maybe there's just something that nobody else knows... [30/01/17 07:42] :[Spell] listen to the whisper of the seeds [/log]
  11. Best Perseverance: Nimrodel and lashtal For unending dedication to improving the state of the game.
  12. Not enough players for mp6 What if each land gets one mp6 that the king can choose?
  13. I want to go mp6. I have stated my reasons for going mp6 elsewhere, my plans for mp6. Check help my sailing west megathread for why. I'm making you explore the forums because people should do that more often. There's lots of great info out there that many people neglect.
  14. Earmuffing communications in the same scene goes a bit far imo
  15. What changes must be made to a digital copy of an artwork to make it A25 friendly? (e.g. file format, resolution, size, transparency rules, etc.) After an A25 image is uploaded and approved what are the rules of resizing its resolution as it appears ingame?
  16. Just save it as a png with alpha transparency and it'll be OK? Are there limits on size/resolution for A25 images? Can the images be resized?
  17. Is this also the correct specifications for uploading an image to be used as an A25 scene object?
  18. 2g50s(5g5s equivalent), and a 9th anni aramor
  19. Give an error message if invalid chars are used, not allowing the creature to be upgraded.
  20. I evolved a grasan to lv3 and gave it the custom nickname "?" Its name appears as "????" in the creature page. How to replicate: 1) get a crit ready to lvup+nickname 2) put "?" in the nickname box 3) upgrade creature creature ID is 827305
  21. I tried to make a mood panel post with the contents "?" It consumed action points and put my moodpanel usage on cooldown but did not post it How to replicate: 1) copy "?" to your clipboard 2) paste it into the mood panel box so that's the only thing you are posting 3) try to post it
  22. Rookie of the Year: Klawdees for a supreme demonstration of growth.
  23. The Rhyme Dictionary has "1 uses", a property usually reserved for usable items despite being tagged as common. It also doesn't have a 'use item' link below it.
  24. Averaging the loyalties of the two scenes you are moving through would be a nice band-aid[1] for the high ap gates issue. Moving from NML to GG with 400 GG loyalty means you get 200 Average Loyalty worth of movement. Moving from LR to MDA with 100 LR and 250 MDA you would get 175 Averge Loyalty worth of movement. [1]A band-aid is not a permanent solution.
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