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  1. This dish is called good ramen. The etymology of it is quite fascinating. It is ramen and it tastes good, for this reason I call it good ramen. As ramen does not exist in MD we use the next best thing. While making a cake we instead make nonsweet dough and then push it through the quills that a knator has shed to give it the stringlike form. When No One isn't looking poke through his pile of unidentified herbs and snag some ginger, garlic, basil, and a few bay leaves. A good way to distract him is to write some really bad code and ask him for help to debug it via pm. Use about an ounce of ginger per person you plan to serve Use two cloves of garlic per three people you plan to serve, round up (don't skimp on flavor!) After you have made a ginger and garlic herbal tea add basil to suit your taste Add a bay leaf or two When the broth is done add the knator ramen. It's okay to leave them in the quills. The knator quills will dissolve to add more flavor (read: ramen flavor packets :P) and a pleasant texture. Let it boil together and marry into a good taste THE SALMON! We do actually have fish in MD. Remember cutler's fishing quest? Take a fillet of salmon (skin on is optional but I think it looks nice and tastes good) and plop it in a pan with some chopped garlic and ginger alongside a bit of Grasan oil. Don't ask about the Grasan oil, you don't want to know. Any oil works... Just let the salmon sit in a pan on heat while covered until it is cooked all the way through. I like to let the bottom side (without the skin) get a little crispy for about a centimetre from the bottom down. The texture from this is really nice. PLATING IT? Pour the ramen into the bowl and plop some salmon on top. Arrange the bay leaf as garnish as your discretion allows and trickle the oil and herbs the salmon cooked with on top of the salmon to complete garnishing this dish.
  2. the reason lashtal has a rockin bod under those robes is because he's actually a golem
  3. ONE YEAR LATER bump~ how have our answers changed?
  4. does that mean ggdeep, path keeper, etc will get to be more acessible? (dang mur posting right between me loading the page and posting causing this epic doublepost :p)
  5. Having to score at each land before being able to score at another land would be interesting. Score at NC but can't do it again until you get the other two opposing mainlands. Restricting use of things that directly give more ap (cakes, pickles, blue candy, free credits) so that players get a decent chance to defend would also be nice. Maybe balance it a bit by causing a player to lose all their ap when they go for a torch defence attack. I think tea would be okay though, it also would mean that there's a useful consumable that exists which would cause resources to get drained faster (and we get to use cauldrons which are SO GREAT!) It would be cool to see fightcauses somehow play a role in a modern torch contest (although with land cleansers already providing a potentially really useful effect in the context of TC means this maybe is already the case.)
  6. My evil saurkraut plans failed so I have created a delicious soup. It was made with goat meat, hot peppers, salt, ginger, garlic, collard greens, onion, and water.
  7. Are we limited to only a dish? I was planning on making an entire plate of food, maybe even a multiple course meal.
  8. re: mood panel i think i've seen aelis wearing this one
  9. Acoustic Remains log [10/11/18 21:35] *Lintara*:Surprise! [11/11/18 03:06] Rophs:=-=-= [11/11/18 03:07] Rophs:I didn\'t expect that! [11/11/18 03:08] Rophs:=-=-= [11/11/18 03:08] :[Spell] seedwhisper
  10. Acoustic Remains log [11/11/18 02:42] Rophs:Maple! [11/11/18 02:42] Rophs:Lots of stuff happened. [11/11/18 02:42] Rophs:Necrovion is open again, something happened with the shades. [11/11/18 02:44] Rophs:Currently it is a lawless place where anything goes. [11/11/18 02:51] Rophs:I invited a shade on a Seedwalk as well, but I don\'t think it will ever accompany me. [11/11/18 02:52] Rophs:I wonder if the Aramors would want to come on a Seedwalk... [11/11/18 03:05] Rophs:Well that\'s what\'s going on now. [11/11/18 03:05] Rophs:Bye! [11/11/18 03:05] :[Spell] seedwhisper
  11. Acoustic Remains log [10/11/18 22:49] : No one collects Wiiya [11/11/18 01:08] Rophs: (going to have dinner and if nobody is here when i return i\'ll do a solo seedwalk) [11/11/18 02:18] Rophs:Hello Oak [11/11/18 02:19] Rophs:It\'s good to see you again! [11/11/18 02:23] Rophs:This is a story of warmth... [11/11/18 02:25] Rophs:Well [11/11/18 02:26] Rophs:The story contains warmth but most of it is cold. [11/11/18 02:26] Rophs:A long time ago I asked Azull for a tour of NC, this was when he was still a King. [11/11/18 02:29] Rophs:Whenever I was in this land there was an ominous chill. Everywhere I went felt uncomfortable cold. [11/11/18 02:32] Rophs:When Azull was nearby guiding the tour it become even worse, unbearable, even. [11/11/18 02:34] Rophs:Nowhere in Necrovion could I find any warmth. [11/11/18 02:37] Rophs:But eventually I stopped feeling cold. [11/11/18 02:38] Rophs:When I left it felt like I was thrown into an oven. [11/11/18 02:39] Rophs:That\'s the time I forgot what it was like to feel warmth. [11/11/18 02:39] :Rophs nods [11/11/18 02:40] :[Spell] don\'t be lonely when the seedwhisper can keep you company
  12. unlocked the creature icon before the map icon while in tutorial, has anyone done this before?
  13. no I need to make a new 4d map
  14. LOL three years later and I enter this tunnel for the first time only to find out I was right 😜 need to update this map
  15. There's been discussion on how to potentially do it but nobody's done anything yet.
  16. Acoustic Remains log [04/11/18 20:49] Rophs:=-=-= [04/11/18 20:49] Rophs:Inside the stone barricade [04/11/18 20:49] Rophs:I will visit a specific shade [04/11/18 20:49] Rophs:With bad news to share [04/11/18 20:49] Rophs:I hope treatment is fair [04/11/18 20:50] Rophs:Regardless, I\'m still afraid [04/11/18 20:50] Rophs:=-=-= [04/11/18 20:50] Rophs: *grins* A limerick! [04/11/18 20:50] *Lintara*: *giggles* Oh, haven\'t rhymed in a while... [04/11/18 20:51] Rophs:Then maybe a haiku. [04/11/18 20:51] *Lintara*:Here goes... *raises her hands to the sky* [04/11/18 20:51] *Lintara*:=-=-= [04/11/18 20:51] *Lintara*:Bloody moon, scorching sun, [04/11/18 20:51] *Lintara*:Cast a shade for us again. [04/11/18 20:51] *Lintara*:Bloody moon, scorching sun, [04/11/18 20:52] *Lintara*:Let it anger, let it rage. [04/11/18 20:52] *Lintara*:Bloody moon, scorching sun, [04/11/18 20:52] *Lintara*:Let the old one rest again. [04/11/18 20:53] *Lintara*:=-=-= [04/11/18 20:53] :Rophs grimaces [04/11/18 20:53] Rophs:Do you hope I die? [04/11/18 20:54] *Lintara*: *sighs* Rophs, I am of the ones most likely to die for this. [04/11/18 20:54] Rophs:Eek! Who will be the ruler of the forst? [04/11/18 20:54] Rophs:Would it fall onto Eagle Eye, our judge? [04/11/18 20:55] Rophs:He told me he is also going to try and become mp6 again so that we can have a more powerful guardian of the forest. [04/11/18 20:55] *Lintara*: *shakes her head* I fear he slumbers too often to hold the crown. I will choose an heir when the time comes. [04/11/18 20:56] :Rophs nods [04/11/18 20:56] *Lintara*: *smiles, looking a little tired* It\'ll be alright Rophs. [04/11/18 20:56] Rophs:Let\'s go tell secrets to the spruce. [04/11/18 20:56] :Rophs nods [04/11/18 20:57] Rophs:Big people like to say that even when they aren\'t certain. [04/11/18 20:57] :[Spell] always trust the seedwhisper, it always contains trush
  17. Acoustic Remains log [04/11/18 20:00] *Lintara*: *skids to a stop* Made it! [04/11/18 20:00] Rophs:Woo! [04/11/18 20:00] Rophs:Let\'s begin. [04/11/18 20:01] Rophs:Lintara, tell The Oak a story about an adventurer\'s nervous anticipation for an upcoming dangerous journey. [04/11/18 20:01] *Lintara*:Alright, give me a moment.... [04/11/18 20:04] *Lintara*: *takes a breath* The young one looked over her list againThe young one looked over her list again. Bag, rope, journal, food supplies, water, knife... [04/11/18 20:04] *Lintara*:Everything seemed to be in the chaotic pile in front of her, yet she could not shake the feeling something was missing. [04/11/18 20:06] *Lintara*:She grabbed the map and looked at where her destination was. Sure, she did so many times before, but maybe it would help her remember. [04/11/18 20:08] *Lintara*:Nothing. Blast it, she thought, she\'ll be fine without it. The candle she lit up for keeping time was running low anyway and the commotion outside was giving her signs to get a move on. [04/11/18 20:10] *Lintara*:Quickly as she could, she stuffed everything into her bag and strapped it on her back , then grabbed the map off the table and rushed out to the street. No labyrinth of streets kept her from the ship. [04/11/18 20:11] *Lintara*:Not a moment sooner than when she jumped aboard and the ship left the docks, did a thought hit the young navigator. [04/11/18 20:11] *Lintara*: *smiles* Where was the compass? [04/11/18 20:13] *Lintara*:The end [04/11/18 20:13] Rophs:Oh no [04/11/18 20:16] Rophs:What kind of story should I tell? [04/11/18 20:16] *Lintara*:Hmm... Oh, about a weary traveler\'s quest for hope [04/11/18 20:17] Rophs:Hah, I won\'t need a compass! [04/11/18 20:17] Rophs:The stars and sun will illumiate the path forward. [04/11/18 20:18] Rophs:For the first day she was confident, they were on the correct course. By the end of the week they would reach the destination. [04/11/18 20:19] Rophs:Eight days later they had been out of food for over 24 hours and the seaman who was drinking seawater died of dehydration. Hopefully this is the only price to be paid for forgetting a compass... [04/11/18 20:21] Rophs:Land ho! [04/11/18 20:21] Rophs:I haven\'t eaten in three days and have barely been able to forget why I haven\'t died of dehydration yet... [04/11/18 20:22] Rophs:We sailed into port only to see it\'s the same one we departed from... [04/11/18 20:23] Rophs:The perished sailor\'s dog is standing on the dock wagging his tail. [04/11/18 20:23] Rophs:What a good boy, he always stands there and waits for his owner\'s return. [04/11/18 20:23] :Rophs begins to gently sob It\'s too sad I can\'t keep going [04/11/18 20:24] Rophs:let me retype that [04/11/18 20:24] Rophs: *begins to gently sob* It\'s too sad I can\'t keep going... [04/11/18 20:25] :Rophs crawls over to Lintara, climbs onto her sandal, and cries on the shoulder of her pinky toe [04/11/18 20:25] :*Lintara* nods slowly, reaches over and pats the sobbing little acorn with her index finger [04/11/18 20:27] :Rophs blows his nose on her toenail and then comes back to his senses [04/11/18 20:27] Rophs:Oh wow, that was a neat story. [04/11/18 20:27] Rophs:It reminds me when we did a multi person story weaving at an anni Seedwalk. [04/11/18 20:27] Rophs:But why don\'t you have shoes on? You might step on a pointy rock! [04/11/18 20:28] *Lintara*:I thought I would not bear to tell the dog of his owner\'s fate, let alone look at the eyes of the pooch. But then captain stepped up and handed me the sailor\'s hat. [04/11/18 20:29] *Lintara*:I placed it upon the dog\'s head and stammered out "I\'m sorry". [04/11/18 20:30] *Lintara*: *smiles a little* A little closure to that story [04/11/18 20:30] Rophs: (NO THAT\'S SO SAD) [04/11/18 20:30] *Lintara*:And these are talons, not feet. Would take a sharper rock to pierce the scales. [04/11/18 20:30] Rophs: (MY FACE HAS TWO TINY TEARS) [04/11/18 20:30] Rophs: (you\'re a bird?) [04/11/18 20:31] Rophs: (dragon?!) [04/11/18 20:31] *Lintara*: (a dragon shapeshifted into a humanoid but kept her talons for running) [04/11/18 20:31] Rophs:Okay let\'s continue on to The Maple. [04/11/18 20:32] :[Spell] keep in touch with your emotions with help from the seedwhisper [04/11/18 20:47] :[Spell] loglog seedwhisper Acoustic Remains log [04/11/18 20:33] Rophs:Hello Maple! [04/11/18 20:33] *Lintara*:Hi Maple! Got any more drinks? [04/11/18 20:34] Rophs:Right now there\'s a few people in Necrovion trying to talk to the shades. [04/11/18 20:34] Rophs:They don\'t seem to be getting a response. [04/11/18 20:35] Rophs:But I asked lashtal to invite the Old Man on this Seedwalk because there\'s some bad news that I want to tell him. [04/11/18 20:35] *Lintara*:Um Rophs... The Old Man is dead [04/11/18 20:35] Rophs:lash said that he can\'t control the Old Man but he\'s willing to bring me to him. [04/11/18 20:36] Rophs:Is he Fang Archbane dead? [04/11/18 20:36] *Lintara*:The human half is. The shade half is being angry in NC tho [04/11/18 20:37] Rophs:I think the shade half is the half that I wanted to give the news to. [04/11/18 20:37] Rophs:It seems that h... it is waiting for something and clinging on to some false hope. [04/11/18 20:37] *Lintara*: *nods* MRF\'s gone [04/11/18 20:37] Rophs:I want to shatter this false hope.. [04/11/18 20:38] Rophs:Yes, but I don\'t think it knows. [04/11/18 20:38] : Rophs collects Tree bark [04/11/18 20:38] *Lintara*:I tried to tell them that when Aia was killed. [04/11/18 20:38] Rophs:And I have an MRF autograph as well, that mioght come in handy. [04/11/18 20:39] *Lintara*:They decided to wait to confirm it. [04/11/18 20:39] Rophs:Hah [04/11/18 20:39] Rophs:Maybe I can forge a note and give it a signature with this autograph. [04/11/18 20:40] Rophs:Is it a forgery if it expresses the true intent of the person you are impersonating? [04/11/18 20:41] *Lintara*: *chuckles a bit* Lashtal telling them might work just as well, if they\'d show up again. [04/11/18 20:41] Rophs:Hmm [04/11/18 20:41] Rophs:Also I attacked the old man during the Sed Service, so the shades might be salty about that. [04/11/18 20:43] *Lintara*:No saltier than about anyone else at that time. But worry about that if they show up again. [04/11/18 20:45] Rophs:Hmm, maybe. [04/11/18 20:45] *Lintara*:That aside, there wasn\'t much else happening this week. Mallos and I tried to start a sparring party at the Howling Gates to get their attention but the party only lasted that evening. [04/11/18 20:46] Rophs:Hmm [04/11/18 20:46] Rophs:Poetry? [04/11/18 20:46] Rophs:Let\'s continue. [04/11/18 20:46] *Lintara*:Onwards! [04/11/18 20:46] :[Spell] the future of the realm lives at home on the seedwhisper
  18. What if... No One is the real AL storymaster and his whiny complaint thread is a false flag operation trying to make us think this isn't his fault?
  19. Acoustic Remains log [14/10/18 03:40] Rophs:=-=-= [14/10/18 03:40] Rophs:Mallos comes to The Oak [14/10/18 03:40] Rophs:He\'s a friendly bloke [14/10/18 03:40] Rophs:Listens to news with The Maple [14/10/18 03:41] Rophs:His presence is a staple [14/10/18 03:41] Rophs:To come here he\'s never been stoked [14/10/18 03:41] Rophs:=-=-= [14/10/18 03:41] Rophs:ryhming is a myth [14/10/18 03:41] :[Spell] every word rhymes together on the seedwhisper
  20. maybe someone can also get around to fixing the bloody lighthouse (but not me i'm busy :p)
  21. Acoustic Remains log [14/10/18 03:36] Rophs:Hello Maple! [14/10/18 03:36] Rophs:Today Mur has made a significant upgrade to the questmaker backpack and we are now in stage14 of MD most likely [14/10/18 03:37] Rophs:Either that or we are about to enter it... [14/10/18 03:39] :[Spell] as md changes there will always be a seedwhisper
  22. Acoustic Remains log [14/10/18 03:11] Rophs:Let\'s begin. [14/10/18 03:12] Rophs:Once upon a time someone decided they wanted to make the best mistake of his life. [14/10/18 03:12] Rophs:But such a profound and amazing mistake that one knows they should never regret cannot be attributed to them. [14/10/18 03:12] Rophs:So he chose a name to do it under. That name was Mur of course. [14/10/18 03:12] Rophs:And now the mistake is growing, festering, becoming more powerful. [14/10/18 03:13] Rophs:After a few years he realized it wasn\'t a mistake despite its many imperfections... [14/10/18 03:16] : Mallos collects Toxic plants and flowers as a byproduct [14/10/18 03:18] :Mallos passed Flowers to Rophs [14/10/18 03:19] Rophs:Mallos would you like to continue the story? [14/10/18 03:20] Rophs:It\'s been a while since we did a seedwalk where a group of people weaved a story! [14/10/18 03:22] Mallos:uh let me get more coffee.. also this seems more like a pair than a group [14/10/18 03:24] :Mallos drinks coffee [14/10/18 03:24] Rophs:Enjoy =] [14/10/18 03:24] Mallos:SOoooOOoner or later that \'mistake\' began to take hold of its participants, they found themselves meeting up and plotting [14/10/18 03:26] Mallos:and even spending many hours, many days and nights contriving their next moves [14/10/18 03:28] Mallos:so much so that they had almost gone to war with eachother. other people decided they had to document these actions [14/10/18 03:29] Mallos:and here now we have some nice stories to read about from it [14/10/18 03:30] Mallos:you can keep going if you want [14/10/18 03:31] : Mallos collects Tea leaves and flowers as a byproduct [14/10/18 03:32] Rophs:(getting water hotsec_ [14/10/18 03:33] :Mallos passed Flowers to Rophs [14/10/18 03:35] Rophs:And now the mistake experment of Mur is entering a new phase, one we can tell about to The Maple. [14/10/18 03:35] :[Spell] make no mistake, the seedwhisper is intentional
  23. read this, its really interesting although i think md might already be irreparably dead.this gives a little hope
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