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  1. Burns


    Split off an interesting bit of discussion about the scene name "Pathway to Pips Palace" to ~Mod B
  2. Burns

    Build your own Drachorn

    I like that idea, i think that's the first drachorn that actually "flies" I'll leave this here a bit longer, see if you get more upvotes... remind me if i don't come back to you by friday It's got the details, it's a really nice concept, and i'm a fan of recycling, too... i think that's a 5-rating (on a scale from 2 to 8)
  3. Woohoo, thanks! Had a great time in germany, thanks
  4. Burns

    Opinions about people redacting posts

    I like that idea, if that's a technical option. Generally, i think that even when we say or write stupid things, it's better to apologize and actually take them back than to "rewind time". I agree with the people above about having a public edit history, too, but i think that's just another technical way to making this "redacting" thing impossible, while it doesn't add to the process of deciding whether we want to remove redacting or not.
  5. Burns

    Flash issues on Opera

    i don't know why, but it seems to work again. Did you do some wookie magic fix?
  6. Burns


    How so, if they can't come to you and you can't come to them? That would require them to have an item collecting spot, and it would take away a lot of the 'mini-quest-layer' thing Mur mentioned over here
  7. Burns

    Flash issues on Opera

    Same issue, same version of opera Maybe we need to switch our habits of MD? Version: 49.0.2725.47 - Opera is up to date
  8. I think that must've been khalazdad, i got stuck at the howling gates and didn't realize that the right arrow had popped up... we talked a few minutes, and i was a little freaked out back then because i had literally no clue about any lore, and he was the most in-character-player ever to exist
  9. I'm certain that absolute democracy will under all circumstances lead to absolute idiocracy, given enough time. I firmly believe that all voting must be limited to certain topics, but not certain people. If we allowed any sort of interference about the question who gets to vote, the "loud" ideas will inevitably overrule the "quiet" ideas, and history shows that the loudest ideas have almost always been the worst. Taking away the ability to vote from certain groups would in turn lead to this group being ignored, since their voice stops to count, and thus it also stops to matter. You can freely take rights, choices and property from those people without ever getting bad results, on the contrary, you will get better results from the people who dislike the non-existant group. For the same reason, some things must be exempt from voting, call it basic human rights or civil rights or whatever you will. In fact, i think that it's much better for the continued existence of a society when you don't allow people to vote on laws at all, but only on representatives for some form of parliament every once in a while (3-5 years, imo), who are in turn personally accountable for the decisions they make while in power. The representative towards the outside should be elected by the parliament itself, as primus inter pares. This would allow people to lead in a meaningful way, and give the general population the option to actually influence the way they live. Funny part is, all of us always exempt a very large part of the relevant population from all decision by sticking to the notion of borders. Small wonder no country actually cares for 3rd world development or immigration rights, after all, those people can't cast a vote. So, in my opinion, all votes need to include the whole known population to be effective in making everyone's lives better, in all other cases it's always about making the life of some group better, usually at the expense of another group. TL,DR: I disagree with the question in itself, because i'm quite sure that there is no vote that should exempt anybody at all. If the voting is narrowed down so much that it only applies to a certain group, the vote is inherently bad.
  10. I've just noticed that the icons in the left bar don't light up anymore. Tested with fight log, ally chat and PM, none of them send a notification (turn yellow or ping). Running on Opera: Version information Version: 46.0.2597.57 (PGO) - Downloading update 100% Update stream: Stable System: Windows 7 64-bit Browser identification Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/59.0.3071.115 Safari/537.36 OPR/46.0.2597.57
  11. Has current VE / VP - that allows you to make quests where people can actually help or hinder one another through combat features Has achievement - specifically thinking about research depth here, but i could think of newbie quests to require burst burner or high end quests to require full glow Has ally / specific ally - what ivorak said, but with allies. You could create nice little gang wars, for example
  12. Burns

    Freedom of Idiocy

    http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/forum/321-heated-discussions/ IIRC that subsection is visible only to registered users?
  13. Burns

    Build your own Drachorn

    It's got ears, spiky tail, even toes, that's more detail than most had Lovely little thing, the drach is heading out! What did you use for the eyes? It that a glass pearl?
  14. Burns

    Contract Form

    Ad Sub-Lease: That's exactly what we had in mind when we made it, all those constructions won't matter. Once your time expires, you can demand your item back, regardless of where / on whom it currently is. It wouldn't matter whether your lessor leased it to someone else, sold it, gave it away, or simply tries to hide it, you just get it back. Ad Formality: We discussed posting it on the forum, but we figured it'd clutter the forum needlessly, and some people would want to keep secrets. We tried to make a failsafe for the people who would attempt to alter the text afterwards in a simpler way instead, that's how VIII. got in there. We figured the process to be like this: 1. Agree on terms, in any way you like, can be chat, forum, PM, out-of-game, it really doesn't matter. Just like you would have done anyway, basically. 2. When you have an agreement, you have your lessor print the essentials in chat: "Burns: Renting RainCollector, expiration date day 310". and make a screenshot of that. That gives us the name of your lessor, the item, and the expiration. Since you have the contract form (at least from your side), you also have the item-id and can provide that and the last itc you knew. That way seemed safe enough during discussion, in all directions. And it gives you the option to go to a secluded area, keeping it as secret as it gets. Ad "What do i get back": The intention is to guarantee the return of your item, nothing more. The fee, penalty, and any other conditions go to judges if you want to make your claim, and might take a while to process, and there's the chance we don't believe you about some parts. Having the contracts strengthens your position, obviously, but we'll still need to make sure it isn't forged. Your item comes flying back practically at once, though, since you provide everything that's required to grab it right from the database. That's a pretty nice security already imo, wouldn't you agree?
  15. Burns

    Contract Form

    Heh, we didn't even come up with sub-lease, sounds rather unlikely, too... I can't see how a sub-lease weakens your position, though? Once the time you agreed on expires, you get your item back, no matter what the other party does with the third party... I can't see a problem with sub-lease, please do enlighten me. About the silver, if you wish to do more, feel free. There's no admin warranty on that part, though, admin powers only get you the item returned, i hope that's clear.