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  1. Rophs

    Logs from Seedwalks

    Acoustic Remains log [15/07/18 01:56] nadrolski:[ 6 water ] [15/07/18 02:32] Rophs:=-=-=-= [15/07/18 02:32] Rophs:Omae wa mou shinderu [15/07/18 02:33] Rophs:He said that to me: the man who is blue [15/07/18 02:33] Rophs:But there was a potion to drink [15/07/18 02:33] Rophs:Sent me to the GoE in a blnk [15/07/18 02:33] Rophs:I wonder why Fang doesn\'t do that, too? [15/07/18 02:33] Rophs:=-=-=-= [15/07/18 02:35] Ars Alchemy:During this seedwalk... [15/07/18 02:36] Ars Alchemy:I have heard many speak tales [15/07/18 02:36] Ars Alchemy:both foolish and wise. [15/07/18 02:36] Ars Alchemy:---------- [15/07/18 02:40] Ars Alchemy: (looks like Mallos is waiting in NML) [15/07/18 02:40] :[Spell] listen to the whisper of the seeds
  2. Rophs

    Logs from Seedwalks

    Acoustic Remains log [15/07/18 02:10] Rophs:I died and came back. [15/07/18 02:11] Rophs:Apparently Mur was also going to add some more revival mecahics before I used the revival potion that I found in the graveyard. [15/07/18 02:13] Rophs:But I was in a hurry, I had a Seedwalk to perform! [15/07/18 02:13] :Ars Alchemy smiles [15/07/18 02:16] Mallos:Is this the rumor area [15/07/18 02:16] Rophs:Yes [15/07/18 02:16] Ars Alchemy: (recent events, I think) [15/07/18 02:17] Rophs:The news, recent events, rumors. [15/07/18 02:17] Ars Alchemy:I hear that Mur has promised to conduct a private tour of the east for an interested group. [15/07/18 02:17] Rophs:Same difference [15/07/18 02:17] Mallos:news much better than rumors [15/07/18 02:18] Ars Alchemy:Pipstickz was mentioned in the Adventure Log just yesterday. [15/07/18 02:20] Rophs:After dying I\'ve lost my citizenship to GG [15/07/18 02:20] Rophs:If they won\'t have me back then I may join another land [15/07/18 02:21] Ars Alchemy:aww... [15/07/18 02:27] :Mallos passed Flowers to Rophs [15/07/18 02:28] Rophs:Is that everything? [15/07/18 02:30] Mallos:I don\'t have much to add [15/07/18 02:30] :[Spell] listen to the whisper of the seeds
  3. Rophs

    Logs from Seedwalks

    Acoustic Remains log [14/07/18 20:01] : No one collects Wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct [15/07/18 01:00] Rophs:Let\'s begin! [15/07/18 01:01] :Rophs hobbles over to The Oak and collapses in its shade [15/07/18 01:01] Rophs:Who would like to tell a story to The Oak? *glances at Ars Alchemy* [15/07/18 01:38] Rophs:Anyone?? [15/07/18 01:42] Mallos:um.. [15/07/18 01:43] Rophs:Mallos! [15/07/18 01:43] Rophs:Tell The Oak a story about death. [15/07/18 01:45] Mallos:Well you see, I had joined this alliance called FORCE [15/07/18 01:45] Mallos:they were doing rather well, second only to one other alliance in all of the universe [15/07/18 01:46] Mallos:but the leadership was doing shady business, and it took a toll on the members [15/07/18 01:47] Mallos:After a leader had been replaced with another I chose to see what was going on myself. [15/07/18 01:48] Mallos:Became a co-leader, and was soon replaced by the previous leader having returned... Who once again left [15/07/18 01:48] Ars Alchemy:glad to see that death did not make you late [15/07/18 01:49] Mallos:I suggested, that perhaps such an alliance was unfit and should be disbanded. [15/07/18 01:49] Mallos:That suggestion definitely lead to the death of it.. [15/07/18 01:49] Ars Alchemy:mmm. [15/07/18 01:49] Rophs:oof [15/07/18 01:50] Rophs:Would anyoe else like to tell a story to The Oak? [15/07/18 01:50] Ars Alchemy:same topic? [15/07/18 01:50] Rophs:Ars [15/07/18 01:50] Rophs:Tell The Oak a story about topics. [15/07/18 01:51] Ars Alchemy:ok [15/07/18 01:52] Ars Alchemy:Once upon a time there were two cities, and each of them held a tradition of how their town was founded... [15/07/18 01:53] Ars Alchemy:but because they both lived upon opposite sides of a large mountain, neither culture was able to hear the origin tale of the other: [15/07/18 01:53] Ars Alchemy:which was fortunate because they had the exact same tale! [15/07/18 01:54] Ars Alchemy:The wise monks who lived atop of the summit took great care that these two citizens should never mingle. [15/07/18 01:56] Ars Alchemy:And so they built up a pilosophy of engaging each side with interesting conversations [15/07/18 01:56] Ars Alchemy:so that they would be contendendtly diverted; and thus war was kept away from the lands across the mountnains. [15/07/18 01:57] Ars Alchemy: (because it\'s assumed that both places would go to war over who had right to the claim) . [15/07/18 01:57] Ars Alchemy:The End. [15/07/18 01:57] Ars Alchemy:fin. [15/07/18 01:57] :Rophs nods [15/07/18 01:57] Rophs:Ars, what should I tell a story about? [15/07/18 01:58] Ars Alchemy:tell a story about Azull. [15/07/18 02:00] Rophs:Hmm [15/07/18 02:02] Rophs:Long ago back when Necrovion still existed he let me have a tour of his land. [15/07/18 02:04] Rophs:The moment I stepped through the gates there was an overwhelming feeling of cold. [15/07/18 02:04] :Ars Alchemy nods [15/07/18 02:05] Rophs:I wanderd away from him and explored by myself and although I still felt cold, just not as cold. [15/07/18 02:06] Rophs:After leaving that dreaded place whenever he was near me I felt that same chill. [15/07/18 02:07] Rophs:But with that land gone I haven\'t felt it, not even when I was in his presence on the Western Isle. [15/07/18 02:08] Rophs:Maybe there\'s some warmth in his bones after all. *smiles* [15/07/18 02:08] Ars Alchemy:interesting. [15/07/18 02:09] Rophs:*nods8 [15/07/18 02:09] Rophs:Shall we move on to The Maple? [15/07/18 02:09] Ars Alchemy:that kinda reminds me of what I hope to discuss at the next tree... [15/07/18 02:09] Ars Alchemy:see you there. [15/07/18 02:09] :[Spell] listen to the whisper of the seeds
  4. Rophs

    Help Rophs sail West

    The only quest was put Rophs in the West. But now we need to be able to let others travel by other ways... a Lighthouse.
  5. Rophs

    Help Rophs sail West

    Mission accomplished thread can be closed
  6. Rophs

    So how do we measure time in MD?

    The Dark Parade uses the smallest amount of action points per minute which at the time was LR.
  7. Rophs

    Logs from Seedwalks

    Acoustic Remains log [08/07/18 01:35] :Pipstickz again removes his show and squishes his foot in the mud [08/07/18 01:35] Pipstickz:Ewww! [08/07/18 01:36] Rophs:OOh [08/07/18 01:36] Rophs:Pip you have a poem to share? [08/07/18 01:36] Pipstickz:I\'m writing one! [08/07/18 01:37] Pipstickz:Got it [08/07/18 01:37] Pipstickz:I\'ll wait for Dhyone though... [08/07/18 01:41] :Rophs chitters [08/07/18 01:41] Pipstickz:Tada! [08/07/18 01:41] Pipstickz:I\'ll go first this time [08/07/18 01:41] Dhyone:Better late than never... [08/07/18 01:41] :Dhyone smiles [08/07/18 01:42] :Pipstickz stands tall and clears his throat [08/07/18 01:42] Pipstickz:Though you hold spite, though you do wrong [08/07/18 01:42] Pipstickz:The second sun nonetheless shines strong [08/07/18 01:42] Pipstickz:Though you hide, though you dismay [08/07/18 01:42] Pipstickz:The second sun cannot go away [08/07/18 01:42] Pipstickz:Though you might try to run [08/07/18 01:42] Pipstickz:The second sun has its fun [08/07/18 01:42] Pipstickz:Though you stop trying [08/07/18 01:43] Pipstickz:You\'ll find me frying [08/07/18 01:44] Pipstickz:Umm, that\'s it! [08/07/18 01:45] :Dhyone praises enthusiastically [08/07/18 01:45] Rophs:Woo [08/07/18 01:45] Rophs:Dhyone do you know any poems? [08/07/18 01:45] Dhyone:Great! [08/07/18 01:45] :Pipstickz smiles and takes a bow [08/07/18 01:45] Rophs:Tell us that one. [08/07/18 01:45] Dhyone:Sorry... I do not remember any at the moment... [08/07/18 01:46] Pipstickz:Make one up while Rophers goes! [08/07/18 01:46] Dhyone:Do you remember any? [08/07/18 01:46] Rophs:=-=-=-= [08/07/18 01:46] Rophs:Make up a poem on the spot [08/07/18 01:46] Rophs:What a terrifying thought! [08/07/18 01:46] Rophs:But I\'m doing it as we speak! [08/07/18 01:47] Rophs:There\'s no need to be meek [08/07/18 01:47] Rophs:Beautiful words will be wrought. [08/07/18 01:47] Rophs:=-=-=-= [08/07/18 01:47] Rophs:An... impromptu poem. [08/07/18 01:48] :Dhyone smiles [08/07/18 01:48] :Pipstickz claps [08/07/18 01:48] Dhyone:claps [08/07/18 01:49] Pipstickz:Well, will you give it a whack Dhyone? [08/07/18 01:49] Rophs:I bet you\'ll do great! [08/07/18 01:50] Dhyone:Tyger Tyger burning bright. In the forests of the night, what immortal hand or eye... Dare frame thy fearful symmetry? [08/07/18 01:50] :Pipstickz smiles [08/07/18 01:50] Dhyone:That\'s a old one... [08/07/18 01:51] :Dhyone chuckles [08/07/18 01:51] Pipstickz:I like it! [08/07/18 01:51] Rophs:I\'m excited for us to tell some secrets for the Spruce. [08/07/18 01:51] :Pipstickz nods and sets out to Old Man\'s Road [08/07/18 01:51] Rophs:Come along! [08/07/18 01:52] :[Spell] listen to the whisper of the seeds
  8. Rophs

    Logs from Seedwalks

    Acoustic Remains log [08/07/18 01:25] :Pipstickz greets the tree [08/07/18 01:26] :Rophs crawls up to The Maple and grins at it [08/07/18 01:27] Rophs:I saw Granos and Aia talking in the park today and then Aia ran off to be alone. [08/07/18 01:27] Rophs:I bet she\'s planning something! [08/07/18 01:27] :Pipstickz thinks [08/07/18 01:27] Dhyone:What do you think she\'s up to? [08/07/18 01:27] : Dhyone collects Branches [08/07/18 01:27] : Dhyone collects Lumber [08/07/18 01:28] Rophs:Something Lorerootian no doubt. [08/07/18 01:28] : Pipstickz collects Tree bark [08/07/18 01:28] : Pipstickz collects Resin [08/07/18 01:28] Rophs:Maybe you could help her. [08/07/18 01:28] Dhyone:Then should be something good... [08/07/18 01:29] Pipstickz:I heard there\'s three distinct players who could be nominated as Golemus king! [08/07/18 01:29] Rophs:Pip did you hear anything interesting lately? [08/07/18 01:29] Pipstickz:A new triumvirate, you think, tree? [08/07/18 01:29] :Rophs grins [08/07/18 01:30] Rophs:Dhyone what has the forest been whispering? [08/07/18 01:31] Pipstickz:Any gossip cross your ears? [08/07/18 01:31] Dhyone:The Children of the Eclipse will soon be back... [08/07/18 01:32] Rophs:Do you think that\'s what Aia is planning? [08/07/18 01:32] Dhyone:Rumours says there\'s a hidden shrine consecrated to Luna in Loreroot... [08/07/18 01:33] Pipstickz:Oooh! [08/07/18 01:33] :Pipstickz takes notes with fervour [08/07/18 01:33] Rophs:MMM [08/07/18 01:33] Rophs:Sounds like a secret for The Spruce... [08/07/18 01:33] :Dhyone smiles [08/07/18 01:34] Rophs:Let\'s amble onward. [08/07/18 01:34] :Pipstickz skips down the path [08/07/18 01:35] :[Spell] listen to the whisper of the seeds
  9. Rophs

    Logs from Seedwalks

    Acoustic Remains log [07/07/18 23:35] : No one collects Wiiya [07/07/18 23:36] : No one collects Rainwater [08/07/18 00:57] Dhyone:Hmm... [08/07/18 00:59] Pipstickz:I suppose we\'ve beaten Rophs here [08/07/18 00:59] Dhyone:For sure... [08/07/18 00:59] Pipstickz:Oh my, he\'s not even on the online list... [08/07/18 01:00] Pipstickz:Well, let\'s give it a few minutes and if he doesn\'t show we can always go without him! [08/07/18 01:00] Rophs:Hello! [08/07/18 01:01] Dhyone:Greetings! [08/07/18 01:01] Pipstickz:Tada! [08/07/18 01:02] Rophs:It is time for a... [08/07/18 01:02] Rophs:Seedwalk! [08/07/18 01:02] Rophs:Who would like to tell the first story? [08/07/18 01:02] :Pipstickz blinks [08/07/18 01:03] Pipstickz:I nominate someone else! I started last time [08/07/18 01:03] Rophs:Dhyone! [08/07/18 01:03] Rophs:Tell the Oak a story about a coward who likes to hide... [08/07/18 01:03] :Dhyone listens carefully [08/07/18 01:03] :Rophs crawls over to The Oak and lays sprawled out in its shadow to avoid the summer heat [08/07/18 01:04] :Pipstickz feels the grass between his toes [08/07/18 01:04] Dhyone:Since it\'s my first time I came just as a listener ... [08/07/18 01:04] Rophs:Ah [08/07/18 01:04] Rophs:What a beautiful and elegant short story of cowardice! *chuckles* [08/07/18 01:05] Rophs:Who\'s next? [08/07/18 01:06] :Pipstickz points at Rophs [08/07/18 01:06] Rophs:Okay then... [08/07/18 01:06] Rophs:Dhyone what kind of story should I tell The Oak? [08/07/18 01:07] Dhyone:Hmm, tell a story about the origin of Wiiya... [08/07/18 01:07] Rophs:Hmm... *scratches his nutty chin* [08/07/18 01:08] Rophs:This is a story I\'m not too familiar with. Some of the details I know but most of it is fuzzy. [08/07/18 01:08] Rophs:I\'ll just make the rest up! *giggles as he licks a mysterious dust from his fingers* [08/07/18 01:09] Rophs:One day when he was angry Granos had some of his goons from the brotherhood break Awiiya\'s legs. [08/07/18 01:09] Rophs:Originally Awiiya was a part of the brotherhood but decided to leave because he didn\'t like the underhanded ways of that shadowy family. [08/07/18 01:10] Rophs:Granos doesn\'t take kindly to traitors and decided to have Jester and Gargant come and break Awiiya\'s legs when he was resting here preparing for a Seedwalk. [08/07/18 01:11] Rophs:As he cried out in pain Awiiya cursed himself as he cried out, "Well if I cannot walk may I become but a Tree!". [08/07/18 01:11] Rophs:The Evil Mur fairy can hear everything you say, be careful what you wish for! [08/07/18 01:12] Rophs:As the people gathered for the next Seedwalk they found the reamins of a man writhing in agony! [08/07/18 01:13] Rophs:Bark was growing up his body and his arms were losing their fleshy colors. [08/07/18 01:13] Rophs:Awiiya was trapped and could not move, his old identity was destroyed and he became something completely different. [08/07/18 01:14] Rophs:Despite that fact, his identity had to go somewhere. It became Wiiya gas and it slowly bubbled up from the ground every day now. [08/07/18 01:14] : Rophs collects Wiiya [08/07/18 01:15] Rophs:And that is how Wiiya might have been created! *stands up and twirls around The Oak* [08/07/18 01:15] Rophs:Let us move onward! [08/07/18 01:15] Pipstickz:What about me? [08/07/18 01:15] Pipstickz:Dhyone [08/07/18 01:16] Pipstickz:What should I storify? [08/07/18 01:16] Rophs: *squints at Pipstickz* What about thee? [08/07/18 01:16] Rophs:Pip, tell a story of disorder and chaos. [08/07/18 01:16] Pipstickz:Oh, but I\'ve asked- [08/07/18 01:16] Pipstickz:Oh nevermind [08/07/18 01:16] Dhyone:Yes... tell a story about the East... [08/07/18 01:16] Pipstickz:Hrm, alright, two in one let\'s do it [08/07/18 01:17] Pipstickz:Once, long before the scape of the realm was this gray, faded malaise, a commander came upon the Lands of the East [08/07/18 01:19] Pipstickz:You see, the two factions of the East were disunited, warring at each other\'s hidden intentions, which were guessed by many and known by few [08/07/18 01:20] Pipstickz:I suppose the commander might have thought to unite these two factions, but his appearance only catalyzed further dissent, due to one particularly agitated si [08/07/18 01:20] Pipstickz:sir* [08/07/18 01:20] Pipstickz:This sir had gotten bored of waiting for the commander and decided he would like to train while waiting, but those on the other side were quite unhappy with this outcome and shouted very loudly [08/07/18 01:21] Pipstickz:"This is inappropriate, we are supposed to be a team!" Well, the sir thought, we are engaged in teamwork to my benefit now are we not? But he dared not voice this concern, instead he left [08/07/18 01:22] Pipstickz:Once the commander came, he saw only one faction present, and so he decided to spurn his previous plans and nominate unaffiliated folks instead [08/07/18 01:22] Pipstickz:And to this day, those same folks remain unaffiliated! [08/07/18 01:22] Pipstickz:Fin [08/07/18 01:23] Dhyone:Hmm... [08/07/18 01:23] Rophs:Hmmm... [08/07/18 01:23] Pipstickz:PS: This story is speculative history and not to be taken as fact [08/07/18 01:23] Rophs:Shall we head on towards The Maple? [08/07/18 01:24] :Pipstickz dons his shoe and wanders down the path [08/07/18 01:26] :[Spell] listen to the whisper of the seeds
  10. Rophs

    LR Archer Recipe Suggestion(s)

    "Shedding Winderwild" a bird that produces feathers when exposed to wiiya
  11. @sunfire not interested in that. I'd only be willing to trade for crits that I'd be regularly using. Currently trying to free up more slots
  12. Rophs

    addition to crits on crits page

    the mockups display id twice
  13. It's ended. The only emoji added is Ledah's Chewbaka. I owe him a a wiiya bubble