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  1. I chose Sage's keep because to be a sage wisdom is a natual requirement and Philosophy is a major part in that, and sages keep would be a more neutral way for all to come to a equal grounding.
  2. I have noticed that whether you win or loose there are times when you earn -Xp, I believe this is a bug. I will have won with a -16% loss in the battle and earn -xp which that to me is wrong. I have lost with a -8% loss with the enemy at a -47% loss and I still lost xp and I checked my creatures before and after and I really did loose the xp and from what blackthorn posted there was loss of xp there too. In the slight chance this isn't a bug I believe that Xp can't be lost unless the creatures suffer from memory loss, because once you Experience Something you can't un experience it.
  3. Hellow I started this game like 4 or so days ago and have so far found the game quite enjoyable, I would like to try my ideas past some of you and meet you in the game. That was pretty much it. Happy hunting.
  4. Ideas I have an idea I have been thinking about for some time now and was at some point in time going to make a game based around this but I feel that this game has a perfect setting in progress already. My Ideas are based upon a simple enough concept of the known elements and how they correspond with each other and everything else. They are placed in levels of effect, which is best put in form of a waterfall. (Things above can effect what is below and to the sides, not above.) The order of these Element effects is: Spirit affects all, Light and Darkness affects each other and that bellow. Earth Air Fire Water affects each other in different ways. The theories of Spirit, Light, and Darkness are my own. My descriptions of each elements correspondence: • Top of chain Spirit – It is the source of both good and evil, it is what possesses the elements and gives them life and Death, While nothing can effect the soul it reacts to the world to keep the balance between them all such as a soul leaving a dying body simply because it was burned or drowned. Spirit can stay if chosen to but leaves because it feels that a body made of the elements is simply a vessel to be used till it expires, so since it is made by the element so it can be destroyed by the elements. Yet the soul is unharmed unless something of spirit causes this to change. ( Color-Purple) • Second link Darkness – It is every where always and is simply filled with every thing. It can be the observer(one who sees darkness sees all) of all regardless of what it is, but it also has the ability to simply not there since it is and isn’t at the same time allowing things to pass through. Many have been bred to believe that it is evil but it is in the darkness of the womb or egg where life begins and while in the grave where we place our dead, but nonetheless it is misunderstood and has become the blame for all evil in the world, which has given this element an ability like none other. A tool that can be wielded was forged by the fear that humanity has for the Darkness which can be used as a way to render them powerless or be frozen in fear incapable of movement. (color-Black) • Second link Light – The light has been over glorified for being the source of all good which in term has given light the power of the people, this gives light the ability to get those to trust it without question. The light sees only what it wants to see and only allows others to see as much as it chooses because it blinds them to see what it wills causing them to be led with undying loyalty. Light has power over the minds of the population which increases its numbers and power for they feel they fight for a just reason. This is quite useful when trying to accomplish something.(Color-White) • Third link Earth – Earth is the base of the plane, which is what forms the landscape with rock and plant. It is the solid material and is what absorbs most of the rest of the elements. (fire is the exception) This element can use the water and air to make it grow in vitality and strength. Earth itself is steady and firm but can shatter the ground below your feet, it holds in place against much with roots that go deep, also is a keeper of many deep secrets. (colors-Green and Brown) • Third link Air – this is a chaotic force that uses temperature (fire) to help it maneuver in unique ways like tornados, or water and earth as a more physical way of attacking. This element is often the source of our communication which is usually vocal and can cause the reception of an out going command to fall on deaf ears. This can be quite useful. (Color-Yellow) • Third link Fire – This is a force that is rather simple to understand. Fire consumes earth and air to survive, it lives of war and destruction and is the center of our world, and this force molds earth to its will. Often fire is used as purification; as such it has the capabilities to erase what was there before. Fire is a passionate element while the others are much mellower. (color-Red and orange) • Third link Water – is the receptive one of the bunch. Think of it like this stick your hand in a cold room and you feel it but it warms up quickly when you pull it out on top of the time it takes to make your hand cold. Stick your hand in cold water and your hand is instantly cold to the bone and takes much more time to warm it up. This element makes things of long last and a strong effect, since it is so receptive it also can feel others around it such as emotions, pains, weaknesses. This can be very helpful. (Color-Blue) Now I think that somewhere there should be a place where one can choose to become more attuned with a chosen element, suggestion is that at a place where a conclave of 7 Elemental Wizards each controlling a certain element can explain there element to a player (not including abilities but more of an intellectual explanation such as water as receptive or fire as consuming.) and when the player chooses an element a ritual is performed that stains their soul (permanently) with the color of this element which would make the color of the person icon in battle change color. This costs a Whole lot, but gives the person a few new abilities that they must learn through logical discoveries inside the elemental place which is earned through experience in battle using them. This also increases the stats of elemental creatures of their chosen element. Also a few personal attributes are increased ex. Fire is attack, earth is defense so on and so forth. But the battles aren’t enough to get the abilities and stats but a few missions or quests should be involved, maybe a few puzzles or riddles. These are my ideas for an extension to this already awesome game. Though I know it sound complicated but I would hope it would be worth it. Sorry for the Vagueness of this but it was already a lot of writing. I am willing to clarify any of this and to give more information on my thoughts. p.s sorry for it being so long also there was a glitch trying to post this and it was when I clicked post it would give me a glimps of the post reply sheet but would turn into this huge thing where I had to scroll forever to find the place to write then even worse for the send button. thats an ongoing bug with the forum skin. it can be fixed by changing your forum skin to any other one in the list. the forum skin list is on the bottom left - chewett
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