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  1. I've been thinking about a plant-creature for Loreroot. I think it would fit there quite well. I'm still lacking a proper name for the creature. It would be composed of ivy, vines and roots and would have the ability to controll them. It could use the vines to slow enemy forces by binding them. At low levels it would just weaken the defense of the enemy creatures. At higher levels it could gain an aura, that will reduce the enemy's initiave values, and gain the ability to disable enemy creature, so they would be able to act for one turn. Maybe at the highest level it could target multiple creatures, but this is probably too powerful. Maybe it could be balanced by a low life value for this creature, like the bird. What do you think?
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    Player Name: Thyron Tag: Lorerootian Healer Role: I'm a servant of nature, trying to heal and further all living things. Currently I'm trying to use the energies of Raven's Peace to heal those in need.
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