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About Me

I appear insulting to many. And I appear honest to others. Why is that?

I say what needs to be said, without the political correctness others say it with. I do not believe in Political Correctness to a point. If I have to hurt a few feelings to get people to realise that they need to change their ways, so be it.

My goal in life is make as many of people possible realise that they need to stop acting all affronted over the dumbest things. Take a good look at what offends you, why does it offend you? Is it because you don't agree with it? Is it because you were told it was insulting? Does it sound rude? Is it because you don't know what it means or the reasoning behind it that you take offense to?

Please, before you take offense to something, have a REAL reason as to why you have taken offense to it.

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