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  1. It's a max Joker, get it from the MDShop. *smiles* Sorry, no bid, just answering questions.
  2. I could have gotten a fully tokened Rusty for 100 silver. Who in their right mind would pay 145 silver for a Rusty with no age and no tokens?
  3. Not happening *smiles* Post an offer then we will see.
  4. 21 age, no tokens. Post your offers Sold to anonymous bidder for 5 gold.
  5. I would like to buy a Rusty but I might buy other Dracs aswell. Message me if you are selling.
  6. I have decided to accept the following offers: Tarquinus's offer on the Imperial Aramor for 1 gold and 3 silver. Also his offer on the Angien for 2 gold and 5 silver. Nex's offer on the Angien for 1 gold.
  7. I've decides to accept the offers on the Pimped Grasans. *smiles*
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