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  1. MD will never have hordes of new comers every day. It would not be as unique as it is, if it did. Now, having said that. Mur has not been pumping money into advertising either. That is the real reason behind the lack of newbies sticking around. MD has many filters, and those filters prevent players from playing. They are not patient, they want special effects, and they do not require the mental capacity to play. Yes, there are other contributing factors to this, but honestly, the GGG was not as big a problem as others claimed. It was a problem, but not a large one.
  2. I am curious, what solutions do you propose, apophys? Bronzometh? Or anyone else who has been flaming this topic for the past two weeks?
  3. Why is it that two alts are on the same list?
  4. Well, did you PM me? No? Okay. Well then. That's your problem, and not mine. The three free users got their Avys coloured for free. Now it costs 1 silver. A reasonable price.
  5. I believe Mur already has plans for the combat system to include team battles...
  6. I would like to suggest myself. I am definitely not popular, I am nuetral, and I really don't care what others do in that room. And I also suggest Yoshi.
  7. When I saw this video, I immediate thought of Mur. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjdBCeUdAmI&feature=channel
  8. I am not entirely sure if this should happen or not, but I have a new set of avatars in the Avatar Shop that were not there yesterday, without shuffling any. I believe it happened when the new day started, but I am not entirely sure. I will keep this post updated when I find out the real reason. (I know logging in and out is not the culprit or clearing my cache/cookies)
  9. MPs are filters that help direct players. At least that is my understanding. Each stage is a filter to strain a certain type of person through each MP. The farther you get, the more you are suitable for this game.
  10. That is the reason for the italics at the bottom of the post... to prevent any sort of confusion about what I am offering/doing.
  11. I am offering my services to anyone who would like their images highlighted. Anything from Avatars, to pictures used in your pages. I am offering the first three players, who PM me, my service free of charge. What I am offering to do is add a flair of colour to your image(must be black and white(like MD Avatars)). For instance, my avatar used to look like this: [IMG]http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/461/originalavatar.gif[/IMG] Now it looks like this: [IMG]http://img815.imageshack.us/img815/9001/avatarl.gif[/IMG] [i]Remember, these images are not to be submitted to the Avatar System, nor should they be confused to actual Gold Avatars. I am not Mur, nor do I colour inside the lines for Mur.[/i]
  12. Dont quote me on this but I am pretty sure that LotE don't have any poems either...
  13. Actually, in all types of government, the government has absolutely no power. The government is as strong as it's people, if not weaker. In this situation, the Monarchy is no where near absolute. The people can rise up against the monarch, without fear of real persecution. This is what is happening now. Princ is not happy with the way things are going with Loreroot, thus he is rebelling. Is it the best idea? Not really. Firs still has a LOT of support. If a civil war were to break out IG, the only way it could have a real impact is if no one actually supported Firs as king anymore. At least a large majority didn't anyways. So why bother with this open warfare, Princ? It will accomplish nothing. Apologize to the king, admit you were wrong, and go about your duties as leader of the Savelites.
  14. I believe that is on the log in page, with all the tags to FaceBook, and Myspace and all that junk.
  15. Just out of curiousity, what ISP do you use?
  16. Chewett- For the forum. Without him, how would I get everyone to hate me so much? Like honestly... I wouldn't say what I say in the game... just wouldn't feel right. Not the place for it. Lifeline- I dunno why I like him. I just do. Granos- Being able to do what he does, and still have people like him Princ- I respect the way he thinks. I value what he says, may not always like it, or think it's right but I listen to what he says. And Dst- Cuz you're the only one that I can bash over and over, and you still don't cry. Although sueing me seemed kind of... not you. But what ever.
  17. I have an honest question for all of you... What are you going to do about it? What are you solutions? How are you going to implement them? Do you even have any solutions? Try fixing this. Mur does not need to help. (Although I do really like the idea of starting over with fresh stats.
  18. 10kg Marble is a raw material IMO. I don't need a picnic blanket, thanks.
  19. Still trying to get rid of my reindrach. I wasn't interested in anyone's offer of gold or coins for it, but I am definitely looking for special items. Please do not offer coins, creatures, or raw materials. [u][b]DO NOT PM ME.[/b][/u]
  20. Didn't I say exactly the same thing a few months ago? I could have sworn I did.... Oh wait. I did. And oh wait. I got flamed and told to shut up, and got accused of a bunch of stuff.
  21. Yes, I am. I didn't like the post. Therefore I neg repped it. Everyone does it. So why are you bringing it up now? O.o
  22. If we don't live in Romania, would anyone else get to receive one of the black hard cover books in english? I would greatly like one...
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