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  1. *clicks Chewett's link* Very funny Mister
  2. This is an entertaining wonderful game I enjoy & people are nice & helpful: [url="http://www.aqworlds.com/"]http://www.aqworlds.com/[/url]
  3. [quote name='cryxus' post='17043' date='Sep 20 2008, 11:40 AM']*you come across a torn page dated 9/19* ...Zleiphneir came into the pub rather disturbed saying something about SageWoman being tainted by some tainted water from the fountain of dark vibrations, and the involvement of a joker. While some of the pub tended to Blooddmoon, Zleiphneir, Tremir, and DocFaust worked on a sample of tainted water Zleiphneir had. Tremir and DocFaust determined that the water was a medium for a dark force manifesting evil on SageWoman and Granos, and that conventional antidotes wouldnt work. After Khalazdad took care of the Blooddmoon situation, things seemed quiter...until a Joker came in. Myself, and Zleipher interrogated him, the hard way, but after a small game of hangman I determined that Granos was at the fountain as well. I decided to make my way there. While DocFaust, and Tremir looked for more information. When I arrived the fountain was frozen, and Granos guarded it, in a rather desolate state. The taint had claimed his arm up to his wrist, everything below that was free of flesh, and was only bare bones. I tried to learn what had happened, and found out that Granos had seen a Joker pouring a white powder into the fountain, but he claims it was only salt. Granos claims that a Joker didnt have anything to do with it though, but he was still unsure who did. It was also relayed to me that Linard's Ice froze the fountain so no one else got contaminated. I attempted to make a potion to cure the “suffering” in the absense of Tremir, and DocFaust. I dont know what happened to SageWoman as of yet. Granos hallucinated off of my potion (one of the side effects) and told me to look to the east. DocFaust arrived and we sat pondering his meaning...that is when he went rather mad, he tried to chop off his bad arm and kept saying something about 'the void'. I pinned him before he severed his arm, but he freed himself of me and ran. Being something not entirely human I was able to track him leaving DocFaust behind, when I came upon him he was attempting to sever his arm again, I tackled him, but again he freed himself and managed to sever his arm. I finally over-powered him and dragged him to the tavern. Raan attached his arm, while I aided Master Saeiane in making a magical potion, which he dipped two pieces of cloth in. Master Saeiane recited some ancient words, and the taint removed itself from Granos and implanted itself into Master Saeiane, whose hands rotted away until it hit the cloth. I took Granos to look over him for the night, and that is where I am now...I fear he is still unstable..... ~Cryxus[/quote] Once my master said: "The Balance sorts out by itself ......"
  4. [quote name='stormrunner' post='16695' date='Sep 14 2008, 07:31 PM']it was good timing indeed, the fight was a pain, and khalazdad the grey is way easier to deal with hell he seems to be a nice guy and can some till me why all the women around Khalazdad hate me I'm I really all that bad[/quote] You want me to repeat [b]Here[/b] & [u][b]Again[/b][/u] as well the reason Runner? I gave you the real reason & I don't like to repeat myself.......
  5. Okies But there's no sitting in a real Dojo, you either fight or do warm ups you Don't sit, I took Judo for a few months that's how I know this hon, if you sit in a dojo it's because you're doing floor excercises but if you sit & do nothing you'll get a reprimend by the teacher & a few punishments (push ups etc). *shrugs* Was just trying to help with the visualization, to make it closer to reality.
  6. May I suggest no escalators or steps, just at the same ground level? (so that it will look like a real dojo *grins* )
  7. Dear Ren I know the area where you always frequent but I have no idea were to find the majority of the RPC's are to even say hello to them i believe that a common page of quests with information from each quest would be an excellent idea since the profile pages obvioussly do not suport graphics & it's unpractical to hunt down PRC's to solve their personal quests if you can't even find the majority of them.
  8. Glaistig you say that because you're an MP5 , Queen of the hill, over the top, oh & because if you don't agree you could loose your LHO stats; it's easy for big shots like you not to see it like it is; not everyone has what it takes to make it to the top But that doesn't mean they have to be punished for it & last time I checked an RPG of ANY kind it's an enjoyable game for everyone and not only a handful. But then again you're a kid trying to make it in an adult's world; perhaps if those that are on the top would remember what it was to be weak & an Mp3 they would consider FirceFire Idea. P.S. This should be taken as Constructive criticism.
  9. Well if you ask 200 people what Chaos is you'll get 200 diffrent definitions...........
  10. I know I posted my name in the first & now locked list (wonders why it was Locked) so Im posting again to opt out ; I no longer whish to be considered as a candidate (if there ever was a consideration in the first place) just scratch me out, although I will not stop being this way contest or not. Have a good evining. If I ask you to do something is for your own good. I don't like making topics just for the fun of it. If I want fun I go and play and don't give a **** about this forum. DST
  11. I rather see animations of the stick little people eating goats *grins evily while looking at Glaistig with hungry bloodshot eyes*
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