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    Again PWR

    I choose that weakness, beacuse if iam to fight the shadows, i cannot be corrupted by it (so no big shadow dragon for me, or something like that ) And thanks for the compliment
  2. Kelthor

    Again PWR

    Kelthor Preferred tags: Wodin Ullr Hand or if that cant be (dont know if i can use a RPC name) Shadow Vanquisher Descripition: Servant of Wodin Ullr and Guerrilla Golemicarum, swore an oath of loyalty to their cause of defeating the shadow threath from Necrovion. Desired Ability: Ullr Will - Creature do 20% more damage against shades and creatures born in Necrovion. Desired Weakness: Cannot have any creatures from Necrovion.
  3. Now you guys made me wanting them more . Guess ill start by buying the Imperial Armor, and get the rest as they come. Thanks all.
  4. I need some opinions on this matter. Are the creatures in the shop worth it, because i can almost buy the Imperial Armor, just need to wait a few more days and get some honor, and the other creature the Blood Pact Archer (Think thats the name) is he worth it because i would need to waste 8 credits on Concoction of True Self without needing it just to unlock him. So can anyone give me their opinion on this matter Thanks
  5. As you said you can only create Rituals when you select another player and attack him, but after you create the ritual you dont need to fight him simple close the window and you will still create the ritual.
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