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  1. my totemized nutcracker is shown in the view ritual menu but is not used in fights
  2. Rophs


    What is the most valuable lesson that MD has taught you?
  3. entered loreroot while still in tutorial mode
  4. A cat thinks nothing of you and will let you die like a dog. A dog is infinitely loyal to you an will die like a dog with you as you die like a dog.
  5. Ever since they changed the unread thing to include lots of stuff I'm uniterested in I've been using this custom feed http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/discover/13/
  6. The emoji competition is going to end one week from the timestamp on this post.
  7. Before this thread is closed I would like to state for the record that we do visit The Spruce on every Seedwalk but I don't take a log of it because we whisper secrets to the spruce.
  8. Would it have to be an extra opt in setting because of GDPR now?
  9. Awiiya's way is a sanctuary, I feel this has much to do with the presence of Wiiya and the effect of Awiiya on that location. The maple, willow, and spruce also now have Wiiya present due to the influence Awiiya has had on those locations and should be sanctuaries as well.
  10. [log The Willow] Acoustic Remains log [16/06/18 16:05] : tacitamuta collects Water [17/06/18 01:27] :nadrolski high fives tacitamuta [17/06/18 01:36] Rophs:=-=-=-= [17/06/18 01:37] Rophs:Hello again friendly Willow [17/06/18 01:37] Rophs:From my lungs syllables billow [17/06/18 01:37] Rophs:Making up a poem on the spot [17/06/18 01:37] Rophs:Is a skill for me that\'s not too hot [17/06/18 01:37] Rophs:It makes the audience want to rest their heads on a pillow! [17/06/18 01:37] Rophs:=-=-=-= [17/06/18 01:37] Rophs: *chuckles* A silly limerick. [17/06/18 01:38] Aelis: *claps* That was great. [17/06/18 01:38] Rophs:Thank you [17/06/18 01:38] Rophs:Do you have any poems? [17/06/18 01:38] Aelis:I don\'t. Sorry about that. [17/06/18 01:38] :Rophs nods [17/06/18 01:38] Rophs:Then secrets for the spruce. [17/06/18 01:38] :[Spell] listen to the whisper of the seeds [/log]
  11. [log The Maple] Acoustic Remains log [17/06/18 01:28] :Rophs pulls a tiny stool over to The Maple and sits down beside it [17/06/18 01:28] Rophs:What\'s been happening lately, Aelis? [17/06/18 01:28] Rophs:I heard about a new Gateway Island to the west [17/06/18 01:29] Aelis:Ah, yes. I want to visit this new Island. [17/06/18 01:29] Aelis:Also, I met a promising youngling yesterday. Her name is Sushi. [17/06/18 01:29] Aelis:She\'s a Lorerootian. [17/06/18 01:29] Rophs:Sushi! [17/06/18 01:30] Aelis:I gave her a present: an Adult Dog Onesie. *chuckles* [17/06/18 01:30] :Rophs laughs [17/06/18 01:30] Rophs:Oh my! [17/06/18 01:30] Rophs:I hope she liked it. [17/06/18 01:31] Aelis:She did! [17/06/18 01:31] :Rophs grins [17/06/18 01:31] Rophs:Nothing much else has been happening as of late, has it? [17/06/18 01:31] Aelis:Hm... [17/06/18 01:32] Rophs: *shrugs* That\'s how this realm is. [17/06/18 01:32] Aelis:Oh, rumor has it that a new spell document showed up. [17/06/18 01:32] Aelis:I look forward to obtaining it! [17/06/18 01:33] Rophs: *opens his eyes wider than his head* OOh! [17/06/18 01:33] Aelis:I don\'t know who awards it yet. I\'m trying to find out! [17/06/18 01:33] Rophs:Does every spelldoc have an awarder? [17/06/18 01:33] Aelis:I don\'t think so. [17/06/18 01:34] Aelis:Most RPCs have disappeared. [17/06/18 01:34] Aelis:I think they used to award spell docs. [17/06/18 01:34] Rophs:There are no RPCs. [17/06/18 01:34] Rophs:That age has ended. [17/06/18 01:34] :Aelis nods [17/06/18 01:34] Rophs:Right now we are in the Late Age of Kings. [17/06/18 01:34] Aelis:I like that terminology. *smiles* [17/06/18 01:35] Rophs:But with Necrovion destroyed and with GG with an inactive king I think that soon we will no longer need kings. [17/06/18 01:35] Aelis: (oh, gotta hurry, can we move to the next location?) [17/06/18 01:35] Aelis: *nods* Perhaps you\'re right. [17/06/18 01:35] Rophs: (okay) [17/06/18 01:35] Rophs:Let\'s tell poems to The Willow. [17/06/18 01:35] Aelis: (sorry about that) [17/06/18 01:35] :[Spell] listen to the whisper of the seeds [/log]
  12. [log The Oak] Acoustic Remains log [16/06/18 23:15] : No one collects Wiiya [16/06/18 23:15] : No one collects Toxic plants [16/06/18 23:15] : No one collects Toxic plants [16/06/18 23:31] Rophs:Hello there Antyvas, dearie! [16/06/18 23:32] Antyvas:hi and thanks for the wiiya [16/06/18 23:36] Rophs:You\'ve been sleeping here for a long time, I was only giving you a whiff of the sweet gas to get you hooked. *winks* [16/06/18 23:37] Antyvas:that\'s diabolical [16/06/18 23:38] :Rophs breaks out in diabolical laughter like a true nutcase [16/06/18 23:42] Antyvas:now i\'m scared, i have to go hide in the labyrinth! [16/06/18 23:43] :Rophs burps [16/06/18 23:43] Rophs:Come back for the Seedwalk! [16/06/18 23:43] Antyvas:i\'ll try but it almost my naptime [16/06/18 23:44] :Rophs passed Syntropic Dust to Antyvas [16/06/18 23:44] Rophs:This will help you stay awake... [16/06/18 23:44] :Rophs grins mischeviously [16/06/18 23:46] Antyvas:ty [16/06/18 23:49] Rophs:Lintara! [16/06/18 23:49] : *Lintara* throws the dice and gets 12 [16/06/18 23:49] Rophs:How is the beloved forest faerie queen? [16/06/18 23:49] *Lintara*:Bullseye! *chuckles* Evening Rophs [16/06/18 23:50] :Rophs prances about her majesty waving his cane about in a positively whimsical flaily manner [16/06/18 23:51] *Lintara*: *laughs heartly, then grins* Merely catching up after a brief vacation. How\'s the cheerful nutcase faring? [16/06/18 23:51] Rophs: *speaks in an angry squaky voice in a poor attempt at having a deep voice* Who you calling a nutcase? [16/06/18 23:52] :Rophs raises both of his eyebrows in a failed attempt at raising just one [16/06/18 23:53] *Lintara*:Just the most beaming acorn to ever walk the lands. *chuckles* [16/06/18 23:53] Rophs:The only Seedwalker you\'ll ever meet, aye! [16/06/18 23:54] *Lintara*:Although, if you are here... I say, what year is it? I might have slept backwards! [16/06/18 23:55] :Rophs blinks and drools some sort of coagulated gas as he tries to process what has just been said [16/06/18 23:57] :Rophs stumbles over to Awiiya\'s roots and falls into his labrynthine network of tunnels and dens [16/06/18 23:58] *Lintara*: *giggles* Well, you certainly look like some fossils I\'ve met, so it must be year 13 still. [16/06/18 23:59] *Lintara*: (brb :) ) [17/06/18 00:01] *Lintara*: (back ^^) [17/06/18 00:02] *Lintara*:Hrm, must have confused the poor fellow. [17/06/18 00:03] Rophs: (afk a tad) [17/06/18 00:04] *Lintara*: (OK! Got to go now, see you tomorrow!) [17/06/18 00:04] Rophs: (seedwalk in an hour!!) [17/06/18 00:11] Aelis:Hello there [17/06/18 00:17] Rophs: *crawls out from beneath the roots* Ah, hallo! [17/06/18 00:25] Aelis:How\'s it going? [17/06/18 00:35] Aelis:Ah, it seems I\'ll have to leave right when the Seedwalk begins [17/06/18 00:36] Rophs:You still have a few minutes! [17/06/18 00:37] Aelis:Isn\'t 6pm EST 1h20 from now? [17/06/18 00:38] Rophs:Twenty minutes [17/06/18 00:38] Aelis:Oh [17/06/18 00:39] Aelis:Then I\'ll probably be around [17/06/18 01:00] Rophs:Let\'s begin! [17/06/18 01:00] :Rophs walks over to the Oak sapling and sits down resting his back against its mighty stem [17/06/18 01:01] Aelis: *checks his pocket watch* Oh, okay. [17/06/18 01:01] Rophs:Who would like to tell a story to my dear friend The Oak? [17/06/18 01:02] Aelis:Can\'t think of anything right now... [17/06/18 01:02] Aelis: (multitasking a bit, sorry) [17/06/18 01:03] Rophs:Antyvas, what about you? [17/06/18 01:07] Aelis:Disappeared. [17/06/18 01:08] Rophs:Well that means you must tell The Oak a story, Aelis. [17/06/18 01:08] Rophs:Tell The Oak a story about... AmberRune. [17/06/18 01:08] Aelis:Hm.. let\'s see.. [17/06/18 01:10] Aelis:Amber and I, among others, were selected by Mur for a sky scouting task once. [17/06/18 01:10] Aelis:He summoned us to his throne hall, it\'s an amazing place. Quite curiously, the ceiling is missing, can you imagine that? [17/06/18 01:11] Aelis:There were 8 of us, each assigned to a different land. I got Marind Bell, because I used to be a Knight of the Bell, and even though she used to be a Necrovion citizen, she was assigned to scout the [17/06/18 01:12] Aelis:Lands of the East! [17/06/18 01:12] Aelis:The best land of this realm! [17/06/18 01:12] Rophs:Viva Golemus! [17/06/18 01:12] Aelis:Pretty cool, too, but not ~the best~! [17/06/18 01:13] Aelis:We got access to a bunch of cool stuff: a skyscout decider *points to his own* and a strange thing called perpetual action gears! [17/06/18 01:14] Aelis:The gears were used to give us action points! [17/06/18 01:14] Aelis:But we had to give it back when the mission ended. [17/06/18 01:14] Aelis:I don\'t really know what I\'m talking about anymore, so lemme finish the story: [17/06/18 01:15] Aelis:After all the fun ended, we ended up chatting - like we always used to - and she made a comment on my public log, which made me very happy. [17/06/18 01:15] Aelis:Lemme read it to you: [17/06/18 01:16] Aelis:We did it! Another run around together =] Great friend, it\'s nice to see you more often [17/06/18 01:16] Aelis:That\'s it. [17/06/18 01:17] Rophs: *grins* That\'s a fun story. [17/06/18 01:17] Rophs:Do you wish she would stop by here more often? [17/06/18 01:17] Aelis: *smiles* I do. [17/06/18 01:17] :Rophs nods [17/06/18 01:18] Rophs:Missions with are are always quite fun. I think we once went into Necrovion together before they closed up shop. [17/06/18 01:18] Rophs: *broods darkly and mutters to himself* Good riddance... thieves. [17/06/18 01:18] Aelis:Hopefully she\'ll return someday. [17/06/18 01:19] Rophs:What kind of story should I tell? [17/06/18 01:19] Aelis:Tell something about you and Awiiya. I miss him, too. [17/06/18 01:19] :Rophs sits still for a moment while a green tear rolls down his cheek [17/06/18 01:19] Rophs:Hmm... [17/06/18 01:20] Rophs:One day when I was still a human I remember finding Awiiya here. [17/06/18 01:20] Rophs:I had never met a tree so good at conversation before. [17/06/18 01:21] Rophs:But the idea of being a tree is something so sad. He was stuck in the ground and couldn\'t move! I wanted to help Awiiya see the world. [17/06/18 01:21] Rophs:Awiiya gave me a shopping list. [17/06/18 01:22] Rophs:A stone from Goelmus, a leaf from Loreroot, a Shadow from Necrovion, and brulant from the East. [17/06/18 01:22] Rophs:Now that I think about it, were you the one who went with me to retrieve my shadow from Deathmarrow? [17/06/18 01:22] Aelis: *smiles* See? The best things come from the East. [17/06/18 01:22] Aelis:I remember something like that, yeah. [17/06/18 01:23] Rophs:Well the only thing on that list I didn\'t get for Awiiya was brulant. [17/06/18 01:23] Aelis:Were we successful? I can\'t remember. [17/06/18 01:23] Rophs:We were successful! [17/06/18 01:24] Aelis:Awesome. [17/06/18 01:24] Rophs:I did a good job, really. Three out of the four things Awiiya wanted me to bring. [17/06/18 01:25] Rophs:But something tells me that the most important shopping item was brulant... [17/06/18 01:25] :Rophs nods [17/06/18 01:25] Rophs:Not every story has a happy ending, and that\'s why we must continue to endure. [17/06/18 01:25] Rophs:Shall we move on to the Maple? [17/06/18 01:25] Aelis: *nods* You\'re right. [17/06/18 01:25] Aelis:Yes. Let\'s go. [17/06/18 01:26] Rophs:listen to the whsiper of the seeds [17/06/18 01:26] :[Spell] listen to the whisper of the seeds [/log]
  13. Seedwalks will be resuming on a regular weekly schedule (how terribly inorganic... but I want to get back into this good habit). I am also taking measures to make sure that if Seedwalks start to wilt again (and Rophs along with them) there will be a nonzero supply of Wiiya (although not enough to meet the "Demand")
  14. I think the reason the regen timer goes faster when you drink tea is because time flies when you are having fun and drinking tea is always a jolly fun time.
  15. I posted that as a mood panel message once with a link to a clip of nick fury saying that a LONG time ago. It was probably in november
  16. WTB Acorns, acorn related common items, and anything a small acorn soldier could use as weapons or armour.
  17. I've blocked BSR on disco because he insists on being an insufferable snowflake who takes everything personally. Because I will be unable to view his messages for the foreseeable future he is disqualified from this competition unless I unblock him before this competition ends (it has no end in sight so maybe he has a chance to get some Wiiya in this way).
  18. The dead link in grido's post exists in wayback machine. https://web.archive.org/web/20111105093419/http://md-archives.com/categories/archives-of-legends/official-documents/adventure-log.html
  19. I was trying to read the AL but ended up getting put into idle mode partway through. Some sort of better interface to read AL is definitely needed.
  20. Does anyone have a mirror of the pdf posted ITT? After some searching I found this but much to my chagrin the attachment seems to be buggered.
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